Fujitora’s blind justice

Fujitora appears to be a reasonable man that is very trusting of people, as seen when he actually believed that he kept losing at roulette purely by chance. The moment he was told that he was being cheated and that the swindlers tried to kill Luffy for revealing their trickery, he retaliated mercilessly and stated that being blind spared him from seeing the corruption in the world. In fact it was Issho himself that cut his own eyes to avoid seeing the evil in this world.

Issho appears to follow his own ideals instead of adhering to the Marines’ doctrine of Absolute Justice. However, he still follows the law. He exhibits concern about the safety of innocent civilians more than his desire to arrest and punish criminals, unlike his superior Sakazuki.
When Luffy was preparing to leave Dressrosa, Issho planned to arrest Luffy and his allies.
While Luffy was retreating, he was “pursued” by the citizens of Dressrosa and Issho overheard some of them speaking happily of Luffy. This made him relent as he saw there were people touched by the actions of a pirate and made him regret blinding himself as he wanted to see Luffy’s face so he could see the pirate who obtained such praise. He later used the rubble he gathered to attack the group of pirates who were angry at Luffy for beating Doflamingo, which was done as thanks for Luffy defeating the former Shichibukai.