Hi guys, I’m here to debunk the color wheel theory.

Back in chapter 872, Oda created this amazing colorspread.

If you will notice, there are 10 colors on the rainbow spectrum compared to 7 which is ROYGBIV.

This is odd considering Oda definitely knows his rainbow colors.

Volume 53

Volume 66

Volume 83

He also did a different twist on volume 76 with different characters getting a shade/s of rainbow color.

Red – God and Cabbage
Orange – Kanjuro
Yellow – Kyros
Green – Zoro and Robin
Blue – Barto and Leo
Indigo (actually Violet) – Franky
Pink – Rebecca and Sabo

Okay not exactly the same colors for the rainbow purists out there but Oda seems like he made this cover to denote a rainbow spectrum. Usopp, Robin and Franky doesn’t even use their assigned colors here. If you also check the ONE PIECE logo, they are also of the different colors. Not the usual thing he does on other volumes

Going back to Germa 56 cover. There are 10 colors on the rainbow, there are only 9 Strawhats (Tiger not included). Obvious ones are the colors that we already know.
RED – Luffy
YELLOW – Usopp
GREEN – Zoro
TEAL or some shade of green –
CYAN – Franky
BLUE – Sanji
PINK – Chopper

I left out teal, indigo and violet because I’m still uncertain of these. Teal could be Jinbe’s color. If you check back the volume 66 cover above, Jinbe wore a green kimono which is his New World first apperance outfit. This is the closest I can think that he’ll get this color. Indigo could fit as well since it is considered a darker blue shade.

Robin’s official color is purple, not indigo or violet. Her color is attributed more to a darker shade so I’m leaning it to be indigo. Her NW outfit is also more blueish. Her outfit on the cover though matches more with violet and she looks like Violet so this must be it.

Brook is left out since there is no BLACK and WHITE on the rainbow. This is the only explanation I could think of lol.

Wrapping up, the colors that are left out are teal and indigo( could be purple depending upon your color blindness). So that I think will be the colors of the final Strawhats outside the Germa 56 cover.

If it will be my personal preference though, Jinbe still gets teal and the indigo is actually purple which will be Robin’s. This will leave us with violet.

Yeah Pudding’s first actual anime speaking apperance![​IMG]

That’s all.

*Theory by Hots