10 Things You Should Know About Enel

  • Enel is the only main antagonist who is neither a pirate nor affiliated with the World Government. Oda confirmed that if Enel were actually a wanted pirate, he might have a bounty that could possibly be as high as 500,000,000 Berries.

  • Although he is Birkan, Enel lacks the Birkan wings and instead has his ring of drums in the same place they would normally be.

  • Enel is the first major antagonist to use Haki.

  • Enel’s name contains “-el”, the name for general gods or Almighty God meaning “might, strength, or power”.

  • Enel is also the name of the main Italian electric company.

  • The symbols seen on Enel’s drums are called tomoe and are very common in Japanese heraldry such as family emblems and corporate logos. The tomoe are also present on another One Piece character, Sentomaru.

  • Enel’s belief that he is a god is also similar to the Celestial Dragons who see themselves as godlike.

  • Monkey D. Luffy being Enel’s natural enemy (due to his Devil Fruit immunity to Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi) is highly appropriate, as the Family of D. is referred to as “God’s Natural Enemy” and Enel believes himself to be a God.

  • According to Oda, if Enel was to take off his bandana, his hair would be styled in a perm.

  • In the sixth Japanese Fan Poll, Enel ranked 44th.

Blackbeard, Whitebeard and Thatch Connections

Blackbeard’s real name was Edward Teach he was called Thatch until he became Captain of his own pirate ship and created Blackbeard.

In One Piece Marshall D. Teach, Thatch, and Edward Newgate (Whitebeard) all trace back to Edward Teach, Blackbeard is know as Teach until he murders Thatch and leaves that name, becoming Blackbeard with the killing of Whitebeard no longer “Teach”.

What’s your favourite laugh in One Piece? :-)

A curiosity in One Piece is represented by the strange laughters of the characters. These laughter patterns are often unique to individuals and may be based on their personalities or appearances.
Characters with a distinctive laugh may laugh in other ways as well; for example, Monkey D. Luffy has a distinctive “shishishi” chuckle, but when something is actually funny, he uses “hahaha” or similar instead.
Some characters with Devil Fruits have laughs similar to its name. For example, Edward Newgate’s laugh is “Gurararara”, after his Devil Fruit the Gura Gura no Mi.

We recall some of the most famous laughters in this picture:


Here is the full list of characters who laugh in different ways:

Arlong: Shahahaha
Bartolomeo: Hehahaha
Bellamy: Hahahh-haha
Bentham: Gaaaaahhahhaha
Bobbin: Boyoyon
Brogy: Gabababababa
Brook: Yohohohoho
Brownbeard: Uohhohho
Buggy: Gyahahahaha
Buhichuck: Buhibuhibuhibuhi
Caesar Clown: Shurorororo
Caribou: Kehihihihi
Catarina Devon: Murunfuffuffu
Charlotte Brûlée: Wiwwiwwiwwi
Charlotte Linlin: Mamamamama/Hahahahaha
Charlotte Perospero: Kukukuku
Charlotte Praline: Shashashasha
Chinjao: Hiyahoho
Crocodile: Kuhahaha
Dagama: Gamahahaha
Daisy: Zahahahaha
Dellinger: Kyahaha
Demaro Black: Dohaha
Diamante: Uhahahaha
Donquixote Doflamingo: Fuffuffuffuffu
Dorry: Gegyagyagyagya
Dracule Mihawk: Wahhahhahha/Kukukukuku
Edward Newgate: Gurararara
Emporio Ivankov: Mmmfufufu
Enel: Yahahahaha
Foxy: Fehfehfehfeh
Franky: Uhahaha
Fukuro: Chapapapapa
Gekko Moriah: Kishishishishi
Hamburg: Pupupupupu
Hammond: Hamohamohamo
Hajrudin: Digagagaga
Helmeppo: Hiehiehiehie
Hiluluk: Eheheheheh
Hody Jones: Jahahahaha
Hogback: Fosfosfosfosfos
Ikaros Much: Muhhihhi
Indigo: Piropiropiro
Jaguar D. Saul: Dereshishishi
Jango: Uhyahyahya
Jean Ango: Dededede
Jeet: Shihahaha/Nihihihihi
Jesus Burgess: Wiiiihahaha
Kaido: Worororo
Kanjuro: Kakkakkah
Kokoro: Nagagagaga
Kureha: Heeheeheehee/Kahk Kahk Kahk/Eh eh eh eh
Lao G: Fafafafa
Machvise: Nihihihi
Macro: Mohahahaha
Marshall D. Teach: Zehahahaha
Masira: Ookeekee
Mjosgard: Susususususu
Monkey D. Garp: Bwahahahaha/Wahahahaha
Monkey D. Luffy: Shishishishi
Millions and Billions: Kyahoo/Kahahahaha
Miss Father’s Day: Geeerogerogerogero
Miss Valentine: Kyahahahaha
Mr. 7: Ohohohohohoh
Neptune: Ho ho ho
Nekomamushi: Goronyanya
Nezumi: Chichichi
Pica: Pikkya-pikkya-pikkyarara
Perona: Horohorohoro
Rolling Logan: Uhihihihi
Sai : Kakakaka
Sarkies: Pahahahaha
Satori, Hotori and Kotori: Hoh hoh hooooo
Scratchmen Apoo: Apapapapapa
Shanks: Dahahahaha
Shiki: Jihahahaha
Spandam: Wahahahaha
Tararan: A-a-a-a-a
Tom: Tahahahaha
Tony Tony Chopper: Eh eh eh/Hahahaha
Trebol: Behehehehe
Usopp: Mwahahah
Vander Decken IX: Bahohoho
Vasco Shot: Toputoputopu
Vito: Nyororo
Wadatsumi: Fugufugufugu
Wanze: Sa-sa-sa~~!
Wapol: Maaahahahaha
Yorki: Nuhahahaha
Zodia: Gagagaga

How powerful are Sengoku and Garp in One Piece?

Monkey D. Garp and Sengoku are legendary marines, who were able to fight on par with the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger and his crew (including Dark King, Silvers Rayleigh). Seeing the fear and admiration that Rayleigh drew at Sabaody Archipelago, one can surmise that Roger was even more powerful. Garp and Sengoku were the only ones powerful enough to go head-to-head with Roger Pirates. They also stopped Shiki at Marineford while everybody else panicked. Garp defeated and nearly killed off Don Chinjao, whose bounty was worth around 500,000,000 Beli in his prime and was said to be able to split a continent with a headbutt. He claimed to have crushed eight mountains during his training to face Chinjao. They held Marco, Burgess and Blackbeard on equal footing. Sengoku actually held Garp down to prevent him from killing Akainu. So it goes to show that Garp can defeat Akainu.

Who cuts the Strawhats’ hair

D: The crew’s hair has to grow out on those long voyages, right? Does someone give the rest haircuts? Nami or Robin, perhaps? –I Want to be a Hairdresser

O: True, their hair does grow out. So who gives haircuts on the crew? Why, it’s Zoro. He turns on the rest and goes, “Tiger Trap!!” Just kidding!! What the hell, man?!! I’m gonnawhupyer behind!! Shuer yerpiehole!! Why, I oughtta!! The real answer is prolly Usopp or Robin. Maybe I should draw a heart-warmin’ picture of a haircut someday.

*The weird way in which Oda-sensei replied was because the previous reader asked him to speak in Kansai dialect


Throughout the Battle of Marineford, Whitebeard received 267 sword wounds, 152 gunshot wounds and 46 wounds from cannonballs — adding up to a total of 465 injuries at the time of death. Despite this, there was not a single scar on Whitebeard’s back showing cowardice.

In manga, Whitebeard lost half of his face in the fight, but that wasn’t so in the anime.

The Gray Terminal

D: Good work everyday, sensei! Well a while ago, I was watching TV and thought, “maybe?!”, but is the “Gray Terminal”‘s model Smokey Mountain from the delinquent areas of Manila in the Philippines? by NN Brothers

O: Ah, so it was on TV. Yes, you are correct. Reality is something that has scenes that go beyond our imaginations, and “trash mountains burning with smoke rising up from them” is a scenery that actually exists. There, many people really actually live there. How it is displayed in the manga is only the outer looks, and in reality, there are things like diseases that spread, and it’s an everyday thing to find corpses lying around in real trash mountains. Even if you wanted to escape from that life, it doesn’t go as smoothly as manga. Even if I try to explain, it’s sort of not very detailed, so interested people, please look it up.

Zunisha Trivia

  • Zunisha is the oldest living creature introduced in the series, with its lifetime predating even the Void Century.
  • Zunisha’s design was based on the painting The Elephants by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí;its species name read backward is “ダリノエミタイナ象”, which means “Zunisha is something like Dalí’s painting”. The Elephants are notorious for being quite gigantic elephants with buildings on their back and extremely long legs similar to those of the animals on Long Ring Long Land.
  • Zunisha’s species is named “Naitamie-Norida”. “Mie” and “Norida” together can mean “gone too far” in Japanese.
  • Zunisha may be based on the “World Elephant” Hindu concept, which is that a turtle supports elephants which carry the whole world on their backs – this could explain why Zunisha can roam around the sea.
  • “Zunisha” as a word may stem from “Ganesha”, the elephant-headed Hindu deity.
  • According to Miyagi , the Minks will one day have to leave Zunisha’s back and move elsewhere. He also suggested that Zunisha may not just be randomly walking the ocean, but is heading somewhere.

8 Things You Should Know About Killer


  • Killer and Zoro share a number of similarities, including their inclination towards killing/violence, status as the only non-captain Supernovas, lack of an apparent position in their crew, a fighting style that includes blades, and the only two who hold no apparent Devil Fruit abilities.
  • After the timeskip, Killer’s bounty has been raised from Beli162,000,000 to Beli200,000,000
  • In the 5th fan poll, Killer ranked 60th.
  • As stated in SBS, Killer eats with his mask on, and prefers food he can consume through the holes of his mask (stick-shaped or foods such as ramen). His meals have pasta as main every day and his favorite is Aglio e Olio. He also drinks alcohol through a straw. His stated preference for remaining masked while eating ascended from trivia to a known fact when he did just that in Chapter 793. In the picture below you can see Killer eating carrot and cucumber sticks.


  • Killers shares the same birthday with Vivi (February 2).
  • Oda said he picked the name “Killer” out of sheer laziness; thus the name holds little to no meaning. It means that he is the only Supernova introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc whose name is not linked to a real life pirate or privateer and the only one of the group with no other meaning at all.
  • His favorite food is peperoncino, and his least favorite is curry udon.