Dracule Mihawk is easily the most mysterious warlord of the original seven. We know a few things about him, such as:

– He had daily duels with Shanks
– He trained Zoro in the usage of armament haki (observation too probably)
– His bounty is unknown
– He lives on a deserted island, within a castle (with Perona now)
– He’s known as “The Greatest Swordsman in the World”
– Dracule is based off “Dracula” (See Vlad III Dracula, who was prince of Wallachia )

Some of these can relate to the possibility that Mihawk was a former Noble (please keep in mind not all Nobles are Celestial Dragons).

Mihawk’s unknown bounty could possibly mean that he had no bounty to begin with kinda like when Blackbeard became a warlord. Mihawk could have been bored with being a Noble so he decided to venture out on the seas. The fact that he lives in a castle could be kinda like an “old habit” sorta thing and enjoys drinking wine and sitting back. He is also very stoic and prefers to do things on his own (probably believes working with others is a sign of weakness or he just prefers to keep to himself). (His ship is also a one-seater! But with green flames on the candles of his ship. Green symbolizes fertility and money, among other things. So he probably lived in an area with a lot of greenery as well.)
His character design looks similar to that of Athos of the Three Musketeers who hid is identity as a Count. Athos would also drown his secret sorrows in alcohol akin to how Mihawk would drink alone in his castle. Perhaps this means he didn’t like his life as a Noble or had a rough childhood. What if his parents thought him as useless for some reason or abandoned him because of his infamous eyes? (Red in the manga, yellow in the anime) Then Mihawk went out to sea to prove that he can make something of himself and eventually became the greatest swordsman in the world?

Athos apparently quit being a warrior which might also mean the possibility that Mihawk will eventually resign from the warlords.

Theory by PirateKing Monkey D Luffy


As the title suggests we will talk about Caesar Clown and Buggy the Clown and how actually Caesar’s actions and interactions reminds me of pre-timeskip Buggy.

1.To start with the obvious they both have Clown in their name :D

2.Both of them were living in the shadow of someone great (Roger for Buggy and Vegapunk for Caesar)​

3.Buggy was able to capture Luffy and almost executed him because Luffy was not taking him serious and he was fooling around. (chapter 97-98)
The same thing happened when Luffy first fought Caesar. Caesar caught him off guard and was able to defeat Luffy. (chapter 671-672)

4.Just before getting executed by Buggy, Luffy was saved by Dragon (chapter 99)
When Luffy was tied with prism stone and Smiley was coming in Punk Hazard he was saved by Law good planning, otherwise he was dead (chapter 677)​

5.Buggy helped Luffy unwillingly during Impel Down because it was his only way of surviving the wrath of the guards. (whole Impel Down run)
Caesar helped Luffy unwillingly during Dressrosa because it was his only way of survival and hoping that way to avoid the wrath of Doffy/Kaido and Big Mom. (the whole Dressrosa arc + Whole cake island)

6.Both Buggy and Caesar have/had armies following them under false pretense or wrong impression for them.
Buggy is seen as a strong pirate who once was travelling with Roger (the prisoners from Impel Down)
Caesar is seen as a savior (for all the people in Punk Hazard)​

7.Both have very similar gag moments and reactions with Luffy, where Luffy is clearly disrespecting them with the nicknames that he is giving them. (too many to mention :D)

There some more that I can think of but they are far fetched so I will stop here for now :p

If we follow that speculation that there are connection in the events and look towards the situation in the wedding at the moment can we draw some conclusions of what can be expected?
Lets just assume for a second that we can and have fun speculating about it :D

So following the “trend” should we expect that Caesar will save Luffy and fly away with him?
How can that happen?
Well I can speculate that if the Tematebako box explodes in the base of the castle there will be huge commotion happening similar to the one in the end of Marine Fort arc. In that commotion Caesar may fly in, take Luffy and fly away. Having now Nami and the rest left in Capone’s body they will not leave Caesar alone if he doesnt go back for Luffy and Sanji.
Knowing how good Nami is at stealing, may be she will steal Caesar heart and force him to go back. It will be a good gag moment as well since Caesar has been bossed around by everybody and he is getting sick of it but he has no choice :D
This will be similar to how Buggy saved Luffy in the end of Marineford.

So that is it for now guys, lets see what you think.

*Theory by Capt_NakedPanda

Big Mom Pirates vs The Beast Pirates vs The Worst Generation Alliance

Ever wondered why One Piece’s story line is scattered right now? I mean, if you observe Oda’s storytelling from previous arcs, the Straw Hat Pirates always have a clear goal and a specific group of enemy to defeat per arc. But now, it’s confusing to see who they’re really gonna go up against.

They went to Fishman Island, they provoked Big Mom.
They went to Punk Hazard and Dresrosa to defeat Mingo, they provoked Kaido.
They meddled with Jack in Zou, they provoked Kaido again.
They screwed Big Mom’s tea party (among other things), they provoked Big Mom.
Oda is leading us to assume that they’ll first fight and defeat Kaido and then finish Big Mom off. But I think Oda has something else in mind. I believe he is going to create a war between the Big Mom Pirates, Beast Pirates, and the Worst Generation Alliance.
And here’s why.

Oda has been carefully linking all the three factions together. First, he tried to make a group of outrageous pirates in Shabondy labeled as the Supernovas and the Worst Generation. He showcased each Supernova to have an undying will to achieve their goal and have no intention of being or staying under anyone, including the Yonkous.
Let’s break it down for all Supernovas except the Straw Hats:

1. Bege – he only went under Big Mom to plot an assassination against her. But we all know how that went down, so now, he’s a target of the Big Mom pirates and has no choice but to rebel against them. And of course, because of Morgan, news will come out and no other Yonkou will accept him since he can pull the same thing against them.

2. X Drake – seems to be under Kaido to get close to Joker and get revenge for killing his love ones, but now that’s over, I think he’s planning to cut ties with the Beast pirates. I mean, it doesn’t make sense that an ex-marine will go to the New World just to serve under an Emperor. I’m guessing that because he couldn’t touch Joker as a marine, he plotted to kill him using Kaido’s connection with him, thus turning himself to piracy. But he knows he’s not strong enough, and it’s suspicious to join Doffy’s group out of nowhere. So he chose to be under Kaido to be stronger, be protected by his name, and to slowly gain trust for him to be sent to deal with Mingo.

3. Apoo – seems to only be under Kaido to survive, because Kaido defeated their alliance by himself and could kill all of Apoo’s nakama. Although some people say that Apoo betrayed the Kidd-Hawkins-Apoo alliance from the get go, it kinda seems unlikely. The Beast pirates doesn’t seem to be the kind of pirate group to hide their affiliations with anyone. So if Apoo joined, why would they hide it? They’re a group that have a similar impulse to destroy and conquer(why else would their three top fighters be called calamities?). We’ve already seen Jack and his gang do that in Zou. And we’ve already seen Apoo provoke an admiral in Shabondy, it’s hard to imagine that such a pirate would willingly serve under a Yonkou. And why would Kaido of all people bother to come by himself and kick their ass? He could’ve sent one or two of his calamities and have the same result. So I believe they got beaten first, and was given a choice to either serve under Kaido or be executed.

4. Kidd, Killer and Hawkins – Oda did it again with his genius plot twist, he first led us to believe that their alliance will target Red Hair to distract us from his goal to form an alliance between the worst generation. Now Kidd, Killer, Hawkins, and Apoo has a strong reason to ally with Luffy and Law because they saw how strong Kaido is and how they hate him for beating them and probably killing a few of their nakamas.

5. Urouge – with him allegedly killing one of the sweet commanders, he’s a definite target of Big Mom Pirates once they know that he’s still alive. And for the record, I think he didn’t kill Commander Snack, I think Snack wanted to leave BM pirates and asked Urouge to help fake his/her death.

6. Jewelry Bonney – we don’t know where she is yet. But a lot of speculation has been going on that she’s affiliated with Big Mom. Probably one of her daughters.

Now we see that all of the SN, except for Bonney, has a strong reason to fight the Big Mom pirates or the Beast pirates. Making the possibility of all of them forming an alliance more likely when both Big Mom and the Beast Pirates are in the picture.

But, why would they need such a strong and a large quantity of alliance? Here’s why. You remember the summit war? What the marines needed to pull off just to defeat ONE YONKOU? They had one fleet admiral, three admirals, one vice admiral that’s as strong as the fleet admiral, five warlords, all of their vice admirals and pacifistas, 60 warships, and 100,000 soldiers. Not to mention that they had the base advantage so all of their huge cannons are there.

Now imagine the Straw Hat-Law-Mink-Samurai-Colosseum alliance going against the Whitebeard pirates from the summit war. Do you really think they’d win?

We’ve already seen first hand from Whitebeard how powerful a Yonkou is. With him being old, in bad health, and getting stabbed in the heart, he still stood his ground against the Admirals and almost sunk Marine HQ. Why would it be different for Big Mom, Kaido, and Shanks? I mean, if Luffy and Law fought with a version of Whitebeard right now do you think they stand a chance? They’re not even at par with the sweet commanders (Nami & the homies helped Luffy beat Cracker remember?) and the three calamities. That’s why there’s a strong probability of Oda forming an alliance between the SN for them to have a fighting chance.

And keep this in mind, not even one of the SN joined Shanks or Blackbeard. And currently, not one of them have a reason to go after Shanks or Blackbeard (except Bonney who hates Blackbeard).

With that being explained, let’s get to why Big Mom and Kaido will also clash.

Now, why do you think the story is always linked to either Big Mom and Kaido so far? It’s the New World, they could’ve clashed with the other Emperors, but only these two were displayed.

Think of how the story is going so far. Right now the Straw Hats and Tank Pirates are in Whole Cake island and provoked Big Mom like no one ever did. Luffy waged a war against her on Fishman island, ate her sweets, went in her territory, broke mother caramel’s photo, ruined the Germa’s massacre, destroyed the wedding cake, stole Jimbei, faked Brooke’s death, and, well, you get the picture. They made her insanely furious. That’s upfront spitting on Big Mom’s face. Total disrespect. You can’t have that if you’re a Yonkou.

Hence, after Luffy & co successfully escapes, I believe Big Mom will follow them to Wano. Though not just because of the reasons I gave above. I think even an impulsive Big Mom won’t risk a war against a Yonkou for being mad. So what will be the key? The tipping point for Big Mom and her underlings to follow Luffy & Bege and risk to trigger a war against Kaido?

The answer: The copies of the Road Poneglyph

Now that they have Brulee, Big Mom will be informed about the copies. And then, they’ll be no stopping her on going after the Straw Hats, even if they reach Kaido’s territory, Wano, and possibly wage a war, which I think will happen.

Thus my theory of Oda’s plan to create a war against the three faction.

Big Mom Pirates vs The Beast Pirates vs The Worst Generation Alliance

*Theory by Beejay1013


Now that the Whole Cake Island Arc is coming to a close I want to compile what could possibly happen during the Reverie Arc.

Relocation of the Fishman Island

I believe one of the first topics that will be brought up during the meeting will be the relocation of Fishman Island by the Ryugu Kingdom. Showing the signatures list created by Otohime is full the notion of relocating Fishman Island to the surface is passed to occur sometime in the coming future. Now I also believe Shirahoshi WILL attend the Reverie and that will intefere with the plans of a certain Yonko.

Abolition of the Shichibukai

Next I believe the meeting will be met with a surprise visit from from Admiral Fujitora. Technically not breaking Akainu’s demands since Mariejois isn’t a Marine Base, Fuji will take opportunity to propose the abolition of the Shichibukai system.

His claim is supported by the evidence of the system has being abused by it’s participants.

  • Crocodile in Alabasta.
  • Moriah abducting pirates, civilians, and Marines for his zombie army.
  • Blackbeard using it to get to Impel Down.
  • Doflamingo in Dressrosa.
  • Law using it for his plan to take down Doffy.
  • Hancock refusing orders and attacking Marines during the Whitebeard War.
  • Kuma aiding the Strawhats.
  • Jinbei’s betrayal.
  • Weevil’s countless casualties during attacks.
  • Buggy still being involved with the underworld and using his title to protect his subordinates actions.

The abolition of the Shichibukai will be supported by Alabasta, Dressrosa, Prodence, Kano, and most likely many others. Those four in particular since they had personally deal with certain Warlords. The notion is passed but is meant to be kept top secret until the Marines can go into action to apprehend and jail the remaining Warlords. We won’t see this occur until after Wano.

Big Mom’s Tea Party/Germa 66

I also believe that the Vinsmoke Family will be in attendance after the events on WCI. They will act as witnesses to relay what had occurred at Big Mom’s Tea Party and the actions of Strawhat Luffy and Gang Bege. However due to their plan to ally with Big Mom their status as a nation in the World Government will be revoked by the end. I believe this will lead to the Germa allying with the Strawhats and joining the Grand Fleet EoS.

Void Century/Poneglyphs

The last topic that will lead to the climax would King Cobra asking about the Poneglyphs and the history of involvement of the Nefeltari Family. Of course the Gorosei would not like that and would order for Cobra to be arrested. The representatives of Alabasta will try to defend Cobra until the entire country is declared as an enemy of the World Government. Other nations try to stand up for Cobra but are threatened as well. As the Alabasta representatives are being arrested a large gust of wind blows into the room revealing Dragon and the top members of the Revolutionary Army. Dragon will expose many of the World Government’s secrets and state that the RA will no longer operate in the shadows and will bring down the World Government.


Now I predict those will be the main events but while they are occurring two members of the Yonko will clash at the bottom of the sea floor. After the Strawhats and Co escape from Whole Cake Island, Big Mom will send her forces and go herself to destroy the Fishman Island as spite towards Luffy and Jinbei. However, when she arrives she finds that the island is already under attack by Kaido and the Beasts Pirates searching for the Ancient Weapon Poseidon; Princess Shirahoshi. This occurred because Caribou whom was captured by X Drake in a cover story will trade the information that Shirahoshi is an Ancient Weapon for his life. This info later made its way to Kaido.

Linlin who’s already pissed off will see this an offence to her as FI is still her territory. The clash between Big Mom and Kaido will destroy FI, thus full filing Madam Shyarly’s vision of Luffy destroying Fishman Island. The clash also let’s a large portion of civilians to escape to the surface which leads to the creation of a new Fishman Island on the surface coinciding what was passed at the Reverie meeting. The news of Kaido and Big Mom clashing and destroying Fishman Island will be delivered during the Reverie meeting thus causing more chaos at the already hectic meeting.

*Theory by Law0

Blackbeard’s Endgame Goal

Blackbeard is the Yonko that will likely serve as the final antagonist. He is also the one with the endgame goal that is most dangerous towards the whole world. Not only is he the only Yonko that is actively pursuing the title of Pirate King, he is also the person that has made many personal enemies. Aside from trying to become Pirate King, Blackbeard is known as a generally evil person who is feeding his crew with Devil Fruit powers in order to control and dominate the seas.

Blackbeard is likely trying to become the ruler not only of the pirates, but the seas in general. This makes him one of the most feared people in the One Piece world, by both other pirates and the World Government. His mysterious abilities and cunning strategies allow him to work his way up, and right now he already holds the rank of Yonko. Whatever happens in the future arcs, Blackbeard is most likely the most dangerous person in the world of One Piece at this moment, and he is still gaining momentum.

by S.

Rayleigh’s disciple

I have a theory regarding Mihawk being Rayleigh’s disciple. Both being very good swordsmen (one of them even the best in the world) is kind of a hint for me. And it would explain two still unknown things:
1. How the friendship between Shanks and Mihawk developed (Shanks, too, being a swordsman) maybe they were both his disciples at the same time.
2. Zoro’s scar on his eye. We know that Zoro’s and Rayleigh’s scar might have the same reason, which would be the training of observation haki. And after the War of the Best at Marineford, Zoro became Mihawk’s disciple. Mihawk knew of that technique to train the haki of observation because he saw it from Rayleigh. Mihawk having the hawkeyes did not have to train his observation haki but he showed that technique to Zoro.
It’s just a theory though, I don’t have any kind of proof. But I would like to read your comments about it. ^ ^

*Theory by Oz


What Do We Know About Conqueror’s Haki?

  • A rare form of haki that cannot be attained through training.
  • The ability to exert one’s willpower over others.
  • Manifests itself within those that have the quality of a king.

Examples of CoC:





From this we can determine two things.

  • CoC (Color of Conqueror’s) directly affects external objects, forces, and persons. A mostly unique trait among other forms of haki.
  • All users of CoC possess the qualities of a king. Such as leadership, bravery, charisma, strength, wisdom.

But what do these two things mean to us? Theory Time!

The Hidden Power of CoC


To Turn Those Around Him Into His Allies

directly affects external objects, forces, and persons.

Charisma: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

The Hidden Power and Property of Conqueror’s Haki is the unnatural ability to create allies out of those around you.
For a while now we have known about Luffy’s ability to turn those around him into his allies. But we all assumed it was just part of Luffy’s nature. But what if it wasn’t just that? What if there is something more to it. My theory is that it actually is directly related to his CoC. I believe that his ability to turn allies out of those around him is a quality that the Pirate King Gold Roger himself shares. Which is why we see Crokus say this:




I believe that part of the reason why Luffy has gained support from the former Roger Pirate Crew is due to the fact that Luffy and Roger share a similar “aura”. That Aura being the radiating presence of their conqueror’s haki.

Luffy’s ability to create allies out of those around him is directly proportional to the strength/power of his CoC haki.

Don’t believe me? Well let me give you some examples.



There are more CoC users than just Luffy, so let’s take a look at them and see if they correspond with my theory.

Gol D. Roger
 – Pretty self explanatory

Silvers Rayleigh – Also self explanatory

Edward Newgate A.K.A. Whitebeard – Fleet of over 1,600 members, an estimated 43 subordinate crews under the WB flag. Led all of them into a war with the government itself. Formerly beloved by all of fishman island as their protector.

“Red Haired” Shanks
 – Was accepted on board the Pirate King’s crew as an apprentice. Later in life starting his own loyal pirate crew. Creating followers and fans out of those around him such as Luffy. Is also a yonko. Despite being a rival crew, he was easily accepted as a dear friend by the remnants of the WB pirates, even to the extent of allowing him to oversee the burial of WB and Ace.

Portgas D. Ace – Gained the trust and admiration of both Luffy and Sabo. Was adopted by Garp despite being the “son of the devil”. When his execution was announced, arguably 2000 warriors came to the aid of him facing not only the world government, but also the three admirals, and seven warlords.

Don Chinjao
 – Former 12th pirate captain of the Happo Navy, estimated to be around 1000 members in size. Nearly two thirds the size of Whitebeard’s fleet, this being in the New World.

Boa Hancock
 – The beloved Princess of Amazon Lilly, Captain of the Kuja Tribe.

Donquixote Doflamingo – Despite being a young child, gained the support of and loyalty of Vergo, Trebol, Pica, and Diamante. And for 10 years, held captive an entire kingdom and was still loved as a great ruler and king.

Every single one of them gained a immense following from large groups of people. Such is the quality of a King. They “inspire devotion in others.”.

Sounds quite a lot like Monkey D. Luffy.

The difference here however, is that Luffy has it in a much bigger quantity. That deserving of the future Pirate King.



– CoC Haki has the underlying ability to inspire devotion in others, to create allies from those around you.

– All CoC users have this ability to an extent.

– While Luffy has this ability on a large scale, which is part of what will make him the true Pirate King.

*Theory by 4xdblack

Zoro’s Scar

Many people wonder what is in the eye of Zoro. We saw many theories like Ashura, the Eye of Mihawk in Zoro’s eye…

But i think i found something interesting :
During the break of the scan 597 ( just before the time-skip ), Oda showed us the new chara-design of Zoro and his future wound. But we can see that he hesitated on many wound like the big on his forehead. Maybe Zoro’s wound is just a normal wound and there’s nothing strange in it.


There may be a slight chance that Marco will join with the Red Hair Pirates for the time being. He has lost both Ace and Whitebeard and might want revenge, but he alone isn’t strong enough.

During the Payback War the Whitebeard Pirates suffered an utter defeat against Blackbeard Pirates. Blackbeard is probably searching Marco to steal even his Devil Fruit powers.

Who would be the best person to be with while both hiding and waiting for the right time for a revenge? Shanks!It may sound stupid, but I believe that, after they were on Ace’s and Whiteberad’s grave, they have joined and are now waiting for Luffy to arrive, so that they can change the system and the world together.

So what do you guys think?

*All rights go to the maker of this theory.

A possibly way to hurt, or weaken Big Mom’s reputation, her real strength…

Big Mom is known throughout the world as a force to not be messed with. Her reach, and info network is unparalleled, her true power is influence, reach, and family…

Well what if the Straw Hats can defeat, or at least hurt Big Mom without having to fight her?

Assuming the Straw Hats end up fleeing Whole Cake Island as enemies of Big Mom…What if on the way too, or at Wano, the StrawHats massed produced BigMom’s Poneglyph etchings? Would this hurt/or weaken the Big Mom Pirates reputation, and potentially question her Yonko Status?

It’s lead to believe that the possession of Road Poneglyph, or any Poneglyph, for that matter, are very important to Yonko, or potential Pirate King candidates. It’s even speculated that Shanks gave Kaido a Poneglyph to stop him from interrupting the War of the Best.

So, if the StrawHats copied, or sent a copy to the papers, or somehow published the etchings, wouldn’t this take some sort of threat, or bargaining chip away from BigMom?

PLUS! Since presumably Robin is the only one who can read the Poneglyphs anyway, there is little to no recourse for publishing the etchings…

Not only did the StrawHats prove BigMom couldn’t be that dangerous, they just waltzed into her territory unimpeded, fought and destroyed her land, part of her army, and commander… Interrupted her wedding Tea Party… Stopped her assassination plot, destroyed her cake and picture of Carmel, and they liberated her enemies…and they stole and published her Poneglyphs!!?!

This would kill Big Mom’s reputation and make all of her alliances and enemy’s doubt her.

What do you think?

Rather than beat her in a fight, weaken her reputation(her true strength) and maybe others will question the status quo?

*Theory by Portgas D. Xatch