Monet Facts

  • The “HAPPY” on her shirt may be a play on her species, as “happy” (ハッピー) and “harpy” (ハーピー) are near-homonyms with only slight differences in spelling and pronunciation in both English and Japanese.
  • In the manga, Monet’s legs had human skin below the cutoff of her pants until the first joint, while in the anime, her legs had all bird skin below the cutoff of her pants. As a child, Monet wore a white tank top, black pants that went down to her knees, and standard glasses.


  • Monet is the first canonical female Logia user.
  • She is the first female character to die in the time of the current story.


  • Her snow monster form as well as her epithet is based on a yuki-onna, a monster from Japanese folklore that was literally a snow woman who would bewitch men before freezing them to death. Likewise her harpy appearance comes from Greek mythology for a half bird, half woman who was said to have abducted people.