As the title suggests we will talk about Caesar Clown and Buggy the Clown and how actually Caesar’s actions and interactions reminds me of pre-timeskip Buggy.

1.To start with the obvious they both have Clown in their name :D

2.Both of them were living in the shadow of someone great (Roger for Buggy and Vegapunk for Caesar)​

3.Buggy was able to capture Luffy and almost executed him because Luffy was not taking him serious and he was fooling around. (chapter 97-98)
The same thing happened when Luffy first fought Caesar. Caesar caught him off guard and was able to defeat Luffy. (chapter 671-672)

4.Just before getting executed by Buggy, Luffy was saved by Dragon (chapter 99)
When Luffy was tied with prism stone and Smiley was coming in Punk Hazard he was saved by Law good planning, otherwise he was dead (chapter 677)​

5.Buggy helped Luffy unwillingly during Impel Down because it was his only way of surviving the wrath of the guards. (whole Impel Down run)
Caesar helped Luffy unwillingly during Dressrosa because it was his only way of survival and hoping that way to avoid the wrath of Doffy/Kaido and Big Mom. (the whole Dressrosa arc + Whole cake island)

6.Both Buggy and Caesar have/had armies following them under false pretense or wrong impression for them.
Buggy is seen as a strong pirate who once was travelling with Roger (the prisoners from Impel Down)
Caesar is seen as a savior (for all the people in Punk Hazard)​

7.Both have very similar gag moments and reactions with Luffy, where Luffy is clearly disrespecting them with the nicknames that he is giving them. (too many to mention :D)

There some more that I can think of but they are far fetched so I will stop here for now :p

If we follow that speculation that there are connection in the events and look towards the situation in the wedding at the moment can we draw some conclusions of what can be expected?
Lets just assume for a second that we can and have fun speculating about it :D

So following the “trend” should we expect that Caesar will save Luffy and fly away with him?
How can that happen?
Well I can speculate that if the Tematebako box explodes in the base of the castle there will be huge commotion happening similar to the one in the end of Marine Fort arc. In that commotion Caesar may fly in, take Luffy and fly away. Having now Nami and the rest left in Capone’s body they will not leave Caesar alone if he doesnt go back for Luffy and Sanji.
Knowing how good Nami is at stealing, may be she will steal Caesar heart and force him to go back. It will be a good gag moment as well since Caesar has been bossed around by everybody and he is getting sick of it but he has no choice :D
This will be similar to how Buggy saved Luffy in the end of Marineford.

So that is it for now guys, lets see what you think.

*Theory by Capt_NakedPanda

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