We aren’t going to Wano just yet, not before this.

This theory concerns where we go after we leave WCI. Smart money would be directly to Wano, but these things are rarely ever that simple. And why I believe we won’t be able to head directly to Wano are for a couple reasons.

However before I start, let me just say, I don’t expect anything to happen with this plotline until next year. I am sure that once WCI officially concludes, Oda will spend the appropriate amount of time catching us up on the current state of affairs with Momonosuke on Zou, and the other Strawhats who went ahead to Wano. Luffy and Co. will probably take a backseat for awhile. There is also Reverie to consider.

That said, let’s get back to this field trip that Nekomamushi is on. It seems far too good to be true. Are we expected to believe that Nekomamushi will just show up on Wano with Marco and the others at the last second to turn the tide of the battle for us? It’s that simple to defeat a Yonko? Nah.

From what we know of the Whitebeard Pirates, they have been dormant and inactive ever since the Payback War. Oda clearly understands that we are outmatched yet he has given us the easiest way out for the audience to accept. The Whitebeard Pirates, whose abilities we know and are familiar with, will lend us their strength, just because we know some old buddies of theirs. This strikes me as far too easy as without a doubt the likes of Marco could almost 1v1 a Calamity without much help.

In my opinion, this whole “Get the Whitebeards” to help is a Red Herring by Oda, and we won’t actually end up with the Whitebeard Pirates in the end. This search will give an ally though, but one I think we aren’t supposed to expect. It all starts with who I believe Nekomamushi will run into on his search.

It’s far too convenient for me at least that we already have someone hunting to exterminate said remaining Whitebeard Pirates and their allies. And somehow, Nekomamushi will just get to them first without running into him. Such is the way Shonens work. You need an antagonist to obstruct your protagonists. I am expecting Nekomamushi to run into and LOSE to Edward Weevil.

For one of two reasons, his raw, physical strength has already been hyped to be comparable to Whitebeard in his youth. And a fight with Luffy was foreshadowed by Oda in the brief moment we were introduced to him. And two, Nekomamushi has just lost an arm and that may play a role in him losing. This I think will play a role in the rest of our alliance losing contact with Nekomamushi. Then someone has to investigate since we are dependent on getting the WB Pirates as allies. Since the others have already made it to Wano, assuming of course, and Inuarashi is with Momo on Zou (I have ideas on this as well), Luffy and the others may be asked to track down Nekomamushi and find out what happened to him.

Which puts us on a collision course with Weevil.

Now you know just as well as I do, that Weevil seems off. Everything about his existence and his claims seems false. For me it is obvious that there is someone behind the creation that is Edward Weevil, probably unbeknownst to him cause he’s so stupid. So in this case, who is responsible for falsifying a fake WB and hunting former WB Pirates? Who has such little respect for WB’s legacy and stands to benefit from this extermination? Well the answer is clear.

He is easily the number one suspect behind a nefarious plot to exterminate the WBs. It helps him as well because finding Marco means more powerful abilities at his grasp. He’s on an ability hunt. We know this. But I know what you are thinking. How would BB even have the capability of making someone look like the son of Whitebeard? The answer is, he doesn’t. I believe Blackbeard is working with someone else. That someone is..

Yes this is nothing new, but I will get to why Moria is involved here. These three escaped Thriller Bark together using Absalom’s invisibility. The key to all of this however is Hogback. Recall what Hogback said about Blackbeard in Ch 486. He relayed the information about BB replacing Crocodile and was greatly impressed by the feats he displayed. It seems that Oda was foreshadowing this alliance between BB and Moria all the way back then. I believe Hogback is responsible for Edward Weevil’s creation and they are currently working under BB.

Obviously Moria is only interested in biding his time until he believes he is powerful enough to challenge for Pirate King. But that is besides the point. I think after escaping Marineford, Hogback tracked down BB and the three have made a deal. Under BB, Hogback’s creations ahve gotten more powerful and finding the truth behind Weevil I believe will be the focus of this short diversion I am predicting. Which will lead us to Moria. But to what end?


Now I know that seems far-fetched. Moria hates Luffy and Luffy hates him. However, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. We know Moria has been to Wano before. We know it was the place for his defeat against Kaido. Basically, Moria hates Kaido more than anyone else in the world. Luffy included. Even though I’m not sure how it would work out, I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Edward Weevil looks very similar to a zombie and that doesn’t lead us to one of Kaido’s former enemies.

After all this is the Vs Four Emperors arc. It would be foolish to not at least get a glimpse into the machine of BB’s forces post timeskip before we have the final showdown of that arc. So we get a little of BM. We get a little of BB and then we get Kaido at the end. What do you guys think?

*Theory by TheConqueror

After SBS Volume 83 this looks so much different

Oda just stated in the new SBS Volume 83: “Why do Doflamingo and Violet call each other “Doffy” and “Viola”? Actually there is a profound setting about it, but I’m afraid I can’t tell you. Considering ONE PIECE is Shonen manga, I’d like to hide it since the reason is for adult audience. Dressrosa is a nation of passion, indeed!!”

Now this looks so different…

Oda’s work schedule is absolutely insane!!

Here’s what a typical day in the life of Eiichiro Oda looks like as revealed in a recent magazine article:

● Wake up at 5 a.m., start working
● Continue working through the day
● Go to bed at 2 a.m.

His only breaks are for eating, sleeping, and going to the bathroom…

However, he doesn’t exactly do the same thing every day, but he has a schedule of sorts for that as well:

● Monday-Wednesday: Layout planning and character dialogue
● Thursday-Saturday: Drawing and inking
● Sunday: Coloring and other tasks

Thank you so much Oda sensei for dedicating your precious life to share with us this extraordinary series and take care of yourself!

Oda placed a little detail almost no one noticed

D: I have a question for Odacchi. In “The White City”, chapter 762 of volume 76, during the scene where Law stabs Cora-san, I found Crocodile printed on the paper Cora-san was reading.

So what was that article about?          P.N. Yamamoto・Sugiyama・Hori

O: Yes. I’m quite impressed you found this one~. As you’ve pointed out, if you look really closely, you can find Crocodile there.

This was from the time when Law was 10 and Doflamingo was 25; 16 years ago from now. Crocodile was 30 at the time.

Similar to Luffy, back when he was young, Crocodile’s name spread across the seas with incredible momentum, but soon after he was admitted into the Shichibukai in his mid-20’s, he tried to fight Whitebeard and was completely and utterly crushed by him.

Though he seemingly calmed down at this point, his eyes became set on the kingdom of Alabasta, and it happened to be precisely during this time period that he was being featured in the papers as a hero who hunted down pirates. In other words, that was an article reporting the acts of heroism by Crocodile at the time!

Sabo’s Dream

Sabo’s dream involves traveling around the world as a pirate. This is in order to write a book containing the story of everything he would see and every place he would visit during his journey. One of the reasons behind all this could be the “segregation” that envelopes so much of the Goa Kingdom, a thing that could easily stir a freedom-loving spirit like Sabo’s to ask himself what the world was really like outside the walls of High Town, and outside the island itself. However, he was ready to cast aside his dream for the sake of his loved ones. Sabo was loyal to his friends and, in this case his two “brothers”, to the point that he would give in to the demands of his father, becoming miserable and “alone” in order to save both Luffy and Ace. After reawakening his memories, Sabo did not leave the Revolutionary Army to resume his dream as a free-sailing pirate, as he seems to remain convicted to the Army’s causes.

The names of the 16 Whitebeard Pirate Fleet Commanders

D: Could you please tell me the names and squad numbers of all of Whitebeard’s fleet commanders?

Oda: …there’s no need to remember anything that I supplement in an SBS. The information that I don’t include in the main series are the parts that I decided would just confuse readers, so please just enjoy the SBS as a bonus. Anyway, here are the Fleet Commanders of the Whitebeard Pirates.

  • Division Commander #01: Marco the Phoenix
  • Division Commander #02: Fire Fist Portgas D. Ace (deceased)
  • Division Commander #03: Diamond Jozu
  • Division Commander #04: Thatch (deceased)
  • Division Commander #05: Flower Sword Vista
  • Division Commander #06: Blamenco
  • Division Commander #07: Rakuyo
  • Division Commander #08: Namur
  • Division Commander #09: Blenheim
  • Division Commander #10: Curiel
  • Division Commander #11: Kingdew
  • Division Commander #12: Haruta
  • Division Commander #13: Water Buffalo Atmos
  • Division Commander #14: Speed Jiru
  • Division Commander #15: Fossa
  • Division Commander #16: Izo


Oda explained why there are big breasts in One Piece

D: We realized that Robin has huge breasts. We checked from the side, and Nami also has huge breasts. Why do they both have such huge breasts? And could it be Oda-san’s preference? That was a question from us two 10-year-olds. P.N. Sakucchan & Yuzu-chanO: I keep saying this, but I’m just bringing the young boys’ dreams to life! All of humanity on earth! I command your breasts to grow~!

How to draw Zoro (the easy way)

D: Please teach us an easy way to draw Zoro!          P.N. Kanahasa–Oda:


  • Spiky grass grew.
  • Two “he“’s (へ) in a big sea.
  • A drop of soy sauce on the dumpling, now bless yourself with a cross before your meal and now it’s time to eat!
  • Now there’s 3 swords, 3 swords style!
  • Go jagged, go in circles, it’s Zoro the lost child! He also grew a bit more hair.

Relationship between Monkey D. Garp and Monkey D. Luffy

Though the two of them get along fine, Luffy is utterly terrified of his grandfather Garp. This is due to the extreme training he was put through in his younger years in his bid to make Luffy a Marine, as well as Garp’s tendency to punch Luffy to discipline him.Garp had high expectations for Luffy, but to Garp’s dismay, Luffy did not share his grandfather’s plans for his future. However, Garp respects Luffy as a great person, even if he is a pirate. He often brags about Luffy to his superior Sengoku, laughing whenever Luffy does something audacious and is prone to saying “That’s my grandson” much to Sengoku’s exasperation.When Sengoku was talking with Garp and Kuma, Garp said that Luffy is not the type of person to brag about defeating someone, arguing that Bartholomew Kuma did not need to kill Luffy to keep Moria’s defeat a secret. When Luffy entered the battle of Marineford, Garp recognized him and looked shocked and horrified at the sight of his grandson entering the fearsome battle. Later, as the battle rages on, Garp merely looks resigned as his grandson furiously makes his way to the execution platform. When Luffy came close to the platform, Garp stands in his way in the name of his Marine duties. However, in the end, Garp chose family over his duties as he allowed Luffy to hit him and reach the execution platform to save Ace. He also tried to attack Admiral Akainu when Ace was killed by the admiral and Luffy was on the verge of being killed as well, but was stopped by Sengoku.As Garp has resigned from the Marines, he and Luffy are no longer enemies by law.