Relationship between Sanji and Reiju

Out of all his siblings, Sanji has a better relationship with his elder sister, as while she did partake in laughing at him as a child, she only did so to avoid being bullied herself and tended to his wounds in secret. She felt enough empathy for him to free him from his imprisonment and even tearfully told him that he would meet people who would treat him better.

However, Sanji still showed disdain for Reiju when they reunited as adults due to her role in dragging him back to the family, and her attempts to show him the benefits of a royal life despite knowing what he went through as a child. While watching him duel their father, she would be amazed with the strength and durability Sanji has gained since their childhood. Following his defeat, she would tend to Sanji’s wounds while voicing her surprise that he was the previous weak child that she once knew.

Though Sanji did not think much of her, Reiju treated his wounds after his brothers beat him once again and even questioned his choice to return. After Reiju was wounded by Charlotte Pudding, Sanji felt obliged to tell his sister the truth about the Big Mom’s plan to assassinate the Vinsmokes. When Reiju told him to leave her and the family, Sanji was vocally against the idea as that meant she would die, showing that in spite of everything, he truly does care for his sister. In response, a touched Reiju expressed that she was proud of his empathy, telling him the truth of their mother’s death and alleviating his thoughts of guilt for her passing.

When Sanji decided to rescue her and his family to get rid of his childhood grudge against them, and when it briefly seemed like he would not succeed, Reiju again expressed her pride in him for his empathy. She later expressed a smile after Sanji verbally disowned Judge again after he questioned the latter’s reason of liberating them from Big Mom’s clutches. As the Vinsmokes fought off the Big Mom Pirates, Sanji and Luffy quickly came to Reiju’s aid when Big Mom focused her attacks on her.

Similarity between Zoro & Rayleigh

Throughout the series, Oda has stressed the similarities between Luffy and Roger by paralleling them on numerous occassions. While not to the same degree, I think its pretty apparent that Oda is paralleling Zoro and Rayleigh in a similar but more subtle manner.

They both possess scars on their eyes. The scars are obviously not identical but they are both an important part of their respective appearances.

They are both drinkers. Not much to say here, drinking is a huge part of Zoro’s character and on the other side, Rayleigh has been shown to drink on several occasions with his flask or at Shakky’s bar.

The signature sitting pose. This is nothing major but I thought it interesting that when Rayleigh first met Roger, he was sitting in the same position as Zoro often does. I can’t think of another character off the top of my head who sits like these two

They are both swordsman.

Neither of them has a devil fruit.

They are both Vice-captains/first-mates of the late and future pirate king respectively. Both, Rayleigh and Zoro were the first crew mates of Roger and Luffy respectively. With Rayleigh being formally named the VC to the pirate king. On the other hand, Zoro has not been given any actual title. However, many others in the world (or at least Bartolomeo) consider Zoro to be the unofficial Vice-Captain of the strawhats. There’s also the fact that Zoro is the only other member who was considered a Supernova.

They are /will become legends in their own right. Of course, being members of the pirate king’s crew automatically puts all the crewmates in the history books, but Zoro will become a legend like Rayleigh by his own merits. It’s clear that Rayleigh is highly regarded in the OPverse but to push home this fact, we should remember that Monkey D. Garp himself said that the marines should not attempt to confront two legends at the same time (referring to Whitebeard and Rayleigh). Zoro eventually surpassing Mihawk will obviously put him on legendary status as well. Considering the current World Strongest Swordsman was referred to as one of the legends among men by Oda himself (he mentioned Mihawk, Shanks, and WB as being “legends among men” specifically).

by altair117x

Fujitora’s Haki

It was stated that all Marines ranked vice admiral or higher possess Haki, so Fujitora can also use the ability.

Fujitora could clash head on physically with Sabo, a Logia-class Devil Fruit user and also a proficient Busoushoku Haki user, demonstrating an extremely high level of skill in Busoshoku Haki. He could focus strong concentration of Busoshoku Haki into his sword, turning it obsidian black and making it strong enough to defend against the razor sharp threads of the Birdcage, which can slice cannonballs and buildings with great ease.

Fujitora is also masterful in Kenbunshoku Haki, which he used to compensate for his blindness in battle. His incredible skill in Kenbunshoku Haki gives him a strong sense of danger. He can accurately predict fast attacks from enemies such as an unexpected kick from Doflamingo. In the anime, he could sense Doflamingo’s fast Parasite thread and even grabbed it before it took control of him. He also correctly sense an enranged Pica preparing to attack before his subordinate pointed out to him. In his fight with Sabo, he could keep track of Sabo’s extraordinary agility which is enhanced by the fire based powers of the Mera Mera no Mi, but the most prominent example is his capability to see his surroundings in a form of an aura which is not impeded by his blindness. Similar to Otohime, Issho can also read and hear the true thoughts and emotions of other people as he was made aware that the Dressrosa citizens had no ill will towards Luffy while they were “chasing” him at the Dressrosa coast.

Inspiration for the Gear Fourth

D: Oda-sensei! Hello. I think that Luffy’s pose in his G4 form resembles that of the two Devas. Is there a special meaning behind it? Next time, when I have a dispute with my dear, I want to use this pose, I think.
P.N. Sanadacchi

Oda: You’re married, right? Instead of Luffy’s G4, you should do a dogeza (bowing) like Fujitora, isn’t it better for your body?
Hahaha…Yes, it’s the pose of the two Devas! Well, I thought about ideas for power-ups from around the world, so the strong impression of the earlier Japan is what caught my attention.

The strongest crew ever!

Roger crew has been referred to as the strongest crew ever to sail the Grand Line and the New World.The few members that have been seen are amongst the most powerful pirates in the current storyline, with Rayleigh being referred to as being 100 times stronger than the eleven super rookies and able to fight Admiral Kizaru to a stalemate, despite being an old man. Shanks over the decades has established a reputation and obtained power, becoming one of the four powerful pirates known as the Yonko. Both he and Rayleigh display powerful Haki abilities. Crocus did not display this, though it is not known whether or not he possesses the ability.However, he was not a member of the original crew; he was taken in to keep Roger alive on their final journey. Despite not being an original member of the crew, however, he did display some strength as an old man, stopping bazooka blasts with his own body.
Buggy appears to lack this ability, indicating that even on their crew there was a strength divide. However, even Buggy has attained the status Shichibukai after the timeskip, albeit by exploiting his former crewmates’ reputations.Kozuki Oden, a member of the Kozuki Family, was also a member of the crew and like his captain, was one of the few people known to possessed the ability to read Poneglyphs. As a result, the crew has not one but two people potentially capable of locating and reviving the Ancient Weapons as a result of their ability to read Poneglyphs.Upon arriving on Zou, the crew was accompanied by the two powerful Mink rulers, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi, who have been shown to fight on par with Jack of the Beasts Pirates, who holds a Beli1,000,000,000 bounty.

Why is Luffy a weak-looking rubber DF user

D: In the ONE PIECE of these days, all kinds of strong ability users whom even Luffy can’t compete with have been appearing, one after the other. In general manga and anime, I feel that the protagonist is established to be the strongest of all, but why did you decide to turn Luffy into a pretty weak-looking rubber Devil Fruit user? P.N. Do your best Japan

O: Ahaha, that is true. It must seem like a mystery when you consider all the other strong and cool abilities. The answer is simple. I have picked the most ridiculous ability. If the protagonist were the typical strong guy, I doubt I could continue on with this for long. No matter how serious the story gets, Luffy is there to stretch and inflate. He always give me a chance to fool around. That’s the kind of manga I wanted to write.

Why is Sanji addressing Nami with “San” and Robin with “Chan”?

D: Oda-Sensei, After I started watching One Piece, I thought of it all the time, but why is Sanji addressing Nami with “San and Robin with“Chan”? Yet it is Robin who’s the elder!! Is there any deep meaning behind it!?O: Well I actually didn’t think anything of it. Before there was a staff member in our workplace who asked us something interesting. The wish to treat a woman older than you as if she was younger, and a woman younger than you as if she was more of an adult….Is Sanji acquainted with this feeling? I replied, “O, Ofcourse. That is right”

Inspiration for Thriller Bark

D: Is the Thriller Bark story inspired by things like The Addams Family and The Nightmare Before Christmas? I love the atmosphere in those films. P.N. Plate-loving Cindry-chan

O: Yes, the films. I love them too. In order to draw Thriller Bark, I even watched a lot of zombie movies, which I’ve never really done before. By my nature, I don’t like scary things, so even though I put a lot more black into the art, I still tried to make silly, funny zombies. When artists draw about ghosts and dead people and things that aren’t meant for polite society, they always go to the shrine to pray beforehand… as did I. I mean, I don’t want to get cursed or anything.

Monet Facts

  • The “HAPPY” on her shirt may be a play on her species, as “happy” (ハッピー) and “harpy” (ハーピー) are near-homonyms with only slight differences in spelling and pronunciation in both English and Japanese.
  • In the manga, Monet’s legs had human skin below the cutoff of her pants until the first joint, while in the anime, her legs had all bird skin below the cutoff of her pants. As a child, Monet wore a white tank top, black pants that went down to her knees, and standard glasses.


  • Monet is the first canonical female Logia user.
  • She is the first female character to die in the time of the current story.


  • Her snow monster form as well as her epithet is based on a yuki-onna, a monster from Japanese folklore that was literally a snow woman who would bewitch men before freezing them to death. Likewise her harpy appearance comes from Greek mythology for a half bird, half woman who was said to have abducted people.

Did You Know?

  • The symbol of Impel Down is an overlap of the prison name’s initials, “I” and “D”


  • Various influences of “Hell” are present within its walls:
    • Impel Down seems to be heavily based on how Hell is described in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. Both are level-based, “inescapable” prisons with unique forms of punishment per level, and the lower one traverses, the worse the punishments become.
    • Level 3: Starvation Hell is ironically the third floor, while in Dante Alighieri’s hell, its the place where who was damned by the sin of gluttony are punished by “starving to death” inside Cerberus’s gullets.
    • Level 4: Blazing Hell is a typical representation of Hell in cultural and fictional references, with intense flames and heat burning the “sinners” (or in this case, prisoners), while a demonic figure (in this case, the Jailer Beast Minozebra) pushing sinners into the flames. Magellan’s residence on this level could refer to this depiction of hell being where the devil resides. This resembles, in Dante’s tale, the level where violent people are punished: a lake of boiling blood, where the damned are drowning.
    • Level 5: Freezing Hell is another thing that is based on Divine Comedy. In fact, this level is the one where the damned are fraudulent. With the only difference that the Dante’s damned are totally frozen into a lake of ice.
    • A few of the levels of Impel Down also seem to resemble Buddhist concepts of hell such as the Crimson Hell which seems based on the “Hell of the Sword Tree and Knife Hill” which similarly tortures its victims by forcing them to run upon or impaling them upon trees and hills covered with knives and swords. Also the Four Jailer Beasts seem to resemble the Jailer Beasts Horse Face and Ox Head.
    • Each of the high ranking staff members seems to have a devil theme in their dress codes, a reflection to how each level of Impel Down is called Hell.
  • Level 5.5 is a pun, as it is pronounced Go Ten Go. “Goten” means “Roaring Heaven”, and Level 5.5 was portrayed as heavenly.
  • The level 6 purpose of erasing a person from history is similar to the damnatio memoriae, a form of punishment in the ancient Rome which had the intent of erasing the memories a person and everything that could carry it to the future generation, effectively erasing the existence of a person from history.