What Do We Know About Conqueror’s Haki?

  • A rare form of haki that cannot be attained through training.
  • The ability to exert one’s willpower over others.
  • Manifests itself within those that have the quality of a king.

Examples of CoC:





From this we can determine two things.

  • CoC (Color of Conqueror’s) directly affects external objects, forces, and persons. A mostly unique trait among other forms of haki.
  • All users of CoC possess the qualities of a king. Such as leadership, bravery, charisma, strength, wisdom.

But what do these two things mean to us? Theory Time!

The Hidden Power of CoC


To Turn Those Around Him Into His Allies

directly affects external objects, forces, and persons.

Charisma: compelling attractiveness or charm that can inspire devotion in others.

The Hidden Power and Property of Conqueror’s Haki is the unnatural ability to create allies out of those around you.
For a while now we have known about Luffy’s ability to turn those around him into his allies. But we all assumed it was just part of Luffy’s nature. But what if it wasn’t just that? What if there is something more to it. My theory is that it actually is directly related to his CoC. I believe that his ability to turn allies out of those around him is a quality that the Pirate King Gold Roger himself shares. Which is why we see Crokus say this:




I believe that part of the reason why Luffy has gained support from the former Roger Pirate Crew is due to the fact that Luffy and Roger share a similar “aura”. That Aura being the radiating presence of their conqueror’s haki.

Luffy’s ability to create allies out of those around him is directly proportional to the strength/power of his CoC haki.

Don’t believe me? Well let me give you some examples.



There are more CoC users than just Luffy, so let’s take a look at them and see if they correspond with my theory.

Gol D. Roger
 – Pretty self explanatory

Silvers Rayleigh – Also self explanatory

Edward Newgate A.K.A. Whitebeard – Fleet of over 1,600 members, an estimated 43 subordinate crews under the WB flag. Led all of them into a war with the government itself. Formerly beloved by all of fishman island as their protector.

“Red Haired” Shanks
 – Was accepted on board the Pirate King’s crew as an apprentice. Later in life starting his own loyal pirate crew. Creating followers and fans out of those around him such as Luffy. Is also a yonko. Despite being a rival crew, he was easily accepted as a dear friend by the remnants of the WB pirates, even to the extent of allowing him to oversee the burial of WB and Ace.

Portgas D. Ace – Gained the trust and admiration of both Luffy and Sabo. Was adopted by Garp despite being the “son of the devil”. When his execution was announced, arguably 2000 warriors came to the aid of him facing not only the world government, but also the three admirals, and seven warlords.

Don Chinjao
 – Former 12th pirate captain of the Happo Navy, estimated to be around 1000 members in size. Nearly two thirds the size of Whitebeard’s fleet, this being in the New World.

Boa Hancock
 – The beloved Princess of Amazon Lilly, Captain of the Kuja Tribe.

Donquixote Doflamingo – Despite being a young child, gained the support of and loyalty of Vergo, Trebol, Pica, and Diamante. And for 10 years, held captive an entire kingdom and was still loved as a great ruler and king.

Every single one of them gained a immense following from large groups of people. Such is the quality of a King. They “inspire devotion in others.”.

Sounds quite a lot like Monkey D. Luffy.

The difference here however, is that Luffy has it in a much bigger quantity. That deserving of the future Pirate King.



– CoC Haki has the underlying ability to inspire devotion in others, to create allies from those around you.

– All CoC users have this ability to an extent.

– While Luffy has this ability on a large scale, which is part of what will make him the true Pirate King.

*Theory by 4xdblack

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