The ages of the members of CP9

D: Question for Oda-sensei! Tell us the ages of the members of CP9. Please, Shigan! (I’m sorry! Don’t dodge, Sensei!) P.N. No. 1

O: Yow! … whew, that was close. Good thing I dodged, wahaha!! You can’t touch this!!

  • Lucci: 28
  • Kaku: 23
  • Jabra: 35
  • Blueno: 30
  • Kumadori: 34
  • Fukuro: 29
  • Kalifa: 25
  • Spandam: 39

Vinsmoke Family

The Vinsmoke Family is a powerful and infamous family of Underworld killers, and the family from which Sanji hails.
In the past, the Vinsmoke Family managed to conquer the entire North Blue with their military might. They continue to rule over the ocean-going Germa Kingdom, and still possess the authority and privileges of royalty, including the right to attend Reverie. Furthermore, their patriarch is powerful enough to directly influence the bounty system, by both increasing bounties and changing their conditions of capture.

The Family currently conducts its primary operations within the Underworld, including leading Germa 66 in mercenary activities against other military forces. Among known royal families, the Vinsmokes are unusual in that they command their kingdom’s military forces directly in combat (a responsibility that only the Gorgon Sisters share); they are also unique in engaging in constant warfare with other nations, in order to reestablish their former dominion over North Blue.

The Vinsmoke Family is currently known to consist of a father (the family patriarch), one daughter, and four sons. Furthermore, the sons of the family were all born on the same day. The patriarch is a man infamous throughout the Underworld. The names of the children of the Vinsmoke Family, based off the names that are currently known, appear to follow the pattern “(number) + ji” for males and “(number) + ju” for females: Rei(0)ju, San(3)ji, and Yon(4)ji.lllollllThe family’s most distinct physical feature is the curly eyebrows common to all the children.
Vinsmock Family

The Vinsmokes are also known for their possession of advanced technology, which they use adeptly in battle. This technology is also used by their army, and is so advanced that even the Yonko Big Mom is interested in them.

10 Things You Should Know About The Dressrosa Arc


  • Dressrosa is the longest arc in the manga to date, surpassing the Skypiea Arc, with 102 chapters.
  • This is also the longest arc in the anime to date, surpassing the Fishman Island Arc, with 108 episodes.
  • Starting after Chapter 730, Sanji, Nami, Brook, Chopper, Caesar, and Momonosuke are absent from the manga all the way until Chapter 795, amounting to 620 days of publication time (1 year, 7 months, and 25 days).
  • This is the second arc in the series to take two years to finish and still be on the same island. The first arc to do this was the Alabasta Arc.
  • Many characters make their first appearances after the time skip. The characters (in the order they were reintroduced) are: Jewelry Bonney, Brannew, Sakazuki, Bellamy, Jesus Burgess, Bastille, Sabo, Koala, the Gorosei, Urouge, Capone Bege, X Drake, Sengoku, Tsuru, Rob Lucci, Spandam, and Hattori.
  • Usopp activates Kenbunshoku Haki for the first time during his second defeat of Sugar
  • Luffy activates a new technique called Gear Fourth. He created this technique during his training on Rusukaina. Doflamingo reveals that Devil Fruits can awaken to a higher level and the user can affect things around themselves in addition to their own bodies, which makes the type of their fruit seem no longer applicable.
  • More information about Haki is revealed during this arc. According to Law and Luffy, if Haki is overused, it will not be able to work for a certain period of time until it recharges. So far, Busoshoku Haki is the only one that can be overused.

-A yet unexplained force is created when two users of Haoshoku Haki clash. This is demonstrated when Luffy clashes with both Don Chinjao and Donquixote Doflamingo. It appears to resemble black lightning crackling the air, and produces shockwaves strong enough to blast people away and/or incapacitate them.

-Zoro reveals he can now coat his blades in Busoshoku Haki after receiving training from Dracule Mihawk, a skill that was inferred in the Punk Hazard Arc but not demonstrated until now.

-Jesus Burgess is revealed to be a Haki user, and along with the other Blackbeard Pirates, is attempting to steal Devil Fruits by killing their users. Sabo has also learned how to use Haki from his time in the Revolutionary Army and engages Burgess several times, sparking a grudge when the former suffers devastating injuries after provoking the latter, prompting him to escape from Dressrosa as a stowaway

  • Luffy and Law’s bounties have now risen up to Beli500,000,000 for defeating Doflamingo. Law’s bounty increase indicates that he has officially been expelled from the Shichibukai
  • Dressrosa is possibly inspired by Spain, particularly the regions of Andalusia and Catalonia, as evidenced by the architecture, clothes, flamenco dancers, typical cuisine, and Spanish terminology. The passionate murders that are so common in Dressrosa is also commonly present in Spanish literature, particularly during the Romantic era in early 19th century.
    The fighting fish native to the island seem to resemble bulls, both in appearance and temperament. Bullfighting itself is a popular sport in Spain.
    It also has some hints of the country of Italy, as it features a large colosseum where gladiators would fight to the death for the amusements of the spectators.

Track the stylistic evolution of Eiichiro Oda’s most famous One Piece characters

One Piece’s Stylistic Evolution

129A recent post by a Japanese internet forum user showed the evolution of series’ creator Eiichiro Oda’s artwork by comparing older pictures of the Straw Hat Pirates with more recent ones side-by-side. While most of the changes are fairly subtle, the slight differences were still enough to spark an online debate about which of the two drawing styles is better.

It’s natural that an established artist’s style will evolve over time in response to personal preference or outside influences. Masashi Kishimoto, author of the recently concluded Naruto manga, has even stated that he adapted his drawing style to more closely resemble that of the anime series once it began airing. Of course, the fans themselves can have differing opinions about whether those changes are for the better or worse.

Which is your personal preference?

10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT EIICHIRO ODA part 2 (Open to reads more..)

The man behind the most successful manga series to have been published by Weekly Shonen Jump, One Piece. Casual fans enjoy his work, dedicated fans love and adore him, and die-hard fans call him god. We dedicate this article to the mastermind Eiichiro Oda. How much do you know about him? How much more would you want to know about him? We’ll tell you 10 things you should know about Eiichiro Oda!


05 – Oda Is A Fan Of…
We are huge fans of Oda, right? But who is Oda a fan of? Well, we’ll inform you who Oda is a fan of and what Oda loves when it comes to movies, food, etc.

  • He highly respects mangaka Hiroyuki Takei.
  • He is a huge fan of rapper Eminem.
  • He is a fan of singers Avril Lavigne, Bryan Adams, Izumi Katou and Brook Benton.
  • His favorite music is ’70s Soul Music
  • He is a fan of the following directors, actors & actress: Quentin Tarantino, Tim Burton, Akira Kurosawa, Hayao Miyazaki and Baz Luhrmann.
  • He likes Hayao Miyazaki’s animated works.
  • He is a fan of the Dragon Quest game series.
  • His top three favorite movies are: Seven Samurai, Young Guns and Nightmare Before Christmas.
  • His favorite real pirate is Blackbeard (Edward Teach).
  • He is a fan of Mexican Food.
  • He wishes to visit Mongolia, Maldives and India at least once.
  • His favorite animals are big, gentle dogs.
  • He is not a fan of television programs, but likes comedy shows.
  • He is a fan of Westerns movie genre.

04 – Eiichiro Oda’s Dedication To One Piece And His Fans
With the series now going on for more than 15 years, it’s given that Oda is dedicated to the series as well as the fans who support him. But did you know to what extent his dedication goes to? Well, if you though his dedication ended with just working 21 hours a day, 6 days a week, you are wrong! When Eiichiro Oda was hospitalized in 2013, Masashi Kishimoto (Naruto’s mangaka) visited him at the hospital and witnessed Oda drawing next chapters of One Piece while being bedridden!

That’s right, even being bedridden doesn’t stop him from working on One Piece, the only way to keep him away is to knock him out with really strong sleeping gas! If that isn’t dedication, then I frankly don’t know what is. And it isn’t because Eiichiro Oda needs to work, he earns approximately 2 Billion Yen (about 25 million U.S Dollars) from the royalties related to One Piece each year! He doesn’t need to work, it’s just his dedication that keeps driving him forward even at a place he ought to rest!

03 – Eiichiro Oda Has Received Death Threats
If you thought mangakas were safe from death threats… think again! Yep, in 2007 Eiichiro Oda received not one or two, but roughly one hundredthreats (via e-mail) from a woman between September to December.

The woman’s husband was an assistant at Oda’s office who had been dismissed, the woman was arrested in 2009. Well what did we learn from that? Crazed wives of ex-assistants are scary… yep.

02 – Eiichiro Oda’s Future Plans
We all know One Piece is going to come to an end sometime in the future, what does Oda have planned after One Piece ends? Is he going to retire and live the rest of his life comfortably? No!

Eiichiro Oda had stated that he would want to create a robot (mecha) manga after One Piece finishes, however he later stated that after One Piece finishes he would like to take the same path Toriyama did and create short-story manga. Once a mangaka, always a mangaka!

01 – Eiichiro Oda’s Apology For A 2 Week Hiatus Due To Hospitalization [2013]
Probably something every One Piece fan needs to absolutely know. Eiichiro Oda was hospitalized and treated for peritonsillar abscess, One Piece was put on hiatus for 2 weeks, in #04 we showed his dedication drawing while bedridden, but his dedication to his fans just doesn’t stop there. He issued an apology for making fans wait “2 weeks” to continue reading One Piece and the adventures of Straw Hat Pirates. This is the complete extract of the apology:

“I messed up! I put up with my illness for too long, and my condition got worse. I apologize to all the readers who were looking forward to the next chapters, as well as to all the Straw Hats who were really looking forward to wreaking some havoc. But I’m currently going through some painful treatment. The story was just about to take a new turn, so I really really wanted you all to read the next chapter as soon as possible. I know how long two weeks can feel for all the shonen out there, but please wait for just a bit longer.”

10 THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW ABOUT EIICHIRO ODA part 1 (Open to reads more..)

The man behind the most successful manga series to have been published by Weekly Shonen Jump, One Piece. Casual fans enjoy his work, dedicated fans love and adore him, and die-hard fans call him god. We dedicate this article to the mastermind Eiichiro Oda. How much do you know about him? How much more would you want to know about him? We’ll tell you 10 things you should know about Eiichiro Oda!oda1

10 – Eiichiro Oda’s Birthday 
Let’s begin with the basics, Eiichiro Oda was born on January 1, 1975 in Kumamoto City, Kumamoto Prefecture in Japan. 

09 – What Inspired Eiichiro Oda To Begin “One Piece”
Undeniably, Oda was inspired by Akira Toriyama’s work (notably, Dragon Ball) and aspired to become a manga artist. He also mentioned that his interest in pirates was sparked by the popular TV animation series called “Vicky the Viking”. Oda began his manga career in 1992 at the age of 17, when his one-shot cowboy manga Wanted! won second place in the coveted Tezuka manga awards. Oda went on to work as an assistant to some of the biggest manga artists in the industry, including Nobuhiro Watsuki, before winning the Hop Step Award for new manga artists. His pirate adventure One Piece, which debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump magazine in 1997 quickly became one of the most popular manga in Japan with sales of over 65 million copies.

08 – One Piece! Favorite Villain, Devil Fruit & Who He Would Want To Be
Fans have been very curious to know the authors thoughts on his own creation, who wouldn’t want to know who is his favorite character in his own creation? Several fans asked these questions and Eiichiro Oda has answered them:

-Favorite One Piece Villain: Buggy The Clown

-What Devil Fruit Would He Eat: Bara Bara No Mi / Chop-Chop Fruit

-Manga Character He Would Like To Be: Nico Robin (so that he could “sprout hands and draw manga twenty times as fast.”)

07 – Eiichiro Oda’s Family
Yes, although he dedicates most of his time to One Piece he does have a family! In 2002, he met Chiaki Inaba, who played Nami during the Shonen Jump Fiesta and the two started dating. In 2004, they got married, and in 2006, he and his wife had a daughter. He went for Nami eh… sorry all you Robin fans! We can only imagine what great talent their daughter will be born with, probably the best mangaka of the next generation?

06 – Eiichiro Oda’s Lifestyle
What does it take to be the best mangaka? Well, certainly it takes lot of dedication, wish to know more about how Oda lives out his everyday life? Do note, some of the information related to his lifestyle is from 2013, certain aspects of his lifestyle may have changed now!

  • He is a smoker (in-fact, a chain smoker) and fans believe this is due to the “stress” involved in the profession
  • He prefers to work with the least amount of assistants required, he prefers to draw majority of the chapters himself
  • He has made it clear that he doesn’t like to copy and paste old art into new chapters, if a event or events have already been illustrated and needs to be re-used, he draws them all over again
  • He wakes up at 5 am, works until 2 am (21 hours!) and sleeps from 2 am until 5 am (3 hours) on an average day
  • He “lives” in his workplace, his family visits him at his workplace, and he spends an average of one day with them without having to work at the same time
  • When asked “how does he blow of stress” Oda stated that he blows of stress by “writing an interesting manga.” When asked “when does he feel the happiest” he answered “while writing an interesting manga”
  • He listens to “Soul” music at his workplace
  • When asked what is his schedule for the week, he answered “three days of sketching and three days of working on the final piece”
  • Eiichiro Oda dreams about products that can’t be made with present technology

The “Will of D” (Open to read more…)


In the series, a number of characters have the middle initial “D.”. This mysterious middle initial has been called the “Will of D” or “D’s will” by several characters in One Piece.

It is not clear what the significance of the shared middle initial is, but it appears that all share a similar faith in their own (and others’) dreams and/or destiny. Whenever a D. appears, a series of massive events can occur in the One Piece world particularly when they get involved directly, this has included the start of a new era, a war and many change of governments.

The biggest mystery with the D’s is that most of those who carry the D. themselves do not fully know what it means either. Jaguar D. Saul displayed an absence of knowledge on the subject of the D. when Nico Robin asked him what it meant. When she asked Monkey D. Luffy why those that carry the D. fight, he was also completely clueless as to what she was talking about. However, it seems that the Marines are somewhat aware of the D’s as Sengoku showed interest in Ace because of it. Donquixote Rosinante also seemed to have an idea about it, and was horrified when he found out that one, Trafalgar Law, had been so close to Donquixote Doflamingo, even warning him to run away.

Gol D. Roger also displayed a knowledge of it in a dialogue between him and Whitebeard. He begins “Long ago far far away” but it is cutoff before he can finish. Trafalgar Law’s parents also seemed to have some knowledge about what D. meant, considering that though they passed down the middle initial to their children, they hid it and insisted that they only use their given and surnames. Roger is the first and currently only known person in the storyline to have discovered what it means to be a D. himself, with it currently being unknown if Law’s parents discovered it, or if it was simply passed down knowledge.

Furthermore, they seem to be able to withstand incredible punishment in battle and only surrender to death when they know there truly is no way of avoiding it. An odd trait of the D’s is related to this. Often they are seen laughing or smiling greatly when they are about to die, as if they seem to accept their death when they cannot escape it and display no apparent fear toward death. The reactions of many characters who witness this is often shock or disbelief because it is hard to imagine anyone not being afraid of dying at all.

So far this strange habit has been shown 5 times:

1-Witnesses claim Gol D. Roger died smiling during his execution

2-22 years later one of those witnesses, Smoker also witnessed Luffy smiling in the same manner as Gol D. Roger when Buggy was about to kill him

3-Nico Robin also witnessed Saul laughing and smiling as he was frozen to death

4-Portgas D. Rouge is seen both crying and smiling during the naming of Ace right before her death as a result of the childbirth

5-Portgas D. Ace was smiling after he thanked everyone for loving him right before his death

Luffy Appeared in Dragon Ball Before One Piece Launched?




One Piece creator Eiichiro Oda is a huge fan of Akira Toriyama, best known for creatingDragon Ball and designing Dragon Quest‘s characters. Oda really digs Toriyama’s work, but was the One Piece character Luffy inspired by Dragon Ball?

A Chinese net user uploaded a panel from what’s supposedly an old Dragon Ball manga. In it, you can see the back of a straw hat (kinda like Luffy’s) and a skinny character in a tank top (kinda like Luffy). This seems to be the only place that this character pops up.

Here’s the catch: the original Dragon Ball, where this was apparently discovered, ran until 1995. One Piece didn’t start until 1997.

So did this panel influence Oda? Not sure. Maybe. Or maybe it’s just a kwinky-dink. Or perhaps it was unintentional.


Gold Roger Story (open to

Gold Roger


Roger was a tall man able to walk tall even while going to the gallows. The highlights of his physical appearance were his curved mustache blacks, this almost always a grin on his face and a penetrating gaze.
He used to wear a long jacket in red, with under a blue shirt and a green sash tied around the waist. Completed the whole of blue trousers and black shoes, while his neck he wore a sort of white scarf. Before being taken to justice even wore a hat with his Jolly Roger that covered a yellow band with polka dots. During the battle with Shiki, however, wore a blue jacket. It is one of the few characters to trace the stereotypical pirate.
Later, during a flashback about the first meeting of Roger and Silvers Rayleigh, Roger is shown as a very young resembling Luffy and Ace, to the point of wearing the straw hat that Luffy has now.Apparently Roger had a strong bond with his comrades. Rayleigh, his right arm, called it “an extraordinary person.” Shanks and Buggy are reluctant precendenti days of his public execution. It is not known if any of them knew that Roger had a son before the Sengoku revealed to the whole world.

It has long been rival Whitebeard and has clashed repeatedly with the hero of the Navy Monkey D. Garp. As a last favor Roger asked Garp to take care of his son, Portgas D. Ace, avoiding that were persecuted just for the simple fact of being the son of the King of the Pirates.
In any case received great respect from his enemies, so that Whitebeard decided to adopt Ace to protect it, and when Ace told him to be the son of Roger did not speak ill of the parent, but simply told him that in reality all the pirates are the children of the sea . Before dying Roger found time to talk at length with Whitebeard first and then with Garp.
Rouge was the mistress of Roger. It is not known if the two were married, nor how the two had met. He died with the birth of Ace because of a pregnancy lasted twenty months sustained in order to prevent detection by the World Government. He gave his son the name “Gol D. Ace”, and that they will respect the will of the pirate and want to pass on his name.
Ace was the son of Roger. As Roger did not want it to be persecuted because of the sins of his father, he asked Garp to raise him secretly. Ace, however, hated his father.
Despite this hatred from the family point of view, Ace respected him as a man and as a pirate and attacking (and defeat) anyone who dared speak ill of him. This probably happened because often these people were talking as the devil about a hypothetical son of Roger, without knowing that it was the same Ace. Dadan has realized that Ace had the same character of the parent after asking him why he did not flee from Bluejam. The main feature that united the two was to have no pity for those who had abused their loved ones.

Before he died, Roger was called “Pirate King” not only for the fact that he was the only one to fully explore the new world reaching Raftel, but also because of its enormous power. Only two people were able to keep up with him in battle; Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp, who despite his advanced age still possesses superhuman strength, and his friend and rival Edward Newgate, Whitebeard said, that he could count on the powers of the Gura Gura fruit. Another example of its power is the fact that he fought and defeated Shiki, although it possessed the largest fleet of the time.

Roger was also able to “read” the Poneglyphs and write in that ancient language. In fact the ability to understand the message conveyed by Poneglyphs stemmed from its ability to “hear” the voice of things. In fact, behind the admission of his right arm, Silver Rayleigh, they were not in possession of such archaeological knowledge to decipher the ancient records of the past.

Born in Rogue Town in the East Sea, Roger did what seemed to be an impossible task for anyone – win the Grand Line. It seems that it has taken time to win his fame, since Brook remembers him as a rookie. Before forming a crew met Silvers Rayleigh, a young man who lived in a boat that had stolen after his house was burned down. Roger said that it was a sign of destiny and asked Rayleigh to become friends.

Twenty-six years before the beginning of the adventure of Luffy (that is, four years before the death of the King of the Pirates), Roger discovered to suffer from an incurable disease. Nevertheless, he decided to take a trip with his buddies along the Grand Line. Reached the beacon of Reverse Mountain recruited Crocus as ship’s doctor in order to control his disease until completion of the crossing.
Their journey took them to Skypiea and Water Seven where the builder Tom built for him and his crew the Oro Jackson.
Two of the strongest enemies that Roger found himself facing in his adventures were Vice Admiral Monkey D. Garp and the pirate Edward “Whitebeard” Newgate. The first put him in trouble many times and was always about to catch it but never succeed, while the second was his most bitter rival to win the title of King of the Pirates. It is said that Whitebeard was the only man who could stand up to him in combat.
On route to Raftel, Roger met Shiki, the pirate steering wheel, which had found that Roger knew the location of the ancestral weapon and wanted propose to join forces. With the weapon of Roger and the fleet of Shiki, the Golden Lion was believed that the two could rule the world. Roger refused the offer, saying that his only wish was to be free to do what he wanted. Shiki then decided to declare war and the two captains prepared for a big fight.
Due to a sudden storm unleashed on the site of the battle, half of Shiki ship sank. Despite this, and despite Shiki got stuck a piece of the rudder head, enough to risk killing him, Roger earned his respect.
Before dying Roger met with Whitebeard and the two spoke of the will of D. and its meaning.

Having failed in his business, Roger gained more fame, wealth and power than was humanly possible. Even while people called him “Pirate King”, however, was aware of his poor health. Seeing approaching its end secretly disbanded his crew. He said that he would not die in Rayleigh and surrendered to the Navy. A few days before his death he asked Garp to take care of her son, for the reason that the sins of the father should not fall on the children, and although Garp said he had no obligation to him, Roger realized that l ‘would.

Thinking That he could make him an example to deter others and follow the path of piracy, the Navy organized His public execution in Rogue Town. Before he died he said the famous phrase That lit the spark in the whole world giving way to the “great age of piracy”, Also called by some the ” age of dreams “.