Would have loved to see this fight!!

Whitebeard was introduced as “the strongest man in the world” while Kaido was introduced as “on land, on sea and air, he is a pirate who is known as the strongest creature among all living creatures”. Who is the strongest one in your opinion?

Old Shichibukai as kids

D: Odacchi sensei!! Hear me out!! Please draw the 7 Shichibukai who made Luffy and Whitebeard suffer two years ago in the battle at Marineford as kids!! P.N. Harada Yutaka

OYeah. Sure-. Now I wonder how they look two years later~~. These are the ones that were in the Shichibukai at the time before the war actually began.

(From left to right, top to bottom. Row One: Jinbe, Dracule Mihawk, Gekko Moriah. Row Two: Boa Hancock, Sir Crocodile (former Shichibukai), Bartholomew Kuma. Row Three: Donquixote Doflamingo, Marshall D. Teach.)

Did you know how Portgas D. Ace ate Mera Mera no Mi? And how Spade Pirates was formed?

As we all know, Oda just released One Piece 20th Anniversary Special Articles: Portgas D. Ace Episode 1. Right now, only those who purchased the comic in Japan can enjoy the content. So let’s share the information from this Episode 1.

There is a beautiful island in East Blue, and there is a special island with unique ocean current. This ocean current flow in such a way that people can only to go in and unable to go out. The island is surrounded by full of dead bodies…In this island, Ace meets with another guy. Due to Ace’s boat damaged, he already drifted here for 6 days while the other guy was here for 3 days.


This guy felt extreme anxiety and started to talk with the skulls. On the other hands, Ace was planning to build a raft to leave this island but he kept failing. Ace recommended the guy to build a raft together, but that guy rejected the suggestion.


The guy has a dream of writing an adventure novel, he planned to use Ace’s name to write that novel, but Ace rejected. It is because Ace’s dream is much bigger than his dream of writing a novel. The guy always wears a mask, so Ace called it as Masked Deuce.


The guy doesn’t really like those people who always sailing in the ocean for pursuing their dream. Both of them kept chatting until late night. Masked Deuce is a medical student who was abandoned by his parent since he was young, so there are no places for him to go. The moment he left his own town, he gave up his name away too. Ace said that although he doesn’t have a parent, he got a lovely brother. His mother passes away after giving birth of him and his father is a highly wanted criminal. Masked Deuce said, “Highly wanted criminal? Hahaha! Can your father be the Pirates King?”


Ace didn’t respond but his facial expression was gloomy. Masked Deuce realized that it might be the truth…


On the second day, both of them still work on themselves separately. Ace continues on building raft while Masked Deuce was looking for food. He couldn’t find any food and decided to go for Ace, who has a lot of fruits on his hands. He was super hungry and decided to find some weapons to attacked Ace, so he can rob some of his fruits from him. However, Ace discovered that Masked Deuce is behind him due to the sound coming from his stomach. Surprisingly, Ace offers him some fruits to eat.


Until evening, Masked Deuce found out that there is some fire on Ace’s body. 1 of the fruits eaten by Ace was the “Flame-Flame Devil Fruit“. Ace worried that he will not be able to swim, which will be tougher for him to escape this island. Nevertheless, Masked Deuce saw a glimmer of hope.


After 1 day, both of them begin to train on fire, and the training was great.


Finally, it comes to the date when both of them want to leave. They’ve prepared all the things and Ace used his fire to push the raft away from the island successfully.


Ace: Do you want to take an adventurous journey with me?

Masked Deuce: I am sure I can write a good novel if I following you.

Both of them shake hand and Spade Pirates was formed.

Source: Family of One Piece

Straw Hats: Who can cook?

D: In the Straw Hat Crew, Sanji is obviously the one who is the best at cooking, but who else is good at cooking? What is everyone’s speciality dish?

P.N. I created the praying mantis rooster.

O: Well then, I’ll be presenting to you what each member is best at making.

Luffy: Raw Meat on a Plate,

Zoro: Sashimi,

Nami: Roasted Duck with Orange Sauce,

Usopp: Fish & Chips,

Chopper: Mixed Juice,

Robin: Boiled Paella,

Franky: Barbecue,

Brook: Churrasco

Sanji is the best at cooking seafood, but he is overall good at making just about anything. Also, this has to do with how these characters grew up, but generally the ones other than Sanji who can actually do some decent cooking would be narrowed down to pretty much Nami, Usopp, and Robin.

Kozuki Momonosuke Powers

Momonosuke has the ability to communicate with the giant elephant Zunisha, being capable of seeing through its eyes and giving it orders, which is the only way it can do anything but walk.Should Momonosuke order it to attack, he is in command of a powerful weapon capable of wiping out fleets in a single blow. Like his father, Momonosuke also has the ability to hear the “Voice of All Things”.

Momonosuke ate Vegapunk’s man-made Zoan-type Devil Fruit that was considered a failure.It transformed him into a serpentine dragon which allows him to seemingly fly, when in actuality he somehow produced clouds that he was able to grab onto and climbed up that way.

However, as he has only eaten this fruit recently, he does not seem to have much control over it yet, and in fact transformed unwillingly into his full animal form shortly after consuming the fruit. He did not know that he could produce and climb clouds, as he told Luffy he was stuck in the garbage dump when they met there.When he was frightened by a hunger-induced hallucination, he unconsciously used his cloud ability to escape with Luffy clinging to him.He also did not know he could switch forms until Luffy told him. It is also possible, though, that he has no conscious control over his power because the fruit was artificial and a failure. He showed the ability to revert back to his human form when he reunited with Kin’emon. However, Momonosuke is shown to switch forms from time to time.

One Piece manga schedule – how it works

D: How is a volume of comics created? Like, where exactly does the “name” get decided, and everything? Please tell me.O: The “name”. Ah yes. I do the “Great Name Introduction” in these books sometimes. I’ll give a full explanation of the order it goes in. The entire schedule we go through to get this book into your hands.

Step 1: Space Out
Space out dejectedly.

Step 2: Meeting
Talk to the people at Jump about what will be in the next chapter.

Step 3: Planning
Think about what will actually go in the chapter.

Step 4: Name
Write a “name” on a blank piece of paper.

Step 5: Show the Name
Fax the name to the boss. If he doesn’t like it, we fight, or I rename it.

Step 6: Master Copy
Call the assistants over to my house, and we go nuts for 2 or 3 days. We draw the master copy.

Step 7: Jump goes on Sale
Jump goes on sale around the country.

Step 8: Meeting
Now I talk with the high-tech boss Y-san about the cover of the book and how to color it.

Step 9: Make the Extras
Draw the cover pages and make the SBS.

Step 10: Book goes on Sale
It’s already complete a full month before it’s available in stores. The end.

So this is basically how it works. Well, this is my schedule, but all artists have their own pace. Just consider trying to draw before coming up with a name for your master copy is like manga artists’ block.


D: Odacchi, greetings! I’ve been harboring some doubts lately. In Chapter 277 of Volume 30, when Luffy is trying to escape from the giant anaconda, he opens up the snake’s eyelids, but how can he do that when he’s inside the eye? Please ask Luffy how he did that!!

O: Yeah I know, that didn’t make any sense. Luffy! Come here!!

Luffy: What? What’s the problem? There’s nothing wrong about this.

O: Yes there is! How do you raise the eyelid from inside the eyeball? And while we’re on that subject, how can you be INSIDE the eyeball in the first place?!

Luffy: It’s all right, don’t worry about it. Wasn’t it funny?

O: Yeah, I guess it was! That’s the key.

Luffy: Yep yep, ahahaha.

O: Ahahahahaha…

The greatest enigma in One Piece: Monkey D. Dragon

  • Devil Fruit: What is his Devil Fruit? Did he even eat one?
  • Ancient Weapon: Does he possess one? (Uranus)
  • Ancient Kingdom/Void Century: Does he know the true history? Does he search for the Poneglyphs?
  • Power-Level: How strong exactly is he? Who does he compare to? Supernovas? Admirals? Yonko?
  • Motivation: Why did he choose a life of hiding, secrecy and war? Did something happen to him?

The Four Emperors & The Eleven Supernovas

All of the the Eleven Supernovas are known to be involved with at least one Yonko:

  • Monkey D. Luffy looks up to Shanks as a role model and personal hero, allied himself with the Whitebeard Pirates in the Battle of Marineford, and wishes to dethrone Kaido and Big Mom. He despises Blackbeard for causing the conflict that led to his brother Portgas D. Ace’s death and attacking Baltigo, the home of his other brother Sabo and father Monkey D. Dragon.
  • Roronoa Zoro, as a member of Luffy’s crew, is part of the alliance to defeat Kaido, and most likely receives an amount of anger from the latter and Big Mom, due to Luffy’s behavior on Fishman Islandand Dressrosa. He also considers Blackbeard an enemy.
  • Trafalgar Law made an alliance with the Straw Hat Pirates specifically to take down Kaido, though as a pretext toward his real motive of eliminating Donquixote Doflamingo, hoping to anger Kaido into killing Doflamingo. However, after the events on Dressrosa he now aims to take down Kaido with the rest of the Ninja-Pirate-Mink-Samurai Alliance. He might also be on Big Mom’s radar, as when she asked Caesar why he wasn’t able to complete his experiments despite her orders, he accuses Luffy and Law of having interfered.
  • Eustass Kid invaded Big Mom’s territory during the timeskip and later attacked two of her crew’s ships. He formed an alliance with Scratchmen Apoo and Basil Hawkins in an attempt to dethrone Shanks. After unknown circumstances involving Kaido after his failed suicide attempt, Kid seemingly fought Kaido, but was badly defeated and imprisoned. Kid was later mentioned by Kaido when the Yonko jokingly told him to pass a message along to Luffy and Law that they should run for their lives after interfering with his plans.
  • Killer is part of Kid’s crew and took part in his actions against Big Mom, and in the Kid-On Air-Hawkins alliance. After Kid was defeated by Kaido and Apoo joined Kaido’s forces, Killer’s current affiliation is unknown.
  • Scratchmen Apoo invaded Big Mom’s territory during the timeskip, and later joined Kid’s alliance in an attempt to dethrone Shanks, and was approached by Kaido after a failed suicide attempt. After unknown circumstances, Scratchmen Apoo became a subordinate of Kaido.
  • Basil Hawkins joined Kid’s alliance in an attempt to dethrone Shanks, and was approached by Kaido after a failed suicide attempt. After Kid’s defeat and Apoo having joined Kaido’s forces, his current affiliation is unknown.
  • Jewelry Bonney was seen crying after Whitebeard’s death, and was later captured by Blackbeard, though she managed to escape custody of the Marines after being captured by Akainu.
  • Capone Bege was once a subordinate and son in-law of Big Mom after he invaded her territory during the timeskip. He married her daughter, Charlotte Chiffon. However, he is actually plotting against her in order to bring her down and thus destabilize the world’s structure of power.
  • X Drake, following the Whitebeard War, attacked an island being protected by Kaido’s subordinate “Iron Boy” Scotch in order to get the Yonko’s attention. Post-timeskip, he is shown to have also become one of Kaido’s subordinates.
  • Urouge invaded Big Mom’s territory during the timeskip and defeated one of her Four Sweet Commanders, angering her. He was later shown talking to Kaido about his motives for suicide.

12 Things You Should Know About The Eleven Supernovas

  • Before the timeskip, the combined bounties of all Eleven Supernovas equal to Beli 2,152,000,000, the highest combined amount of any known group. It is currently unknown what it is post-timeskip. With the information revealed so far, the collective amount is at Beli 3,430,000,000.
  • Of the Eleven Supernovas, all but two (Roronoa Zoro and Killer) are Devil Fruit users as well as captains of their respective crews.
  • There are four members who can use Busoshoku Haki: Monkey D. Luffy, Trafalgar D. Water Law, Roronoa Zoro, and X-Drake.
  • Monkey D. Luffy is the only known pirate of the Worst Generation that is able to use all three types of Haki.
  • Three members of this generation are confirmed D carriers, Monkey D. Luffy, Marshall D. Teach, and Trafalgar D. Water Law.
  • Capone Bege is the only known pirate of the Worst Generation to be a parent.
  • Zoro and Killer are the only members in the group who are not captains.
  • Four members of the Supernovas have bounties which tie: Luffy and Law at Beli 500,000,000 each and Hawkins and Zoro at Beli 320,000,000 each.
  • Aside from Killer and Luffy, all the others were named after real life pirates or privateers. While Oda did not intend it at the time, Luffy has a similar naval term via a “Luff”. This leaves Killer as the only one whose name has no link at all to any sea-based term or name, and Oda admitted in an SBS he was given his name out of pure laziness.
  • Oda drew of ten of the Supernovas (leaving out Zoro) after the two-year timeskip. Blackbeard is also left out of such a depiction.
  • In 72 Volume SBS, Oda drew the Eleven Supernovas (except Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro) as opposite gender. Blackbeard was drawn as a female along with the rest of Shichibukai in 76 Volume SBS.
  • In the SBS of Volume 64, Oda drew the Eleven Supernovas (except Monkey D. Luffy and Roronoa Zoro) as children. Blackbeard was depicted as a child along with the rest of the Shichibukai in the previous SBS.