Now that the Whole Cake Island Arc is coming to a close I want to compile what could possibly happen during the Reverie Arc.

Relocation of the Fishman Island

I believe one of the first topics that will be brought up during the meeting will be the relocation of Fishman Island by the Ryugu Kingdom. Showing the signatures list created by Otohime is full the notion of relocating Fishman Island to the surface is passed to occur sometime in the coming future. Now I also believe Shirahoshi WILL attend the Reverie and that will intefere with the plans of a certain Yonko.

Abolition of the Shichibukai

Next I believe the meeting will be met with a surprise visit from from Admiral Fujitora. Technically not breaking Akainu’s demands since Mariejois isn’t a Marine Base, Fuji will take opportunity to propose the abolition of the Shichibukai system.

His claim is supported by the evidence of the system has being abused by it’s participants.

  • Crocodile in Alabasta.
  • Moriah abducting pirates, civilians, and Marines for his zombie army.
  • Blackbeard using it to get to Impel Down.
  • Doflamingo in Dressrosa.
  • Law using it for his plan to take down Doffy.
  • Hancock refusing orders and attacking Marines during the Whitebeard War.
  • Kuma aiding the Strawhats.
  • Jinbei’s betrayal.
  • Weevil’s countless casualties during attacks.
  • Buggy still being involved with the underworld and using his title to protect his subordinates actions.

The abolition of the Shichibukai will be supported by Alabasta, Dressrosa, Prodence, Kano, and most likely many others. Those four in particular since they had personally deal with certain Warlords. The notion is passed but is meant to be kept top secret until the Marines can go into action to apprehend and jail the remaining Warlords. We won’t see this occur until after Wano.

Big Mom’s Tea Party/Germa 66

I also believe that the Vinsmoke Family will be in attendance after the events on WCI. They will act as witnesses to relay what had occurred at Big Mom’s Tea Party and the actions of Strawhat Luffy and Gang Bege. However due to their plan to ally with Big Mom their status as a nation in the World Government will be revoked by the end. I believe this will lead to the Germa allying with the Strawhats and joining the Grand Fleet EoS.

Void Century/Poneglyphs

The last topic that will lead to the climax would King Cobra asking about the Poneglyphs and the history of involvement of the Nefeltari Family. Of course the Gorosei would not like that and would order for Cobra to be arrested. The representatives of Alabasta will try to defend Cobra until the entire country is declared as an enemy of the World Government. Other nations try to stand up for Cobra but are threatened as well. As the Alabasta representatives are being arrested a large gust of wind blows into the room revealing Dragon and the top members of the Revolutionary Army. Dragon will expose many of the World Government’s secrets and state that the RA will no longer operate in the shadows and will bring down the World Government.


Now I predict those will be the main events but while they are occurring two members of the Yonko will clash at the bottom of the sea floor. After the Strawhats and Co escape from Whole Cake Island, Big Mom will send her forces and go herself to destroy the Fishman Island as spite towards Luffy and Jinbei. However, when she arrives she finds that the island is already under attack by Kaido and the Beasts Pirates searching for the Ancient Weapon Poseidon; Princess Shirahoshi. This occurred because Caribou whom was captured by X Drake in a cover story will trade the information that Shirahoshi is an Ancient Weapon for his life. This info later made its way to Kaido.

Linlin who’s already pissed off will see this an offence to her as FI is still her territory. The clash between Big Mom and Kaido will destroy FI, thus full filing Madam Shyarly’s vision of Luffy destroying Fishman Island. The clash also let’s a large portion of civilians to escape to the surface which leads to the creation of a new Fishman Island on the surface coinciding what was passed at the Reverie meeting. The news of Kaido and Big Mom clashing and destroying Fishman Island will be delivered during the Reverie meeting thus causing more chaos at the already hectic meeting.

*Theory by Law0

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