Eustass Kid’s Potential Powers – Electromagnetism possibilities

He has already shown is abilities,wich is something related to magnetism, even tho many people believe he can manipulate electromagnetism. If he could, he probably as a LOT of potential, having one of the strongest DF’s around there.
I believe he can manipulate electromagnetism.

Electromagnetism Power
Possibilities :
Electromagnetic or magnetic blasts.
Mind control (probably only the weak ones)
Controlling all of the electromagnetic\magnetic objects around him.
Radiation manipulation (limited)
Electricity manipulation (limited)
Gravity negation
Density manipulation (limited)

Its just really REALLY strong. The possibilities are INSANE, i think some of these are possible, some are not that possible, but all are possibilities for this OP DF.
He has a lot more possibilities than that, but these are the most impressive to me (there are ones that are OP as f.. but i didnt put them here because i dont think its possible)

He could probably even push someones body like Pain by controlling the metallic parts of our body ,and our electromagnetic fields.

And LETS NOT FORGET that all Islands have a strong magnetic field in One Piece ,so, not only he probably can sense them like a log pose

And he can probably cause earthquakes by disrupting the electromagnetic fields of the islands, causing the ground to vibrate and, possibly, destroy, but of course different from Gura’s power and limited to the ground.

Not only that, but he should be able to use a strong armament haki and observation haki.
He definitely has lots of potential to be a top tier in a future.

Theory by Eustass D. Shanks