Benn Beckman’s Power

Benn Beckman is the first mate of Shanks as we all know and probably one of the most trusted members of his Crew, along with Yasopp and Lucky Roo. We have seen very little about him, so it’s essential that we discuss the power of Benn Beckman and where could we rank him in the One Piece universe of powerful New World characters.

What we do know about Benn Beckman

We have only seen Beckman three times. At the start of the anime when benn beckman powerwe first saw the Red Haired Pirates, where he defeated some bandits with only his cigarette and gun(which he used as something like a sword, but more on that later). We also saw him when Shanks met Ace for the first time, in that weird cave. The last time we saw him was during the Paramount War, where he threatened Kizaru by just pointing his gun at him, something that probably surprised us at the time.

Benn Beckman’s name and role

Most likely, Benn Beckman’s character is modeled after Johann Beckman.benn beckman one piece Johann Beckmann was a German scientific author and the man who introduced the term technology. Moreover, he was the first person to teach technology as an academic subject. As well as that, he was a famous inventor.

We also know from Oda, that Benn Beckman is supposed to be the smartest man in East Blue, having the highest IQ in the region. From that, we can notice a commonality of his with Johann Beckmann. That’s why, we could suspect that Benn Beckman is some kind of inventor/shipwright for the Red Haired Pirates, similar to Franky‘s role for the Straw Hats.

Benn Beckman fighting style

We have seen him carry a handgun around, the one he used to threaten Kizaru during the end of the Marineford War. However, if someone paid more attention, it seems that he also uses the gun similarly to a sword or club as well. It seems that he uses bullets from long and medium range and switches to hitting with the gun itself in short range fights.

Benn Beckman certainly is a master of Haki. He probably is able to coat his gun with Haki when using it as a close range weapon, much like Vergo did with hsi weapon and body. This idea can go along well with his potential fight with Shiliew of the Rain, with whom he was paired up against during the War of the Best.

Why was Kizaru afraid of Beckman’s gun?

The only possible explanation that comes to mind is that Beckman uses benn beckman threatens kizaruhaki bullets or even sea prism stone bullets for his long range attacks. Also, thinking he may be an inventor, what if he has injected sea prism stone in his gun’s body, the way Smoker’s weapon is made? It’s only natural that a pure devil fruit user would be scared to death, if Beckman’s gun was pointing at them.

To sum up, most probably Beckman is a master of haki and uses his high intelligence to fight.

Beckman’s possible devil fruit

The idea for the bullets having haki and/or sea prism stone seems like a valid one. However, we know that Kizaru can move at the speed of light. Why was he afraid of Beckman’s bullets? Why couldn’t he just dodge them?

Kizaru went as far as to put his hands up when Beckman was about to attack him. That could mean two things. The first is that he wanted to point the fact that Beckman is certainly a force to be reckoned with. The second is that he knew his devil fruit power and was simply afraid of it. But what could that power possibly be?

Well, a power really fitting for a person attacking with bullets could be a time altering one. What if his devil fruit ability allows him to speed up objects around him, such as bullets? Well, that could mean that he actually speeds up time around objects according to his liking. How does a bullet like that sound to Kizaru? Could it reach the speed of light and hit him? Why not!

He could even go to greater lenghts and use his devil fruit to speed up the ship of the Red Haired Pirates. That may be the way they managed to reach Marineford just in time to end the war. Also, in big fights he could do that for his crew members, making unbelievable combos seem easy.

The Red Haired Pirates and the Straw Hats

If we look closely, we can spot some parallels in the two crews that can red haired pirates marinefordpotentialy lead to a crazy theory about Beckman. There are many similarities between members of the Straw Hats and the Red Haired Pirates.

Luffy with Shanks for example. Shanks saved Luffy from the Sea Kings, inspired him to become a pirate and even gave him the Straw Hat of the former Pirate King. Usopp and Yasopp are father and son, resemble each other in appearance and are both the snipers of their crews. Also, if we believe the theory that Mihawk is a secret Red Haired member, we have his relationship with Zoro. They are apprentice and student, both swordsmen and Mihawk is Zoro’s goal and role model. What about Beckman?

He smokes and has high intelligence, so there is a possibility that he has a similarity with Sanji.

*Theory by One Piece Theories


A theory covering a potential secret form of Haki occasionally shown in the series.

Haki in One Piece was only revealed by the timeskip, halfway through the series. Until then it was an unexplained ability that some characters appeared to have. Once revealed, haki was mentioned to have three main forms, Conquerer’s, Armament, and Observation.Zoro using his One Piece Haki - Kenbunshoku Haki Monkey D. Luffy using his One Piece Haki - Busoshoku HakiShanks using his One Piece Haki - Haoshoku HakiIn this same way I think that it is possible that another form of haki could exist without anyone knowing. That form of haki I believe has to do with the fire abilities that some characters display.

First of all we have Sanji who for some reason can produce fire out of nowhere and he can produce it anywhere, even underwater. Initially it seemed like this came from the friction from his spins, but by the timeskip it started to appear different. His fire seemed to appear from his passion. Similar to how haki comes from your willpower or spirit.Image result for sanji diable jambe gif

Luffy as well has used fire in the from of his Red Hawk. This fire might have something to do with Gear 2nd, but that is a little unlikely. It even appears underwater like Sanji’s does.

Finally, we have one more obscure instance, but it is still relevant. Zoro, when he was fighting Ryuma, managed to catch Ryuma on fire with his swords. The flame came out of nowhere and ended up finishing off Ryuma because zombies can’t be defeated through normal means. In that same arc we see a gag of Sanji starting on fire out of anger. That gag was later made a cannon ability of Sanji.

If this fire ability were a form of haki, then the monster trio would all still have it, even Zoro to an extent. Obviously, Sanji would specialise in it, but I think that would help ballance things out more.

The nature of this ability seems to be passion related. Luffy’s Red Hawk is in memory of Ace and sparks his passion. Sanji is a passionate cook, his fire comes naturally and is increased when he gets more passionate. Zoro’s dream is to become the number one Swordsman and while fighting Ryuman for his new sword, he became passionate.

I must also add that Kinemon can use fire attacks as well and Zoro seems like he would desire to learn that too, so in Wano, maybe, Kinemon could reveal how to use his fire technique and that it is a form of haki, perhaps known only to the closed off people of Wano.

All in all I think it is possible to have a secret form of haki. It would explain how some characters use fire and why the fire has such weird traits. The timing of it’s reveal also seems to work well with the current story line and may help Luffy and his crew defeat Kaido a little, so I think we could very well see this in the near future.

*Theory by Ma_D._Monk


The most popular reason in the OP community is that they have done it out of fear for the ancient weapons that the ancient kingdoms had. However, knowing that somebody has a strong weapon is not the same as they know how to use it or if they are willing to use it. Plus from what we know only specific people can use these weapons.

So why did WG decided to act in that moment of history?

One of the options is that they wanted to destroy these weapons so they cant be used against them.

Second option is that they wanted these weapons for them in order to control the power (similar to Vegapunk and the lineage factor)

However, knowing that these ancient weapons have survived during time and history, I am more convinced to believe that WG wanted that power for themselves. But if the WG had such information about the ancient weapons they should also had the knowledge that such weapons can be used only by specific individuals. So how were they planning to use them if they manage to get them?

The Voice of All Things​

Well here it comes the role of the discovery of “The voice of all things”. Somebody in the ancient kingdom has made a discovery on first how to hear and then how to use “The voice of all things”. So if knowing how to willingly use the “The voice of all things” can you control these ancient weapons? May be yes, but that is not the only reason for the start of the war.

Imagine what happens if all intelligent creatures unite under a common cause living together. Equality is born and in that the rich and powerful will not be rich and powerful for long after that and they will lose their privileges. So the 20 kingdoms leaders and in my opinion later called the “Celestial Dragons” wanted to destroy that unification and the occupy the power of “The voice of all things”.

So before the knowledge can spread the WG had to extract the information for themselves, destroy all who knew about it and races had to be divided and not “understand” each other.

I place “understand” in quotation marks because obviously in one piece world everybody speak the same language in order to understand each other. However, by “understand” I mean the ability to “get along”, so in that relation the division of races had to happen. Which happened with time after the WG took control and the hate and discrimination was born duo to this isolation of races.

Thinking about this powerful knowledge that was discovered, the isolation, the separation and the destruction that followed reminds me of the myth for the Tower of Babel.

In the myth, with the Tower of Babel humans were united no matter of their races and “the whole world had one language” as the story says word for word. By building the Tower of Babel humans were trying to reach the heavens so everybody can see it and live in it. They wanted to reach their dreams, share it with everybody and be closer or equal to God. However, that was overambitious and it angered the gods so they have punished them with the destruction of the tower and the separation of the languages, so they will not understand each other anymore.

In One Piece the Tower of Babel was “The voice of all things”. The people who made the discovery had the idea of peace and uniting all intelligent creatures together so they can live in peace and equality but they were overambitious that everybody will share their understanding, because this very same thing can be seen as an unification factor by one, but it can be seen as a weapon by others for controlling the ancient weapons.

So to put it straight the war between the 20 kingdoms and the ancient kingdom was to conquer the knowledge and respectively protect the knowledge of “The voice of all things”. 

When the outcome of the war was getting close, the ancient kingdom destroyed all records on how to use “The voice of all things”. What was left was only the knowledge of the creator and his/her subordinates.

Knowing that they must escape or die protecting this knowledge a group was able to escape to a different island and this island is currently known as the Wano Kingdom!!! Part of this group could have been royals from the ancient kingdom with the name of D.

The Poneglyphs

The people who discovered “The voice of all things”, started to create the ponegliff in order to record everything that has happened and they have used the power of “The voice of all things” to tell the history through these stones. At that point they have used the writing characters known in the ancient kingdom to engrave the words but they have also made a backup plan knowing that the language might disappear through time.

In my opinion the founders of Kozuki clan have used the power of “The voice of all things” to record verbally their words which they were writing on the stones. So the ponegliff are not only written version of the history but they are an “audio” version as well for the one who is able to hear “The voice of all things”.

So the currently known Kozuki clan have discovered the voice of all things and they were able to put their thoughts on the ponegliff like a recording (audio tape/gramophone record/Compact Disc). We know that the Japanese translation of the word has a meaning of Pōnegurifu – Text of History.

But lets break down as well the word “PoneGliff” from the official translation.

On purpose I have separated this newly invented word by Oda into two – Pone and Gliff.

What the word “Pone” is similar to our language is the word “Phone” which is used in many devices all connected with audio representation – megaphone, telephone, and gramophone.

What the word “Gliff” is similar to our language is the word “Glyph” which has a meaning of a “hieroglyphic character or symbol”.

So when you put together these two separate words it sounds to me as a new word describing an Audio Hieroglyph which matches exactly with my statement that the ponegliffs are also an audio version of the history.

Even further it was confirmed that Gol D Roger was able to hear the ponegliffs and hearing the voice of all things from them. And I remind you it is specifically stated by BM that he used a power that involved HEARING the voice of all things.

At this point you might wonder why I am emphasizing on the “hearing”. I am separating the ability to use and hear the voice of all things. The ability to use is connected to the ability to put your own words as an audio record and the ability to hear is connected with hearing that specific record. Also if you go back in the text you will see that every time I have written down which power has been used I have underlined the word to make a small game with You to see if you were able to understand in which direction I was pointing :DSo did you get it before that paragraph? Anyway this is not the end, we have to continue.

To put more weight in my statement that these are not simple writings but audio recordings as well I would like to point out that in the explanations given in Zou about the ponegliffs, the description words for the ponegliffs are written in quotation marks.

Even further it is described that Kozuki clan are masters of stone carving but it is interesting what Franky is saying about the their ability. “Even now, their technological prowess is quite somethin’, if I do say so m’self”. It is interesting that Franky needs to make that comment. It almost seems like that he is seeing the ponegliffs as a piece of technology which matches with the description that I am trying to convince you, that these are also audio recordings of the history.

So to put it in short the ponegliffs are not only written version of the history but an audio version as well created by using the voice of all things. Then the knowledge of how to use it disappeared (or did it!?) and people with natural born talent, descendants of the original discoverers, are able to hear it. 

After the ponegliffs were created and the war was over and the years have passed it was given as a legacy for the next generations to spread the ponegliffs across the world and each descendant took a ponegliff with himself/herself to a different locations in the world.

One can argue that in the ancient kingdom some of the races were united or living together and in the group that escaped from the war, there were at least several races in that group. With that in mind the next generation took the ponegliffs and brought them to the places where their races have made home after the separation.

That’s why we see ponegliffs in different locations. Having in mind that probably a member of the D lineage was among these people, that’s how the D started spreading again.

The Will of D​.

After the war was over the royals from the 20 kingdoms which were the winners of the war adopted the name of the Celestial Dragons. But how was this name created? Lets break down again the meaning of that name.

Celestial – one of the meanings for celestial and in my opinion mostly related to this speculation is the comparison with “heavenly”. Does this sound similar to the Babylon tower trying to reaching the heaven and the world was punished for that.

Also the other meaning of “Celestial” is superiority over the common or the known.

So why did the new royals called themselves “Celestial Dragons”? In my opinion is to show their superiority over others. But not only over the common folks but also above the ancient kingdom as well. How is that connected? Well I think that the royals on the ancient kingdom were called Dragons and that’s why the new royals called themselves The Heavenly Dragons/ The superior dragons (Celestial Dragons).

Thinking about it the name Dragons fits as well with the letter “D” that WG fears so much. Because the people with D are the True Dragons!

Thinking more about it we know that Monkey D Dragon also called Dragon the Revolutionary is the most dangerous and most wanted man in the world.

Following this line of thoughts Dragon the Revolutionary sounds to me like the Revolution of the Dragon (True Dragons). So could actually Monkey D Dragon be a direct descendant of the Royal family in the Ancient kingdom? Could he be direct descendant of the King of the ancient kingdom? Wont that explain how the whole lineage of Garp, Dragon and Luffy have such a big potential and talent for enhancing their strength? Is that the reason why people are drawn to them so easy and find it easy to follow them? Its good food for thought :p

Continuing in the same direction the Will of D fits as well with the statements until now. To carry the will of the True Dragons to unify the world in peace which were the true intentions when the discovery of “The voice of all things” was made.

Curious thing is that now Momonosuke ate a dragon fruit and if we follow the speculations until now the Kozuki clan are descendants of the ancient kingdom. Which means that they were supporting the royals (True Dragons) in the ancient kingdom and the funny part is that now Kozuki clan and the lord of Kozuki clan (Momonosuke) is in an alliance with two of the known D. (Luffy and Law)

Gol D. Roger​

Talking about the Will of D and unifying the world what happened when Gol D Roger found about that from the ponegliffs. What happened when he finally received the legacy of his ancestors? He wanted to fulfill that legacy but he was sick and had only 2 years to live. Plus in the eyes of the common he was the worst of all, he was a pirate! The was The Pirate! Convincing the common that he wants to bring them true freedom and break the chains of inequality would definitely take much longer than the time he had left to live, due to his reputation.

So what was left for him was to entrust that to the next generation as his ancestors (The True Dragons) did before him. So he surrendered and inspired the people on his execution with the hope that someone after him will go on the right path. Someone who is building relations with different people, races and status, someone who always shows his pure intentions to right the wrongs, someone who people can follow with ease, someone like Luffy!

Furthermore he named the treasure One Piece and there is a reason for that. What he meant is not “One Piece” as everyone assumed, but “One Peace” which was the legacy of his ancestors, bring a unification (One) and peace (Piece) for everyone.

However, before surrendering he did one last thing!

On Raftel on the final ponegliff he left a message, a voice message for the one who reach it. That’s right, Roger found out how to use“The voice of all things” and recorded his own thoughts in the final ponegliff. That’s the reason why Whitebeard said that Gol D Roger is waiting for someone, also Gol D Roger said that he will not die!

He will be forever recorded in history in these indestructible ponegliffs, the same way his ancestors are.

However, this is only a pure speculation until we remember that Gol D Roger knew how to write in the ancient language! In Skypiea Robin found a writing from Roger.

To sum up Roger has left a message for the next generation and he is waiting the person who will carry the will of the True Dragons and bring One Piece (One Peace) to everyone.

If you have reached that point I would like to thank you for reading this long speculation.
It took me quite some time to come up with it and get all the connections so I hope you liked it.

*Theory by Capt_NakedPanda


Let’s start with what I believe Luffy’s next gear will be, and then the how and why’s this could be possible.

Up until now, most people operate under the assumption that Luffy’s gears are and manipulate the following.

Gear 1- normal luffy no enhancement

Gear 2- enhanced speed, blood manipulation

Gear 3- Enhanced surface area, through bone manipulation

Gear 4- Body modification like gear 3, but through muscle manipulation and stabilized with Haki.

Most speculation and hype surrounds gear 5, and if it will effect Luffy’s nerves, or digestion system. But what if we have actually already seen next gear, this is going against the assumption that it’s body process manipulation, and doesn’t follow the bigger stronger faster trend.

I feel people are drawing conclusions from what the gears effect, and less from the creative idea of the gears themselves.

Plus with E.o.S. approaching quickly, is there really enough time for another G4 form or two, a G5 and G6, and awakening… I know an awakening could be a new gear, I’m just saying that there isn’t too much time left, luffy shoukd be about done with forms and powerups.

The technique is called GEAR for a reason, as in car or bicycle gears. The higher the gear the more efficiency the vehicle can achieve and maintain forward progress.

And much like cars, bikes, and assuambly luffy, when cycling gears, and going from neutral or stationary to moving…. 1st gear isn’t necessary at all, assuming the grade and weight of your load isn’t at an extreme, you can start all those vehicles in second gear.

So what’s this mean? I’m speculating that luffy in normal mode is actually neutral, and 1st gear has just been surpassed because it hasn’t been nessicary, or wasn’t mastered until Haki was mastered. And that gear 5 -6 may not exist.

A quick Google Search of gear ratios brings up these basic 4 functions of gears and those are;

Copy paste

Putting Gears to Work
Gears are generally used for one of four different reasons:

  1. To reverse the direction of rotation (not or partly seen)
  2. To increase or decrease the speed of rotation (gear two, faster)
  3. To move rotational motion to a different axis (gear 3, moving from giant arm to leg to body)
  4. To keep the rotation of two axis synchronized (gear 4 combo of 2-3, or combo of keeping Haki and DF balanced)

Notice there isn’t a 5th gear usage. So what could gear 1, (or arguably gear reverse) do, and when did we see it?

Going off the Google Search, the first point is too reverse direction, what’s that mean…

If every Gear from 2 on has increased Luffy’s rotation(or speed and size or elasticity) then Gear 1 should do the opposite. But this doesn’t mean it’s weaker than the other gears, it just hasn’t been a suitable scenario yet.

It’s my understanding that if you were too reverse what it is we have seen luffy do, then he should lose elasticity, increase density, and have a decrease in mobility. Much like the original downside too using gear 3…(the first time we see G1)

But how can all those negatives make for a stronger mode? To answer this i draw from a few inspirations. One is semi trucks, or big rigs. Two is monkeys or apes, three is basically the vulcanized rubber idea. Four is one of the most important safety features in the car, it’s airbags.

1. Big rigs-semi trucks are capable of hauling upwards 80,000 pounds at speeds of 60mph+.. But have you ever been stuck behind one at a stop light? It takes them forever to get all that mass moving, and that’s all because of the lower gears and subsequently 1st gear. A semi truck needs to generate the most amount of force In first gear in order to get a stationary mass moving. Once it’s moving it requires waay less power to move the cargo allowing the truck to achieve higher speeds in higher gears. But all if it’s power starts with 1st gear.

2. Monkeys or Apes- Besides namesake, and character similarities between the mammals and MC and humans. Monkies or Apes have muscles that can be 10x more dense then ours, allowing them to swing with ease, or rip off our limbs and skin, like we are paper.

3. Vulcanized rubber- this is a popular awakening idea for Luffy, but basically it’s the idea that luffy will be able to manipulate the chemical makeup of his rubber, allowing for chemical combos or density changes.

4. Car airbags- car airbags much like balloons/rubber, are inflated rapidly with air and provide a cushion for the driver or passenger in result of collisions. There is however a little controversy and some safety concerns coming from air bags. Due to the speed and force at with they open, they can break bones, and even create burns caused by abrasions. And when misused, tho results are funny can be very dangerous. Jackass knocked out people, and it’s often. Used as a spring trap of sorts.

Using these four ideas, one can start to argue how gear one could be on par with G2-4.

So what would G1 do? What would it achieve?

Going in reverse from what G2-4 do, luffy would contract to make himself more dense and roughly loses 1/3 of his size. This would slow him down a bit, and nearly stop all elasticity. But on the flip side would increase muscle, bone, skin density, literally making him stronger and tougher. (not like G3-4 which just make him bigger, and give him more powerful abilities, they don’t physically make him stronger/tougher.) This would make luffy less of a rubber man and more of a brawler like Garp or any Haki based fighter. But this could potentially more than double Luffy’s physical attacks And damage threshold. And if luffy used the “down shifting” ability could add a whole new bang to his Arsenal.

Why would luffy use this form, or why haven’t we seen it yet? What is the “Down shift” technique?

Thats simple, Luffy hasn’t faced an opponent yet, that his strongest G4 attacks couldn’t damage. Even opponents that could take a few hits, Doffy, Cracker, still would be hurt by it, meaning it had efectivity. Also pre Haki mastery it maybe ineffective, or impossible. Luffy would only use this on an opponent like BM or Kaido. An enemy thats seemingly indestructible, and not overtly fast. This is kinda ant man logic as well, would make him harder to hit and lowers his effective surface area increasing pressure when strikes land. But thats not all I assume this form would be capable of. I think the nature and the Haki nessicary to hold this form could give way to airbag style explosive body growth from luffy, via the “downshift”

Down shifting in a regular vehicle, is something you do to lower RPM and slow the car via engine, and not the brakes. In a powerfull enough car doing this at highspeeds can result in a surge of RPM causing the wheels to burn out, faster than the vehicle is going, but resulting in no increase of speed…this is because the engine suddenly dropped a gear and has excess energy, so the car or tires compensate by faster rotation, but the engine is actually in deceleration… So what’s this mean for luffy…

So given the Basis of gear 1 is to compress, and doing this makes luffy 1/3 smaller but drastically increases his strength and defense.

This of coarse is achieved by luffy using Haki to constrict or hold his form like in G4’s.. So what if luffy goes from G3-4 and “downshifts” suddenly to G1, with his bones or muscles still inflated. Still having all that air inside him, This would still compress luffy down to now about regular size, however now he is storing potential energy in the form of an airbag inside his body. Under his control he can release the Haki compressing his body and violently go from normal to G3 size instantly and anywhere on his body.

So kinda like the car tires spining releasing the excess energy, but because of Luffy’s elasticity, and Haki and it’s ability to compress Luffy’s form, he can store this energy for later.

Combative and defensive this would up his game greatly, imagine Luffy’s regular fist going into a face, and right at the point of contact the fist explodes to 3-5x it’s current size… This is kinda the basis for how tank man operated…

I can’t think of an advantage in downshifting from G2 to G1 yet, and am working on the downshift if G3-2 bit stay tuned that can change soon…unless it’s just a major power surge like super saiyen!

Thats why I don’t think the next gear revelation will be gear 5, but instead Gear 1, and the possobilty of a “downshift” to increase the power of his outdated G2-3.

I also believe there is at least one more G4 mode yet to be seen.

Also, much like the villains in DBZ have multiple forms, the last form is usually the smallest to exliplify efficiency of concentrated evil/power.

So what do you think?

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch


Oda Foreshadow.

I looked around some other theories about the same topic I’m covering in this one but I didn’t saw in any of them a thing happened long ago that is foreshadowing this topic and I would like to bring up to just add more consistence to future “Zoro’s flame sword techniques” to really happen and how it could work.

So let’s start like all the other theories of this kind starts, in manga chapter:

672 “My Name is Kinemon” from Punk Hazard arc.

In this chapter “Sanji-Nami” finally recover the corpse of Kinemon from the bottom of the lake and he is oficially presented on page 14.

Then in Page 16 when they need to scape from the Slimes back to the research facility Kinemon says:

I think Kinemon is being literally when it says “My sword is one that burns my enemies”, so his sword has some kind of soul or power related to fire wich Kinemon can and know how to use.

Then on the next page (17) explosion happens and we can see how Zoro became very attentive on what is doing Kinemon.

Finally in the last page (18) we get some serious panels:

On the left we can see Kinemon explaining “how works” his power. On the right side he says “I cut the explosion as well!” which I believe is a reference/easter egg to a past event seen in manga and referenced later in this theory.

And finally this one that makes completly undoubtable that Zoro wants to learn that kind of techniques and samurais fighting style.

682 “Mastermind” from Punk Hazard arc.

In this chapter the group is attacked by the dragon inside the research facility while they are sitting over BrownBeard, the one who runs for them all.

On page 18 we can see Kinemon performing a flame sword attack for first time, and Brook performing an ice sword attack:

From this panel take a look at the way of the flames around the path of Kinemon’s sword.

And now lets go way back in time and see what GOda did:

126 “Instinc” from Little Garden arc.

This is the chapter where the arc’s main battle ends and when Zoro breaks free from candle cake while it’s burning.

On page 8 Zoro starts the attack:

On page 9 Zoro performs the attack with a massive panel:

So he’s using a technique called: Killing Evil Fire Swords (Yaki Oni Giri).
This looks very similar to what Kinemon did in chapter 682 when cutting the dragon, the flames following the path of the swords. And he’s cutting Mr 5, the man who could make any part of him explode, kind of cutting an explosion like Kinemon says he did, at the end of chapter 672.

And just to finish this section on page 10:

108 “100 Bounty-Hunters” from Whiskey Peak arc.

In this chapter Zoro begins to battle the people of Whiskey Peak.

On page 10:

“Blade only cuts when its user wishes to cut something” This could mean that the cursed sword could have a soul inside.

363 “Aqua Laguna” from Water 7 arc.

In this chapter Aqua Laguna is almost on Water 7, Robin departs on train with CP9 and Zoro gets trapped inside a pipe.

When Chopper arrives with Sandai Kitetsu where Zoro is trapped, on page 11:

Zoro’s answer “It’s a cursed sword after all” means he can sense the soul of the sword.


Based on what Kinemon says in 682 “My sword is one that burns my enemies” and Zoro’s sense for his cursed sword on 108 and 363, seems that some swords have some kind of power/demon/soul inside of them. It would implie that some of Kinemon’s swords are cursed or have a soul, which would probably mean he’s carrying a Wazamono.

The situation at Little Garden makes a perfect sense to the flame sword attack, but because of the similarities between that panel and the one with Kinemon and Brook I seriously think that he could make the flames follow him because of the Sandai Kitetsu’s soul interacting directly with Zoro or with the fire around.

This also could be explained by Brook sword techniques, wich aren’t related to his Soul Solid’s soul but to his power interacting with the sword. Because of his power and his condition of resurrected soul he can make ice attacks which could be paralel to a soul or a part of a soul inside a sword with elemental power possibilities.
And the paralelism between Brook powers and sword’s souls elemental powers could be supported by Prometeus and Zeus, wich are a fragment of Big Mom’s soul attached to a flame and a cloud pointing that souls can interact with elements.

So in conclusion Zoro will learn about Sandai Kitetsu’s soul and maybe some of the other sword’s souls while in Wano adding an elemental powerup like fire, ice, electricity and/or wind. And probably, but this is completly speculation, there will be some disclousure about cursed swords and/or Wazamono in general in the process of learning samurai techniques.

Hope you enjoyed.

*Theory by BigNewsMorgans

What One Piece could mean

This theory isn’t really about what One Piece is as a treasure but what the actual words “One Piece” mean. I read an old interview of Oda’s and he said the words “One Piece” are important to the ending of the story.

I always thought One Piece was a really weird thing to call treasure. I’m like is it a code word or something? But the answer I came to is much simpler. While thinking about what it could mean I remembered that piece means coin. We say 50 cent piece. But One Coin doesn’t sound like much of a treasure. Then I remembered the nine pieces of eight in Pirates of the Caribbean. So I googled piece of eight coin and not only are they heavily related to piracy but they look like this:

Which looked familiar to me. A circle with a cross in the centre:

And apparently people used to cut the coins up to use as individual currency.

Take note of the one cut into 4 in particular.

There’s a good chance you already know the theory that One Piece will end with the destruction of Reverse Mountain and Marijois and All Blue will form where the 4 oceans meet.

My theory is the oceans were originally one ocean to begin with and the World Nobles divided them to make the world easier to rule. I think One Piece is the knowledge and means to remove the barricades aka the Red Line and the Grand Line and return the world to its original state. Probably not original, I know. [:3]

And the reason it’s called One Piece? It’s a metaphor. I can see how someone could think that a piece of eight coin or eight piece put back together would be a one piece. And 4 Blues put back together would be an All Blue. I think it fits too as a reference to coins and pirate treasure. One Piece is supposed to be the ultimate treasure and while one coin isn’t much, the means to take back the whole world is pretty valuable.

Well that’s it. Let me know what you think.

*Theory by Hithere

Wano’s Villages and Characters with various Inspirations

Here will be my main vision of how is made Wano and which inspiration it has. :yaaa:

1 – Official characters from Wano and possible characters from Wano

I think that each character of Wano will symbolize an element and an animal. I will explain this idea later.

a) Official characters :

Ryuma “de King”
symbolic animal : Dragon (ryu)

“Fox Fire” Kinemon
symbolic animal : Fox
Officially from “Kuri” Village in Wano

“Evening Shower” Kanjuro
symbolic animal : ?

Raizo “of the Mist”
symbolic animal : Elephant ? (“zo”)

Kozuki Momonosuke
symbolic animal : Dragon

Kozuki Oden
symbolic animal : ?

b) Possible characters :

“Pirate Hunter” Roronoa Zoro
(Zoro is born in East Blue but maybe has origins from Wano)
symbolic animal : Tiger

Jigoro “of the Wind”
symbolic animal : ?

Shiryu “of the Rain”
symbolic animal : Dragon (“ryu”)

Issho “Fujitora”
symbolic animal : Tiger (“tora”)

Admiral “Ryokugyu”
symbolic animal : Bull

Actual Shogun of Wano
symbolic animal : Dragon (speculation)

(Here, I will not talk about the the Tashigi-Kuina-Koshiro theory and not about the bald Gorosei guy, it’s not the point).

One Piece is full of Japanese Mythology’s and History’s references, yokai, creatures, historic people and events.
Wano will be a large reference to the Japanese culture.

We had examples of creatures and animals during Punk Hazard and Zou : Bakeneko, Dragons, Kitsune (Kinemon), Tanuki (Chopper), Oni (Kaido), Tiger vs Dragon in Zou, and many others.

To get straight to the point :
I think there is 5 big villages in Wano. Corresponding to elements and animals.

2 – Various Inspirations and 5 Villages of Wano

I saw theories about Wano that there will be 5 villages inspired by :
The Book of Five Rings (written by the great swordsman Miyamoto Musashi) in which there is 5 Books teaching the way of saber.
The 5 Books are :
– The Book of Earth
– The Book of Water
– The Book of Fire
– The Book of Wind
– The Book of Void

However, even if Zoro Roronoa possibly is a big reference to Miyamoto Musashi (which is considered as the ebst sworman in Japan’s history) I don’t think that the 5 villages will symbolize all of these 5 elements.

Zoro is currently mastering the element of Wind, while Sanji has the Fire with the Diable Jambe, and while Jinbe has the Water with his Fishmen Karaté.
But Zoro showed interest about fire techniques.
I believe that he will master in some way the 5 elements of Wano but keep his first element, which I think, is the Wind.

I also saw another theory saying that Wano will reference the Four Symbols of China and Japan. Saying that there will be 4 villages in Wano + 1 Big Clan.
– The Azure Dragon of the East : Wood
– The Vermilion Bird of the South : Fire
– The White Tiger of the West : Metal
– The Black Turtle of the North : Water
– The Yellow Dragon (Qilin) in the Center : Earth

Wano will possibily parallel this, but for me one of the big winks of Wano will be for something more recent : the manga Naruto, written by Masashi Kishimoto.
Oda and Kishimoto are good friends and already referenced each others :

I already felt some gag-references of Naruto during Zou’s arc when we discovered the Ninja Raizo.

In Naruto, there is 5 big Countries/Villages :

The Land of Fire

The Land of Water

The Land of Lightning

The Land of Earth

The Land of Wind

There will be 5 villages in Wano, representing these 5 elements.
But that’s not all.

What is one of the other big references for Wano’s arc ?
Momotaro’s story.

Momonosuke is the main “hero” of Wano like Vivi was for Alabasta. Momonosuke is the reference for Momotaro. The Peach Boy.

The main vilain is Momotaro’s story is the Oni.
Here it’s Kaido, who is the obvious and final antagonist of Wano.

References for it are already here :

We know that Oda takes references and mixes it a lot.

For Momotaro’s story, there is a official story and variants from various regions of Japan.

In the original story, Momotaro, the Peach Boy, leaves his parents to go fight Oni (it’s not that simple but I summarize). In his way, he meets 3 characters that will be his allies :

(Kinemon references the Fox, but I believe the “dog” in the Momotaro’s story is here represented by the Kouzuki Alliance made of Kinemon, Kanjuro, Raizo, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi (dog).

Luffy represents the Monkey, so his crew and allies represents the Monkey’s part.

(The real Pheasant in One Piece is Kuzan/Aokiji. But we know that Nekomamushi is searching for Marco the Phoenix. And we know Marco will be a great allie in Wano. One of the 3 big poles).

Then, let’s see a Variant of Momotaro’s story.
Coming from the Monkey-Crab Battle !
In this Variant, Momonosuke took others allies in in way againt the Oni and beat him thank to these allies :
– a Bee (蜂 hachi)
– a Crab (蟹 kani)
– a Millstone (臼 usu)
– a Chestnut (栗 kuri)
– a Cow Dung (牛の糞 ushi no fun)

What is important here ? The Japanese names.
Look at the Chestnut : Kuri.

Kinemon is from Kuri village in Wano.
I believe that the 5 villages of Wano will have the name of each of these allies in this Momottaro’s version, and each represent an element. (And possibly an animal).

3 – (Conclusion) Names of the Villages and Characters from these villages :

(the names and elements may not correspond and will be speculative)

Kuri (Chestnut)

Characters :
– Kinemon “Fox Fire”
– Oden (I think he was the main mentor of Kinemon and is from the same village).
– Momonosuke (as Oden is the real father of Momonosuke, and Kinemon is his symbolic father, I think Momo is born in Kuri).

Kani (Crab)

Characters :
– Kanjuro “Evening Shower” (this nickname also called “yuudachi” the summer rain showers in Japan).
– Shiryu “of the Rain”

Hachi (Bee) (Remember Killer Bee/Hachibi from Kumo village in Naruto ?)

Characters :
– Raizo “of the Mist” (He’s from the “Mist”, “Rai” is for “thunder”. And when Nami used thunders, Kinemon said she was a ninja).

Usu (Millstone) (Mill represents the wind, Zoro has 3 swords and uses it often like a mill’s rotation)

Characters :
– Roronoa Zoro (He has Wind techniques and I believe he has origins in Wano).
– Jigoro “of the Wind” (the shadow of Zoro was in his body, I think it’ a clue that Zoro comes also from this village).
– Ryuma (I think Ryuma is the ancestor of Zoro, and is was from this village too. But maybe Ryuma could from the Water village, since Shusui means “Clear Automn Water”, and since Ryuma was using the same techniques as Brook with “Soul Solid” which references to Ice, and so on to Water, but let’s see about that …)

Ushi No Fun (Cow Dung) (I have to recognize that a cow’s dung isn’t really badass, but I’m sure that the last village, the one fo the earth will be taken by this name).

Characters :
– Admiral “Ryokugyu” (I think that Fujitora and Ryokugyu, the Admirals taken during the time-skip are from Wano, and I think that both of them will appear in Wano. Ryokugyu has the “Bull” theme, and many think he will have a nature related power. So, he could be from the Earth village).

Unkwown origins Characters :
– Oden, I already put him in the “Fire village” but I’m not sure where he’s from in Wano.
– Fujitora. He has the Gravity Power, close to what we could call the “Void” element. I don’t know which village he could be from.
– Actual Shogun of Wano. IMO, he is the main allie of Kaido, and has the same strength as the 3 Calamities. I think he will be the enemy of Zoro and represent the Dragon since Zoro represents the Tiger. I don’t know which villahe he could be from.

And to end this topic, I would like to talk about the Kozuki Clan.
“Kozuki” means moonlight. And since the Minks also serve this family, I definitely belive there is something linked with the moon(s) with this clan.

The thing is : Oden and Momo are officially of the family, but Kinemon/Kanjuro/Raizo, the servants are (in my vision) from different villages in Wano.
So, for me the Clans of Wano don’t depend of the villages.
A Clan/Family can be made and served by differents villages clans.

As this family has also Minks as servants, and that the wish of Oden was to open the borders of Wano, I think that the other goal of Oden was to stop making separations between villages.
And maybe, both Momonosuke and Zoro will represent this mix and freedom of villages when they will learn different elemental techniques.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed the ideas I enumerated here !! :smuggrin:

Good day to you all!!

Theory by Zero Zero no Mi

Enel’s Return In The FINAL WAR!?

So basically, given that Enel showed an interest in the Blue Sea (seen not only when he was speaking to Robin about archaeologists, but also when he asked Luffy what country the Pirate King ruled over) and also that after he was beaten by Luffy he promised to one day return, it’s possible that he will indeed return to the Blue Sea – but the question is — when?

Well, let’s look at Enel’s moon adventure cover story arc…

When he entered the ancient city on the moon, he saw two hieroglyphic-like inscriptions.

On the first inscription, we see three winged people on top of a platform, each representing their race:
Skypiean, Birkan & Shandian

But something many didn’t notice is that right below the platform (which represents the moon), there’s a fourth person — meaning that there was a FOURTH moon race = a race we haven’t seen before!

And when we compare the two inscriptions, we realise that the Fourth Race left the moon to go to the One Piece World (planet) BEFORE the other Three Winged Races left the moon.

(Here’s the second inscription)

Now, looking at Enel, his head is tilted as if he’s learnt something new — he didn’t know there was a Fourth Moon Race!

I believe that Oda purposely introduced this Fourth Moon Race so that it would be a relevant plot point in the future, which is made likely considering that this is from a cover story and cover stories usually SET UP for a future event (e.g. Jinbe’s cover story linked into the Whole Cake Island Arc)

So, to finally answer the question as to why Enel would leave the moon, I believe that Enel will now strive to look for this Fourth Moon Race’s whereabouts in the Blue Sea.

Alongside him may be his Automata army which he gained the authority of in his cover story.

The identity of the Fourth Race? Well, short answer, I believe that they were the founders of the Ancient Kingdom — which may mean that the D. Clan are the descendants of the Fourth Race since many theories would agree that the D. are the descendants of the Ancient Kingdom.

Speculative part:

If this happens near the end of the series, what if Enel, by a twist of fate, ends up at the location of the Final War.

This links in with my theory that during the Final War, Robin will expose the WG and reveal the history of the Void Century, while the whole world watches via a Den Den Mushi (like in Marineford).

And knowing that Enel has one of the strongest Mantra (Observation Haki) in the series, what if he overhears Robin speaking about how the D. People are the descendants of the Fourth Race, who founded the AK and were later destroyed by the 20 Kings.

Imagine, knowing that Enel has a God complex and may want to even become God/Pirate King of the Blue Sea, he decides to fight against the World Government (who, specifically the Celestial Dragons, are the Gods of the One Piece World).

I mean, Oda did say that if he was a pirate his bounty would be 500,000,000 berries (which is Luffy’s current bounty!); plus, he has one of the strongest Observation Haki; also, given that he was the ruler of Skypiea and is currently the ruler of the moon (and has a God complex), it’s very likely that he has Conqueror’s Haki too (which he hasn’t awakened yet).
Plus, there’s theories that he could be awakened too.

Basically, I’m trying to say that he’s powerful enough to fight against the stronger enemies

Anyway, the last part of this theory is just speculation — don’t kill me haha.
I’d advise you to watch the video for the full theory though.

Video Version: 

*Theory by Saffron K.


Eustass Kid’s Potential Powers – Electromagnetism possibilities

He has already shown is abilities,wich is something related to magnetism, even tho many people believe he can manipulate electromagnetism. If he could, he probably as a LOT of potential, having one of the strongest DF’s around there.
I believe he can manipulate electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism Power
Possibilities :
Electromagnetic or magnetic blasts.
Mind control (probably only the weak ones)
Controlling all of the electromagnetic\magnetic objects around him.
Radiation manipulation (limited)
Electricity manipulation (limited)
Gravity negation
Density manipulation (limited)

Its just really REALLY strong. The possibilities are INSANE, i think some of these are possible, some are not that possible, but all are possibilities for this OP DF.
He has a lot more possibilities than that, but these are the most impressive to me (there are ones that are OP as f.. but i didnt put them here because i dont think its possible)

He could probably even push someones body like Pain by controlling the metallic parts of our body ,and our electromagnetic fields.

And LETS NOT FORGET that all Islands have a strong magnetic field in One Piece ,so, not only he probably can sense them like a log pose

And he can probably cause earthquakes by disrupting the electromagnetic fields of the islands, causing the ground to vibrate and, possibly, destroy, but of course different from Gura’s power and limited to the ground.

Not only that, but he should be able to use a strong armament haki and observation haki.
He definitely has lots of potential to be a top tier in a future.

Theory by Eustass D. Shanks



So most people at least in the live reaction videos did not think much on Bartolomeo burning the flag of the red haired pirates.

But I believe it is otherwise. This I believe will be a big incident and so many things can happen as a result of this.

Firstly Shanks’ can’t simply not care here as most people believe. This is because what Bartolomeo did was not insult Shanks but he insulted the red haired pirates. Since Shanks is a pirate he has to act if not Shanks is not fit to be pirate, let alone be a Yonkou.

Why am I saying this? This is because a jolly-roger is the very existence of a pirate crew. If a crew does not respect it, it simply means they have no honour as pirates. That is why Luffy did not ally Choppers flag to drop during the Drum Island arc.

Now, coming to the very act of burning, what does it mean well, what did it mean when Luffy burnt the flag of the WG.


It means Bartolomeo has declared war against Shanks. This is pretty much the same level as Luffy eating Big Mom’s candies

or Law destroying Kaido’s smile factories.

So Shanks will have to act. And depending on how he sees this, he might have to either capture Bartolomeo as he burned the flag or declare war against Luffy as Bartolomeo is doing this under the Strawhat banner.

(Also on a side note, since Bartolomeo is on purpose causing problems to Luffy Shanks relationship, kind of makes me wonder if Bartolomeo is secretly conspiring against Luffy. But I don’t think that is the case. I think he is doing this because Bartolome believes that there is pirate greater than Luffy.)

Further, Oda can use this as a way to progress the story. I mean after the Luffy defeats Kaidou and gets the 3rd Road poneglyph, how will Oda progress the story. I think this can be done in 2 ways:

1> Reverie: Depending on how the events will unfold due to the Reverie, Luffy might have to go back to Maraineford or Mariejois to help Hancock, Shirahoshi, Vivi, Rebecca, Viola etc.

2> The other way is this. If Shanks has captured Bartolomeo, Luffy will have to go meet Shanks. And there are popular theories that Shanks main base is Elbaf. So if that is the case, Luffy going to Elbaf makes sense.

In fact, since Shanks knows where the 4th poneglyph is, Luffy can defeat Shanks or at-least Coax him to find out where the last poneglyph is.

Here’s the Youtube Version:

*Theory by Ashura the demon