The Wano Country

The Wano Country is a nation in the New World. It is a country not affiliated with the World Government.
At some point during or shortly after the timeskip, the Beasts Pirates began occupying Wano Country, killing the daimyo of Kuri, Kozuki Oden and his wife, with the aid of Wano’s shogun. Oden’s son, Kozuki Momonosuke, alongside three of his retainers, Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Raizo, fled the country sometime after this, looking for assistance at Zou from two other retainers, Inuarashi and Nekomamushi.During the Zou Arc, the Kozuki Family formed an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates and the Heart Pirates in order to battle Kaido’s forces and liberate Wano.

As the Poneglyphs are considered indestructible, the fact that the Kozuki Family of Wano Country was able to not only create, but also shape and carve them, gives a small insight into the potential technology and abilities they had.

Wano Country has its own warriors, the samurai, who are swordsmen so strong that not even the Marines go near them. It was first mentioned by Hogback, as Ryuma was from there.As we all know, One Piece Editor stated Wano Arc to begin in 2017. Will we discover here the origins of Zoro?

Would you eat it?

The fruit’s major strength, as demonstrated by Luffy, is that the person’s body can stretch like rubber even when the ability user himself is nullified (for instance, when Nojiko pulls Luffy’s head out of the water at Arlong Park). It also makes them almost entirely immune to blunt attacks, including hand-to-hand combat, bullets or even cannonballs, an ability which can be further reinforced with the application of Busoshoku Haki.Thanks to Luffy’s own creativity both in and out of combat, this fruit has consistently proven itself to be among the most formidable, versatile, and unpredictable within the Paramecia class. The user’s rubber-like body also allows the user to survive falls from heights and collisions that would kill a normal person.

Going Merry – Design and Appearance

The Going Merry has a jib and a central steer rudder. The ship’s armaments consisted of four cannons, one in the bow pointing forward, one in the stern, and two pointing to either side. They were rarely used, as the Straw Hat Pirates usually preferred to run away or engage in hand to hand combat. After the Arlong Park Arc, the Going Merry gained three tangerine trees from Bell-mère’s grove, a memento of Nami’s home. As the series continued on, the ship received more and more damage and gained several metal patches to hold her together at places that could not be nailed back together: prominent examples are Merry’s figurehead and the mast, which was torn off several times. In the Skypiea arc, the body of the ship had wings and the sheep figurehead was dressed as a chicken.

In volume 11 of the manga, Oda presented various schematics and explanations of each part of the ship. These included everything from Merry’s figurehead to the kitchen.

Meeting room, Lounge, and Helm of the Going Merry

This is the single most important room in the entire ship. It serves as the meeting room, lounge, and helm for the entire crew. Here the crew can do a number of things. Since the kitchen is located here, they can enjoy a meal here made by Sanji. And because of its comfortable atmosphere, it is the perfect place where the crew can also hold meetings here and discuss what to do next.

The device for steering the ship is also located here. However, unlike regular ships that commonly have a steering wheel, the Going Merry does not have one. Instead it uses a “steering pole” with a sheep’s head like the one used for the ship’s figurehead. By tilting the pole left or right, the rudder at the stern will move in that direction.

Men’s room

The men’s room of the Going Merry is located below the deck of the ship right below the mast. It is quite large and untidy. This room is normally crowded due to the fact it is shared by Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, Chopper and Sanji to sleep. It is accessed through a hatch next to the mast. There are a total of five hammocks located here to sleep on. There is an emergency exit that connects to the women’s room in case something should happen.

Storage Room and Cannon Deck(aft)

A storage room and a cannon deck are located under the lounge of the Going Merry. This is where the crew keeps all their cargo such as beer barrels, water barrels, rations, and treasure boxes in storage. Any treasure that Nami cannot keep in the women’s quarters is kept here as well. The room also houses two cannons facing each side of the ship.

The bathroom and the women’s quarters can be accessed from here. Some towels can be found next to the bathroom’s entrance for when one finishes taking a bath. The hatch going down to the women’s quarters has a latch to keep out prying eyes.

The steering shaft that is used to steer the ship can also be seen located above this room.

Women’s Room

The women’s room of the Going Merry is located below deck under the storage and cannon deck. This is where Nami and Nico Robin (and for a time, Vivi) usually sleep. It was originally designed by Merry for Kaya’s use and thus its design reflects for whom it was originally meant. The room is accessed through a hatch that leads to the room above. This hatch has a lock for obvious reasons. There is an emergency exit that connects to the men’s room located here in case something happens. This hatch, however, is not normally used and is usually locked.

After the Arlong Park Arc, a bar was added here by a carpenter from Cocoyashi, Teru-san, from which people can drink.

Cannon Deck(fore) and Anchor Room

A cannon deck can be found below the front deck of the Going Merry. This also serves mainly as the room where the anchor is stored. Various weapons such as swords can be stored here. Giant oars and life preservers can also be found here and can be used when called for.

The cannon found here was used notably to fire at Laboon before the Going Merry rammed into him and broke her figurehead.


The bathroom of the Going Merry is located below deck next to where the rudder of the ship is located. It is accessed through a door leading to the storage room. This same door has curtains for privacy.

A shower, a bathtub, a sink, and a toilet can be found here. When Robin was frozen by Aokiji, the bathtub was used by Chopper and Usopp to thaw her out. The water used here is drawn up by a special machine located underneath the stairs on the top deck. There used to be two of these machines but Luffy broke one.

Care must be taken here after taking showers and such here. After cleaning themselves, the crew must make sure to thoroughly clean the place up with a rubber wiper found here in order to prevent the ship from being weakened by moisture.

Luffy’s Favorite Seat

The figurehead of the Going Merry is a sheep. This is where Luffy likes to sit most of the time while sailing. Why he likes to sit there with his inability to swim is a complete mystery. When this was temporarily broken upon impact with Laboon, Luffy expressed how mad he was and attacked the whale. The figurehead is also found on top of the ship’s “steering pole” in the main room. This design is also used for the figurehead of the Mini Merry II.

Throughout the series, the figurehead would sometimes show signs of expressions like a regular person. These have ranged from the comical to the sad.

Nami’s Mikan Trees

After the Arlong Park Arc, three orange trees from Bellemere’s grove were added to the top of the Going Merry. The fruits they bear are satsumas (Citrus unshui), but are usually translated as tangerine or oranges. Nami treats them with care, as they are mementos of Bellemere. They provide the crew with Vitamin C as well as decor for the ship.

Aside from Nami taking care of them, Sanji also protects these three trees from those who might otherwise harm them or steal the fruit (e.g. Luffy).

After Luffy and Usopp’s battle in Water 7, these trees were moved to the hotel room where the Straw Hats were. They were luckily found by the Galley-La shipwrights and moved to a safer location before the Aqua Laguna hit.

They, along with the rest of the Straw Hats’ belongings, now reside on the Thousand Sunny.

10 Things You Should Know About Gol D. Roger

  • Roger was the first named character shown in the One Piece series and the first person in general in the manga. He is the first character shown in the Anime due to being in the opening.
  • Roger is the first character to be shown with the D in his name; however, he is the second to be named. Dr. Kureha revealed that his true name was Gol D. Roger well after his initial introduction. This is also the first indication that there is an underlying mystery and something special in those who carry the initial D, and Roger himself admits to Whitebeard that the D has a greater meaning than a simple initial.
  • Roger is the first known owner of the straw hat that Luffy (and previously Shanks) wears.
  • During Shanks’ flashback back to Roger’s death and the day he last saw Buggy, rain can be seen falling down on the town at that moment. This is echoed by Luffy’s departure from Loguetown, as it also rained during his escape.
  • It was stated that Ace’s mother held him for 20 months (5 months before and 15 months after Roger’s execution).Since Ace’s birthday is January 1, Roger must have been executed sometime between late September and early October.
  • In Episode 85 of the anime, when Hiluluk was describing what a pirate is to Chopper, a man who was identical in appearance to Roger was seen.
  • When Oars was pretending to be a pirate by placing a piece of rubble on his head, a pirate similar to Roger was also shown.
  • In One Piece Green it was revealed that Roger’s mustache was actually nose hair (although this is probably a joke).
  • Upon his death, the real life pirate Olivier Levasseur had tossed a cryptogram from the scaffolding into the crowd and told them if they could figure out the message, his treasure (now valued at £160,000,000 in today’s money) would be theirs, a treasure that to this day has never been found. This seems to have been part of the inspiration for Roger’s legendary death speech, as Roger himself had delivered the message to find his treasure, and notably the poneglyphs are also part of a grand cryptogram leading to the end of the Grand Line.
  • Another possible inspiration for Roger could be Henry Every. In 1695, he captured an enormous treasure estimated to be worth up to £600,000 (around $400 million in modern currency), becoming the richest pirate in the world and earning him the epithet “The King of Pirates”. He is said to have influenced the next generation of pirates, including Blackbeard, Bartholomew Roberts, Calico Jack, Samuel Bellamy and Edward Low, among others, who were children at the time (and whose names are used for several One Piece characters).

Chopper’s Devil Fruit Powers

Chopper has eaten a Zoan-class Devil Fruit  known as the Hito Hito no Mi, which allows him the ability to transform into a human and human-reindeer hybrid at will.In addition to his three forms granted by his Devil Fruit, Chopper has also invented a yellow jaw-breaker like drug called the “Rumble Ball”, through some research.This drug has the power to distort the wavelengths of the Devil Fruit’s transformation, allowing him access to additional transformations for three minutes. However, due to the risk of this alteration, the Rumble Ball’s consumption must be closely monitored, and for this reason Chopper cannot consume more than one every six hours. If he takes a second one, his transformations would become out of control. And if a third one is taken, Chopper transforms into a massive, berserk monstrosity (as witnessed at Enies Lobby and Sabaody Archipelago) with equally monstrous strength that requires lethal amounts of energy to keep active, making Chopper a danger to both himself as well as others.According to Chopper, during the two years of his absence, he has completely improved all his transformations. Furthermore, he is able to utilize those forms without consuming a Rumble Ball; instead, eating a Rumble Ball now allows him to enter his most powerful form, Monster Point, and fight in it for three minutes. How he managed this is currently unknown.
However, the fruit has granted Chopper more than just the ability to transform; it has also given him human intelligence, which allows him to both speak and think like an actual human. This is what allowed Chopper to become a doctor and learn about medicine in the first place, which is impossible for a normal reindeer.

8 Things You Should Know About Caesar Clown

  • Caesar seems to have the double theme of clown and king, as:
    • Caesar was the title for the Roman emperors, derived from the cognomen of Julius Caesar.
    • Clown can be romanized both as Clown and Crown.
    • He is the self-proclaimed King of Shinokuni (Land of Death).
    • In his Shinokuni form, he obtains a crown.
  • Like Magellan, Caesar’s sinister face, wild hair and horns make him resemble a stereotypical image of a demon; particularly Baphomet, a pagan deity-turned-devil most commonly depicted as a humanoid goat.
  • In his first appearances his coat did not show “GAS” written twice on the front as it does from Chapter 666 on.
  • Caesar may be based in part off of the infamous Josef Mengele, a member of a team of doctors who conducted deadly and inhumane experiments on prisoners of Auschwitz in Nazi Germany. Mengele created a kindergarten and play area for his child test subjects and treated them far better than others in the camp, providing better food and living conditions. He gave the children sweets and referred to them kindly, yet was known for his sadistic tendencies and complete lack of empathy towards all test subjects.
  • He is, so far, the only Devil Fruit user who seems to keep his Logia Devil Fruit active all the time (while not bound by Seastone), giving him his gaseous appearance.
  • He shares with Indigo both the scientist profession, the clown theme (Caesar only in the name) and Voice actor.
  • Caesar is the first antagonist to have his own signature soundtrack in the anime, called “Master’s Laughter”.
  • In the 5th fan poll, Caesar ranked 37th, making him the most popular member of the Donquixote Family behind Doflamingo, and over ranking executive Sugar.

Vista Powers

Vista is a very experienced veteran, as he was shown as a member of the Whitebeard Pirates from the times of Gol D. Roger. He is one of the strongest members of the Whitebeard Pirates, as shown by his position as the 5th division commander.Another indication of his strength is that during the Battle of Marineford, despite having fought against individual Shichibukai and admiral members as well as numerous Marine officers, he sustained no significant injuries.

He seems to be a world-renowned swordsman, shown by the fact that the strongest swordsman in the world, Mihawk, commented that only a fool would not know Vista’s name. Vista lived up to his reputation as he was capable of matching Mihawk in a sword battle for a good portion of the war without any indication that he had been on the defensive.In the anime he was also able to block bullets with his swords to protect his allies from being shot while escaping.

Vista is also capable of using Haki to fight Devil Fruit users. He is at the very least capable of using Busoshoku Haki, as seen when he fought against Akainu.

10 Things You Should Know About Enel

  • Oda confirmed that if Enel were actually a wanted pirate, he might have a bounty that could possibly be as high as Beli500,000,000.
  • Although he is Birkan, Enel lacks the Birkan wings and instead has his ring of drums in the same place they would normally be.
  • Enel is the first major antagonist to use Haki. He is also the first major antagonist in the series that is not a pirate or a Marine.
  • Enel is also the name of the main Italian electric company.
  • The symbols seen on Enel’s drums are called tomoe and are very common in Japanese heraldry such as family emblems and corporate logos. The tomoe are also present on another One Piece character, Sentomaru.
  • Enel’s belief that he is a god is also similar to the Celestial Dragons who see themselves as godlike.
  • Monkey D. Luffy being Enel’s natural enemy (due to his Devil Fruit immunity to Enel’s Goro Goro no Mi) is highly appropriate, as the Family of D. is referred to as “God’s Natural Enemy” and Enel believes himself to be a God.
  • According to Oda, if Enel was to take off his bandana, his hair would be styled in a perm.
  • Enel didn’t appear in any opening that was used during the Skypiea arc, but he was later included in the 2008 remix of “We Are!” .
  • In the 3rd and 4th Japanese Fan Poll, Enel is ranked the 22nd most popular character. In the 5th poll, he ranked 48th.

Oda drew genderswapped versions of the Straw Hats

D: Nice to meet you. I was thinking while looking at Iva-chan that I’d like to see genderswapped versions of the Straw Hats. You don’t think you could draw them for me? Please do it.

Pen Name: TOMO. M

ODA: Sure. They become different.Luffy: I’ll eat salad and become the Pirate Queen!

Zoro: Three swords? I can’t, that’d break my teeth.

Nami: I’m asking ya – who’s the navigator on this ship?

Usopp: I think I’ll die if I go to that island.

Sanji: I only do sweets.

Chopper: Mr. Doctooor! Oh, that’s me!

Robin: That was cruel yo.

Franky: Am I super this week?

Brook:  ?

[note: Except for Luffy (partly), Zoro and Sanji, they all say their own catchphrases, but modified to be extremely feminine/masculine.]

The Whitebeard Pirates

The Whitebeard Pirates were formerly one of the strongest pirate crews in the world, as their captain Whitebeard was the only pirate to have ever been a match for the Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, in a fight.

Following the deaths of Whitebeard and Ace, the remaining members of the crew engaged the Blackbeard Pirates in the Payback War, which ended with the Blackbeard’s brutally defeating them, followed by conquering their former territories, with their captain usurping Whitebeard’s position in the Yonko. As a result, the crew has lost most of its power and influence.After usurping Whitebeard’s status as a Yonko, Blackbeard conquered most of Whitebeard’s territories. However, Fishman Island is now under the protection of the Big Mom Pirates.

After the timeskip, it is revealed that the remaining crew members and subordinate crews are being hunted down by the Shichibukai Edward Weevil and his mother Bakkin, who self-proclaim themselves as their captain’s biological son and lover, to gain his fortune.Marco and the remaining Whitebeard Pirates’ whereabouts are still unknown.