Dr Kureha Theory

We know for a fact Dragon called for the revolutionary leaders to meet up. And since Baltigo is destroyed, we don’t know whether the others actually arrived before the Blackbeard pirates. I am going to take a leap of faith and say they couldn’t get the chance to set off. Why? Because Dragon called them up personally and fixed another meeting point.

Where? The Holy Land Marijois.

That lady is going. Never has Dr. Kureha decided to butt into situations unrelated to her. So why is she going to the Reverie? Why go to an environment where she has to interact with a large number of people, even though she liked to stay alone?

Till now she has been in hiding, only to help others for something in return,only that one time where she decided to help Luffy and interact more than usual. She has an eccentric personality and not many things about her is clear. Not to mention an unusual life span. Another character has been shown to have some qualities as her: Ivankov. He had been in hiding, helped Luffy, eccentric personality, and was supposed to come out of hiding when Dragon ordered him to. I believe that is what Kureha is doing: following the order of the revolutionary leader.


Raftel originally a happy place?

This is my speculation on the original plan for Raftel, not how it might be in the future.

Initial Idea
When Crocus 1st mentioned the name Rafuteru, i didnt see the name Raftel, instead, i would be reminded of the word – Laughter.

We know the Japanese wouldnt spell English words as how they should properly be, but more of how English words “sound”.

Raftel in Japanese is ラフテル
pronounced Rafuteru
which to me, for the very 1st time, before even seeing the name “Raftel” would think it translates to “Laugh-ter”.

those familiar with Japanese translation would know the “R and L rule” e.g. this name –
is pronounced Monki Di Rufi
officially spelled as Luffy

so even though RAFTEL is the official spelling, i speculate during conceptualization of the island, maybe Oda was thinking of the word LAUGHTER.

To me, the main ideology of One Piece, being in a shonen manga magazine, is primarily a manga about fun exploration and adventure. So i believed when he started at that time, when Oda was at his creative pureness, wanted Raftel, the final island of the StrawHats’ or actually the main character, Luffy’s journey, to be the ultimate fun destination.

So how would Raftel the Island of Laughs be?
Possibly a still populated island (can be a sky-island) that features the cultures and science of the AK, which were constructed on the basis for the enjoyment of life as the last free spirited civilisation. Generally, a happy place.

I also believe Raftel is where One Piece is finally found. Roger’s words – ” That’s where i left it!” must still be applicable.

However, there’s still much work to be done after touching down at Raftel, after finding out what One Piece is, before the completion of the StrawHats’ individual dreams. Many other speculations and theories have these dreams covered;
eg Reverse Mountain needs to be blown away to connect the 4 seas to form All-Blue (Sanji’s Dream)

Over the years we have experienced more serious arcs and complex plot twists in the manga to signify the maturity of Oda as a story teller as well as to cater to his longtime readers growing up from teenagers into thinking adults.

So in referrence to the current story development, Raftel could be massively different from his initial idea.

Thanks for reading this!

*Theory by Kurisu

Kaido’s Ultimate Goal

Kaido’s ultimate goal is probably the hardest to describe among the Yonkos because of his conflicting reasoning and behaviour. The thing about Kaido, is that he seems to be tired and bored of life itself, which has resulted in multiple suicide attempts or at least attempts of measuring himself with things that would put a normal human in the ground. Kaido seems almost possessed with the idea of battle and measuring himself with everyone and everything in the world. Because of this, Kaido’s endgame goal seems to be nothing more than one big war that fuels his lust for destruction and strength that will ultimately be his final act. He will either win this gigantic war against the world, or he will go down fighting and his somewhat tragic tale will come to an end.

Kaido doesn’t seem to have a true intent of becoming Pirate King, but he does show the desire to be the strongest or at least fight with other strong beings. Kaido looks down on the rest of the world (like the Supernovas) and he regards the world as a boring place. This will result in him going to war with the rest of the world. In this sense, he does want to rule the sea, but he isn’t actively looking to become Pirate King it seems, although this isn’t officially confirmed.

By S.

Coby’s Role in One Piece

Coby is one of the first characters to be introduced in One Piece. His introduction is from the very first arc of the series.Coby has been a bit of a controversial character because his presence in the storyline sets him in the direction of an important character, but he fails to deliver most of the time. Because of this, his role in the series is a bit vague, and it is unclear what eventually will become of him.

Coby’s main role in the series seems to be serving the role of Luffy’s counterpart. In a way, he is the same as Luffy but instead of being a Pirate, he is a Marine. Sometimes, Coby’s role in the series is seen as Garp’s role in Gol D. Roger’s era. There is some kind of special rivalry between him and Luffy that resembles the rivalry that Garp and Roger had, but despite this, there are some hindrances when it comes to this parallel. Because of this, Smoker fulfils this role much better than Coby.

The first major hindrance is very simple and very straightforward; Coby is simply too weak to be seen as the new era Garp. There is absolutely no way that he is able to stand up to, and fight even with Luffy, not even for a few seconds. What we’ve seen so far, really tells us that Luffy would absolutely wreck Coby. He could already easily overwhelm him before the Time Skip, and after training for two years non-stop, with the help of Silvers Rayleigh, I think the gap has potentially gotten even bigger. I know that Coby hasn’t been doing nothing these two years, but there is no way that he was able to catch up to Luffy in those two years.

The second thing that makes Coby’s parallel to Garp very unlikely and weak, is the fact that Coby is literally never present in the storyline to fight with Luffy or the Straw Hats. The only times that we’ve seen him was at the beginning of the story, during the post Enies Lobby arc, and during the Marineford War. The Only reason that he was able to meet and ‘fight’ Luffy was because he was summoned to the Marine HQ in order to fight against the Whitebeard Pirates. Aside from this, he has literally never shown up to fight Luffy. Whether or not this trend will continue in the future is unclear, but it certainly looks like it. These points make Coby’s role in the series a little bit vague and depending on how you look at it, you can even say that his appearance in the series overall is a bit redundant. The role of being a rival to Luffy can be appointed to Smoker, who already fulfils this role way way way better than Coby.


Admiral/Fleet Admiral

As stated by the guy himself in the post Enies Lobby arc, his ultimate goal is to become a marine admiral. Whether or not he will fulfil his dream and actually become an admiral is a bit hard to say, but honestly, a LOT needs to happen if Coby wants to become an admiral because we are already relatively far into the series, at the point where Luffy is going up against the Yonkou, and Coby isn’t even remotely close to Admiral-level. I’d say he isn’t even close to Smoker in terms of power and combat efficiency and Smoker has already been portrayed as being far weaker than an Admiral.

Reforming the Marines and the WG

Another possible task for Coby, is the possible reformation of the World Government and the Marines at the end of the series. We all know that the World Government is run by the Celestial Dragons, who are some completely immoral and selfish people, who put themselves above all others. It is one of the bigger plotlines in the series and they are always portrayed as the evil rulers.

It is possible and it has actually been foreshadowed quite a few times, that there will be a giant war after someone finds the ‘One Piece’, because it will likely reveal the truth about the Void Century and the foundation of the World Government. It is possible that this will trigger the rage of many people, including the Straw Hats who have been shown to be very concerned about the well-being of the people they care about, and this will ultimately lead to a final war with the World Government itself.

At the end of the War, the World Government will likely be defeated and the Celestial Dragons will likely be equalised with all the other people or even imprisoned. The World Government, including the Marines, will likely be reformed because the old leaders will either be defeated or resign after the truth has been revealed. Some people who will likely play a part in the reformation are the Revolutionary army, and some prominent new Era marines like Smoker and Coby. I think this is one of the roles that Coby will fulfil in the series, because he has been foreshadowed as a Marine who truly cares about the people and has been good at heart the entire time, unlike some other people within the marines and the World Government itself.

*Theory by S.


In this theory I shall discus this topics:

  • The Celestial Dragons or World Nobles and their absolute power.
  • The Gorosei and their military dictatorship.
  • The World Kingdoms and their vassal or feudatory system to the Celestials.
  • The presence of Revolutionaries.

This will be a parallel between different things and well history and stuff….. ._. hope you don’t get bored by this small theory. Let’s say it’s an analysis.

The Celestial Dragons
As we all know the Word Noble are descendants of 19 monarchs that established what today is known as World government. They are practically the rulers of the One Piece world, and because of that they can do whatever they want with out suffering any consequences.
This way of “governing” is very similar to that of the Absolute monarchy, for those that don’t know what it is :

Basically the king has all the power in his hands and can decide everything even the death of people. To justify this the monarchs said their power derives directly from God so they have divine power. In particular the way the Celestial are more similar to the Absolute monarchs of France.

  • The world nobles have the right to do and decide what ever they want similar to the way absolute monarchs acted like the famous Sun King: Louis XIV (he could not kill people on the streets like the world nobles do but he had the right to give people that he consider guilty the Death penalty) the person that re-introduced this type of government and inspired the other monarchs.
  • The celestial nobles all live in the same place Holy Land Mariejois that resemblance the Château de Chambord. It’s an other castle, Versailles, that is more important, because it was here where all the nobility lived thanks to Louis XIV so that he could keep on eye on them.
  • The world nobles are referees as Saints to indicate their power and right, probably, to explain their actions. A saint is some one hows power derive from God similar to the justification of the Absolute monarchs.

What I’m trying to say is that World nobles power is inspired by that of the Absolute monarchy.

The Gorosei
They as we all know are the heads of the World goverment created by the 19 kings and the facto rulers of the world. Because of their power over the entire military organism they are from my point of view they are in a form of military Dictatorship.

This description suit with the Five Elder Star when we think about them. As we saw the World Nobles are not interested in ruling and only care about their Tribute, so I believe if the Gorosei are really as old as many say that they took over the World Government thanks to their military power and fame, because they had enough of the incompetence of The Celestials. Even if they are not immortal the tittle of gorosei might have been passed down to other that suited the role. I’ll go as far and say they are the first revos that did something similar to a cup d’ete and reached power, but still maintained the celestials.

The World Kingdoms

As we saw with Doffy in Dressrosa the Kingdoms of the 19 kings where given to other nobles and in change they have to pay a tribute called the Heavenly Tribute. This type of treatment is very similar to that of vassal that has to give support financially and military and he can administrate the territory as he wishes he can add new taxes to that of his King already has on the territory.

This type of administration is very medieval and nothing stops other kingdoms attack others the only rule as we saw is that they have to pay the Heavenly Tribute and if not payed terrible things might happen.

The Revolutionaries’ role
As you have understood the World Government has a very medieval type of administration with absolutist nobles and vassal like kingdoms so a change must occur and that chance must be done by the revolutionaries. As many might know Dragon was born on the 5th of October same date as the October Revolution in Russia. With this Revolution the last Absolutist Monarchy, the Russian Empire, was taken down, but they will not follow the communist ideals like happen in Russia.
As I said in the Celestial part they are inspired by the French ideals of absolutism the same that inspired the other Monarchs to adopted it in their countries. France was in fact the first absolute monarchy to fall by the hands of the revolutionaries. I believe that Dragon and his will use the same modern ideals from the French Revolution to change this medieval world .
The Revos are in fact the embodiment of all real live revolution that brought down all the totalitarianism regimes.


The WG is a medieval institution and it’s system includes absolutism, feudalism ruled by the Gorosei and it’s the Revolutionaries duty to bring them down and establish modern ideals like human right and equality.

*Theory by MasterD

Possible Unexplored Evidence on Devil Fruit Awakenings

Since Crocodile first mentioned devil fruit awakenings in Impel Down, we’ve only been shown a few examples. Looking back over the series, there are several clues that may reveal two major insights into awakenings that I haven’t seen others discuss.

Consider the Examples (both Known and Possible):

The murmurings of Sir Crocodile…
“Perfection” according to what we know now in the series is certainly Awakening! Either Crocodile was wrong or he was exaggerating. However, we can’t say he was merely unaware of Awakening because he is the first character to openly coin the term in the series (as I mentioned above).

Enel, the topic of theories…
Like Crocodile, who claims to have perfected his ability, Enel has long been considered a candidate for having possibly awakened his devil fruit. Unfortunately, many of the claims (such as Enel’s ablilty to actually change his appearance entirely) would also certify Monet due to her “Mannen Yuki” form.

The Demon Guards of Impel Down…
The imperfect “Awakened” zoan users who are trapped in their forced state seem to be lacking something more than their full awareness. So many theorists have compared this form to Chopper’s old Monster Point that it’s almost assumed that they achieved it through a similar means.

The glimpse of possibility with Chopper’s monster point…
Like with the Demon Guards, one has to wonder if you can be truly Awakened when you seem to be almost unaware (like an extreme case of sleepwalking). Fortunately, Chopper’s recent development shows more potential since he’s beginning to control his Monster Point, albeit with drugs.

The clear demonstration by Doflamingo…
After giving us a limited description of what it means to wield the ability of an awakened devil fruit, he began imposing his string secreting ability on the environment around him. This is where we seem to have been left by Oda for now.

Is that all we have?

The Other Abilities of a Truly Awakened Zoan

Crocodile claimed that endurance and recuperation were the forte of an Awakened Zoan user. However, having a specialty implies that other abilities do exist. Readers were so enamored with Doflamingo’s defeat that it would have been easy to overlook the scene showing Sabo’s exit from Dressrosa. He is riding away on a crow and having a conversation with one who claims to have the ability to summon the following flock at will.
Assuming that this member of the Revolutionary Army is actually in possession of the tori tori no mi – model crow, this should open up a world of clues. Sabo’s interest in the crow person’s ability seems to imply that it isn’t commonplace. I would like to suggest that this is one of the products of a TRULY awakened zoan.

Unlike the mindless brute squad being employed at Impel Down, this likely powerful member of the revolution certainly has control over his faculties. It would seem that the ability to command an army of your zoan devil fruit’s type is what is being demonstrated here. It is very much like how Jinbe and other Fishmen/Merfolk are able to call for and control fish of their type!
This could be truly amazing if you have access to reasonable numbers of your animal! Surely this is merely speculation. Right? One could claim so; except, this isn’t the first case we have witnessed. Both Cub and Bian of the Tontatta Tribe were able to call their relative animals to command. If not an ability solely reserved for Awakened Zoans, it is definitely an underutilized skill that could completely change the way those devil fruit users operate in both battle and support. (One has to wonder, could it be done by Chopper?!?)

“Awakening” … What is Asleep?

Now the question is, “How does one awaken a devil fruit ability?” One possible clue may come from the Zou arc. When Zunisha’s abilities are finally released by Momonosuke’s command, she stirs from her curse of walking in a sleep-like state and shows her true power.
It is highly possible that devil fruit Awakening functions in the same way. To command the “devil sleeping inside” one must have a conqueror’s spirit. If this is the case, the key to controlling an Awakened ability is Conqueror’s Haki. The only confirmed fully Awakened devil fruit user, Doflamingo, is also confirmed as having the haki of the conqueror. Finally, we may have a deeper purpose for this epic ability that has only been known to take out “fodder” during some battles to merely thin the numbers.

Consider some of the other characters that many claim have achieved an Awakening (or have at least begun to do so). They all have a conqueror’s spirit: Crocodile attempted to take over the kingdom of Alabasta, Doflamingo succeeded in becoming the usurper of Dressrosa, Enel dominated Skypiea as a god,Luffy (who we all know will eventually unlock this level) will be Pirate King!


What are the implications of someone with Conqueror’s Haki being able to command a devil fruit into Awakening? They could very well bring their subordinates’ and crewmates’ abilities into submission. Now we may truly be able to take seriously the speculations of the Strawhats’ possible Awakened abilities!

*Theory by Theo Ries


After this week chapter I believe Big Mom may be one of One Piece’s examples of Mental Illness. There are many solid cases of Big Mom holding Caramels and how Big Mom is angry at Mother Carmel. However, if we look at Big Mom through the lens of psychology she exhibits many different examples of mental illness. Her Hommies, even her ships seems to hold onto the aspect of developmental struggles as they idolize her childhood and perhaps her idolization of the world when she was a child.

Surrounding herself with friends and hommies exhibits her need for control. As each is truly an extension of herself and may show her desire to never be hurt by her loved ones. This demonstrates social anxieties and could manifest from her fear of abandonment. She may even show signs of dissociative disorder in her more aggressive states exhibiting two major personalities: one more childlike and care free and one more angry violent e see.Big Mom seems to be two very different people at the drop of a hat and this is not uncommon for those of us with these traits. While it is overblown with Big Mom she does exhibit these behaviors widely. Another trait Big Mom shares is depression and even denial. As she seems to be distant, absent minded, and overly nonchalant not caring what happens to her closest friends due to her depressive state is all very basic of depression. She even seems to exhibit denial as we see when she devours her family but her mind cannot accept it. Perhaps her mind cannot allow her to notice the screams and blocked it out as a coping mechanisms. Most obviously Big Mom has an eating disorder one she cannot control, she hurts those around her and never seems to be able to stop eating at times to the point of obsessively binging. She could be continued to be psychoanalyzed but she could quite possibly have a very shattered psyche that translates to aggressive and hostile behavior while not meaning she is truly evil. Theory by Rhodehawk


Everyone has been wondering.. and the chapters 866 and 867 have raised more questions than provided answers.

What we have found out about ‘Mother Caramel’ is she was a cheerful slave trader who once every two years sold a child to the WG, who in turn would then go on to work as spies. She used to run her racquet under the guise of an orphanage and she gained credibility in Elbaf by convincing the Marines to spare the stragglers of The Giant Warrior Pirates. Finally we know that she was planning on making a considerable amount of stash by selling Big Gal to CP0.
What we can tell about her from this is that she is someone who would scheme over a considerable period of time to achieve her objectives and she is a money grubbing hag. We can also tell she will never let go of an opportunity to make a vast amount of berries.

What we do not know is her true name. We only know her by underworld epithet “Mountain Witch” and that she was able to bring an element to life.

From here on what I say is pure speculation on my part.

I do not believe Big Mom got her devil fruit from consuming Mother Caramel.

Rather I am of the opinion that both Big Mom and Caramel have different devil fruit abilities!

She may even possess the Hito Hito No mi (Model:Witch)!!

The nature of Mother Caramels fruit is that it allows her to summon an element of the tree of Sephirot and make it obey her (like a witch’s familiar). She says ‘Gevurah’ which according to Wikipedia is Gevurah or geburah (גבורה) is the fifth sephirah in the kabbalistic tree of life, and it is the second of the emotive attributes of the sephirot. It sits below Binah, across from Chesed, and above Hod. Gevurah is ‘the essence of judgment (DIN) and limitation, and corresponds to awe and the element of fire’.

Since Gevurah is the element of fire it swallowed all the flames and took the form of a sun.

Where as Big Mom takes a soul or a part of it and animates an inanimate object

You should have noticed how Big Mom mentioned that she has given her own soul to Zeus and Prometheus. From this I infer at some point in time after Linlin went on a rampage at her birthday party, Mother Caramel summoned a thunder familiar. She used this familiar to escape and dropped her mother garb in the process. Linlin found these two familiars and later when she gained the soul soul fruit and it’s abilities she planted her own soul in these familiars thus overwriting Caramel’s control over them. This can also be inferred from how Prometheus’s name originally used to be ‘Pandora’. How can I tell Caramel did not die but rather escaped? If Caramel had died Pandora (Prometheus) and Zeus should have vanished with her but since they did not, it is a reasonable assumption that Caramel did not die.

So what happened next and how did Mother Caramel become Miss Bakkin?

If you notice the image of Miss Bakkin you will see that she is very wealthy. She has rings made of precious gems on all her fingers and a necklace which looks like it’s made of pearls. The only other people we have seen with so much jewellery on them have been Blackbeard and Big Mom. From this we can imagine she does have some wealth. As to how she accumulated this wealth- I believe this was the money she made by trying to sell Linlin to world government.​
I suspect Caramel had drugged the Sembla at Linlin’s birthday bash and planned on selling all of them all to the WG. All the children ate it and fell asleep. Linlin has a freakish constitution so she may have resisted it. After she had finished the party by eating the cake and the guests Linlin should have searched for Caramel and walked right in to the hands of WG. The WG must have given her the soul soul fruit which she then used to implant her soul in Prometheus and Zeus. After a certain point in time she should have escaped WG.

So why does Caramel surface now? You must notice how the timing when Weevil became famous is too convenient. He became well known right after Whitebeard died. I believe Bakkin surfaced now because she saw an opportunity to make a lot of money at once by inheriting Whitebeard’s treasure. To that end she bought out a new ‘Lamb’ or it may even be an old ‘Lamb’ (The knitting experiment done on Weevils face and arm could easily be the result of a Sembla party gone wrong).

Weevil has all the makings of a typical lamb. He is emotionally dependent on Caramel and has an intellect which makes Luffy look smart. Ah and he also calls her Mother.

So in conclusion I think Miss Bakkin is Mother Caramel because both are opportunistic, have a bottomless appetite for money and a knack for manipulating children.

Do tell me what are your thoughts on this theory!

*Theory by Monkey business


Uranus, the mysterious and unknown ancient weapon.
Before i start this theory i would like to brief you on what we currently know about Uranus:

  • We know that the ancient weapon was created in the void century.
  • We know Uranus has something to do with the sky.
  • We know Uranus is capable of destroying the world.

But what is it?
Many people speculate that Uranus was used to create devil fruits in the tree of the devil (look this theory up yourselves, there are many btw).
Uranus relates to the sky and the heavens. In Enels paintings there were three Ancient Weapons that could be seen the sun, a ship and the sea. Ship and sea sound familiar? Three people on a ship, one wears a fish hat, one has a ship looking hat and one has antennas, the ship they stand on is… pluton. Three other people on a ship, under that ship are sea-kings, ill let you guess what weapon that is. Above everything else is the sun (Uranus)
The person highlighted with the antennas holds a staff, remember that for later.

So here is the theory, Uranus is a staff made from seastone that can absorbs the souls of creatures. This was technology originally developed by the moon people. When the moon people saw the humans that well on earth they decided to show their appreciation and kindness and shared their knowledge with the Ancient Kingdom. When the ancients learned of such technology they used it for the humans betterment, that’s why moon people don’t come down anymore coz humans did them dirty.

Try and keep up for this next bit.

Uranus is a staff created from seastone that can contain and transfer “souls”. In the Void Century many races co-existed in the world of One Piece, when the humans learned about such technology from the moon people (the ancestors of the Skypeians, Birkans and Shandians) they used it, as humans would, for their own good, hence the creation of the primitive World Government. Poseidon was used to attack the races underwater, Pluton was used to attack the islands and Uranus was used to enslave the slaved races by stealing their souls. Obviously some good humans were against it (a lot actually) and therefore started the war.

With their new gained souls they were manifested into a tree of all devil fruits in Mariejois (that’s the national treasure) so it was consumable by humans, the humans then gained the upper hand and then the other races became extinct. The sun is a giver of life and is responsible for all life on earth so that’s why the sun represents Uranus along with the sky theme. The guy with the antennas is the race that knew the tech behind Uranus since he holds the staff.

This is why df users can’t swim, not because the soul wants to go to the sea but the opposite of what was thought, the sea resembles the seastone used to create the staff of Uranus hence the weakness to seastone and sea due to the souls wanting to return to Uranus. Shanks said the df has the soul of the seadevil, just one of the unknown races whose souls were used to create dfs. I believe Kaido could be a seadevil, like an actual one due to the fact they still can exist probs. Note other exotic species
Admiral Shiroryu learned of this and took Uranus from World Government, Monkey D. Dragon or “Admiral White Dragon” took the weapon and became a Revolutionary (Garp never knew this coz he probs never cared and was too busy as a VICE ADMIRAL fighting Roger and stuff). And so he has that currently which is why he can be seen as such a op threat to WG.

This would also explain how Marshall D. Teach knows about consuming more than one df.


How den den mushis might have saved Dragon and co.
I have seen multiple theories surround Baltigo about how Dragon knew about the attack of the Blackbeard Pirate Crew before it happened, and thus played them and Cipher Pol against each other. I tend to agree, but I have my own view on how it happened. The key lies in one very common, yet underlying part of the One Piece World. The Den Den Mushis. Specifically a few special types.We all know the regular Den Den Mushis used to make calls between people, which we see all the time in all different kinds of styles often related to them. And I’m sure you know that there are other types of Den Den Mushis as well, such as recording Den Den Mushis and similar ones. I am however going to focus on two other types of Den Den Mushi rarely seen in the story. 
The white Den Den MushiThe white Den Den Mushi as specified in its info box when it was shown in chapter 593(p10) when Dragon was talking to Ivankov, is a RARE Den Den Mushi that is used specifically to block others from listening in to the phone calls and is a counter to the black Den Den Mushi. 
The black Den Den MushiThe black Den Den Mushi is used as shown when Smoker was listening to the call between the henchman on Punk Hazard and the Straw Hats to tap into conversations.
Well, why am I bringing these two up? Well, the white Den Den Mushi is one of the few specified as rare, and thus very few people are able to obtain it. Of course someone running a revolution would need one of them to make sure the government is not listening in. The black Den Den Mushi on the other hand seems to be something more common, as likely at least every vice admiral has one, or maybe even every marine ship. Either way, it should be much easier to get ahold of than a white one. And you know what is almost as great as blocking people from listening to your secret calls from your secret base? Knowing every other phone call made from your base or near it.Why would this help the Revolutionaries you say?Jesus Burgess called Lafitte with nothing but a regular Den Den Mushi. If the Revolutionaries listened to that call, they would have plenty of time to evacuate most of Baltigo and tip of the Cipher Pol. After all, the Revolutionaries must have many bases throughout the world, while having the Blackbeard Pirates fight their number one thorn in their side, the Cipher Pol. Most likely they would have to leave behind a small force to serve as bait, but it should pay off in the end.
*Theory by Larsi