Whitebeard’s hairstyle & Big Mom’s age

D: Hello, Oda-sensei. Whitebeard always wears a bandana, he is bald? I want you to draw what kind of hairstyle he had.

O: According to rumors, this.

Here is a Photo of Big Mom when she is 28, 48, and now currently 68 years old.Source: SBS Volume 86

The Devil Fruit eaten by Dragon – Myth & Fact

Myth: It is obvious by the way he said “Wind Blast” back in Loguetown that Dragon has a wind Devil Fruit. Or maybe, Dragon ate a Devil Fruit that allows him to manipulate the weather. Why do you think a lightning bolt saved Luffy from being killed by Buggy? And what about the rain, when Dragon arrives at Loguetown?

Fact: Dragon did not say “Wind blast” in the manga, it was added in the anime. The original manga does not give any indication that Dragon had any effect on the weather other than being around when the storm hit. We do not know his power, although it is always a possibility. The speculation was re-invigorated when a rather powerful and convenient wind blast created a path to the ocean and the Revolutionaries during the fire of Gray Terminal, with some fans speculating the two instances were foreshadowing, but again there is no proof that this is correct.

Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search

Ace’s Great Blackbeard Search is the sixth mini-series created as a side story on the title pages of each One Piece chapter.During the course of his travels to find Blackbeard, Ace befriended the milk maiden Moda after she saved his life, and in return, he infiltrated the naval base G-2 to deliver a message to Vice Admiral Comil. During his undercover stint, he inadvertently helped reunite Moda with her parents, and acquired information on Blackbeard.

Although it was never animated, a reference to the arc can briefly be seen in the newspaper read by Crocus in Episode 381, which shows Moda with her family and Vice Admiral Comil drinking milk.

The story can be set between the events of Jaya Arc and the events of Post-Enies Lobby Arc.

One Piece Live-Action TV Show – All you need to know

The best-selling manga series in history is coming to TV.

The live action adaptation will be executive produced by One Piece publisher Shueisha and author Eiichiro Oda, alongside Adelstein (Good Behavior, Prison Break) and Becky Clements (Good Behavior, Snowpiercer) through Tomorrow Studios.

“I’ve been a fan of ‘One Piece’ for 20 years. I am so honored that Shueisha and Oda-san have entrusted me with such a cherished iconic property,” said Prison Break producer Adelstein. “I will do everything in my power to make the ‘One Piece’ TV series an absolute success. While I expect this to be one of the most expensive shows ever done in television, the worldwide interest is tremendous and will be well worth the financial commitment.”

Over 416 million copies have since been published worldwide of the series, which holds the Guinness World Record title for the most copies published of the same comic book series by a single author. An anime version has run on Fox, Cartoon Network as well as Adult Swim.

“I received numerous offers for live action adaptations for ‘One Piece.’ Three years ago, I finally decided to take a step forward on a live-action adaptation. After twists and turns, I met the right partner,” said Oda. “The first condition I presented is that ‘the live-action will be faithful to the fans who have supported ‘One Piece’ for 20 years.’ I expect to hear worries from fans but more than that, I’m looking forward to hearing the excitement.”

“It is a great honor for Shueisha to collaborate with Tomorrow Studios on the ‘One Piece’ live-action TV series,” said Hiroyuki Nakano, editor-in-chief of Weekly Shonen Jump, which first serialized the comic in 1997. “Marty understands the original comics and has the same vision as us for the live-action adaptation. We trust that he and his team atTomorrow Studios will be able to produce a TV series reflecting Eiichiro Oda’s vision.”

Via variety.com

Oda is a freaking Genius!

We know Oda tends to foreshadow events and characters in One Piece. One way he does it is by the cover page drawings. We have seen Ace death being foreshadowed in a cover page drawing around 50 chapters before he died.In this picture you can see Luffy mimicking the exact face he had when Ace died in his hand, at the top of the deck is the Ace of Spade card and right on the other hand is death, represented by Brook.

Bartolomeo’s barrier capacity

D: Oda-san, hello~. About Bartolomeo, he said something about how his barriers have a limit or whatever, so how many Bari-Bari’s worth is its maximum capacity?                                               P.N. Hoichael Jackson

O: Great question. There is in fact a limit to the space his barriers can cover, as well as how many barriers he can put up at a time. He can only hold up one barrier at a time, and they say that this one barrier can cover up to 50 thousand Bari-Bari’s!! Amazing! 1 Bari-Bari equates to roughly 100x that of 1 Bori-Bari-Bari, so in other words, his barrier capacity is just about 500 Pickle-Pori-Pori-Bari-Bari’s.

(Translator’s Note: Bari, Bori, and Pori are all Japanese sound effects that roughly translate to ‘crunching’.)

The Beasts Pirates

The Beasts Pirates are a powerful pirate crew ruling in the New World, led by the Yonko Kaido.

Kaido, the captain, has full control over the crew. He is noticeably much larger than an ordinary human being and feared by his fellow crewmembers due to his drunken rampages and extremely violent mood swings. Most of his subordinates dress similar to barbarians and viking warriors, wearing armaments such as helmets, belts, furred and feathered cloaks with pauldrons, swords, gauntlets, long pants, and boots. Their chests, however, are generally left uncovered; the one exception, needless to say, is the female crewmember Ginrummy, who, while scantily clad in general, has metal breastplates. Like their horned captain, almost every single member of the Beast Pirates bears an ornamental headpiece of animal horns as well, or possesses actual animal horns, while others even have fangs or other animal traits, and a large amount of the crew sports hair that is some combination of long, wild, or flowing.

Due to Kaido’s alliance with Donquixote Doflamingo and Caesar Clown, they had access to SMILEs to help form an army of over 500 artificial Zoan Devil Fruit users.They also have access to Caesar’s poison gas weapons, which they used to destroy a city of Minks. The crew is also affiliated with X Drake, an ancient Zoan-type user and a member of the Worst Generation, as well as fellow Worst Generation member Scratchmen Apoo.

At Kaido’s side are three beings known as the Disasters. One of them, Jack, has the ability to become a mammoth, granting him immense size and strength. Jack has authority over the Gifters and Pleasures.

One division of the Beasts Pirates is called the Gifters, a group of Artificial Devil Fruit users lead by the Headliner Sheepshead. All the Gifters have a pair of black horns.The Gifters were created through the use of SMILEs, which gives them the ability to transform some parts of their body, such as their arms or ears, into different parts of an animal’s body. With the defeat of Doflamingo, however, Kaido’s attempt at building up a giant army of Gifters was brought to an abrupt end.
Another division is the Pleasures, who resemble foot soldiers and do not appear to have any animal traits. They each wear a hat with one horn, and smile regardless of the circumstance, even when taking damage.

The crew’s Jolly Roger is a skull in the middle of a pair of intersected crossbones (similar to the Blackbeard Pirates’s flag). The skull has horns similar to Kaido’s, and there are two shapes flanking the skull.

Shanks has a only human crew


He had a fishman and a guy from horned race as his commanders 


He has horned race , fishman and winged race under him and probably more now that he is a Yonko.
Big Mom 
similarly has Homies, Pekoms( a talking lion capable of turning into a tortoise) and Tamago (long-legged person capable of turning into a chicken), Bobbin (a wide-faced mask-wearing man), Randolph( an anthropomorphic rabbit who rides a crane), Pudding( hybrid between a human and a member of the Three-Eye Tribe) making her crew one of the most diverse.

Kaido has lot of different races like horned race etc..


We don’t see anyone from different raceProbably Shanks doesn’t take anyone from different race in his main ship.

Did You Know?

In One Piece Green: Secret Pieces an early concept of the crew was revealed. No changes in particular are seen in Luffy, Zoro, and Nami aside from a few small ones; such as Zoro carrying a bottle of sake on his waist and wearing a dark shirt rather than a white one, and Nami’s skirt being a little wavy rather than having straight cuts.

  1. Sanji was supposed to have a somewhat thicker goatee from the beginning.
  2. Usopp was supposed to be a vice captain/sniper that resembled his father more.
  3. Chopper was supposed to be more of a “realistic-looking reindeer”.
  4. Robin replaced a man that was supposed to be more of a plant lover than a history lover.
  5. Franky replaced the original midget carpenter.
  6. Brook also was supposed to have a Cavalier hat, instead of his trademark afro