In the end Luffy should give the straw hat back to Shanks because it was a promise. But some of the Supernovae have a plan to kill Shanks, so probably Shanks will die before the end of the story.
So how will Luffy give back the hat? I think after having found the One Piece Luffy is going to travel a few decades back in time, for a yet unknown reason. So Luffy will give the straw hat to young Shanks.
Will Luffy meet Roger? No, Monkey D. Luffy will change his name to Gol D. Roger and become the pirate king once again. So Gold Roger is actually Luffy himself after having aged a few decades.
In the past Roger just appears through time travel and the straw hat doesn’t have a origin nor an end, it would be eternal, keeping on getting passed on between Shanks and Luffy/Roger forever.
Many of the events would have to be fated for the story to stay consistent, as Luffy/Roger said when he met rayleigh “It was a fated meeting”:

Roger already knew Rayleigh but Rayleigh met Roger for the first time. If you travel back in time everything has already been determined including your decisions, impossible to change the past due to fate.
I think the incurable disease Roger had is due to a rule which doesn’t allow the same person to exist twice, so he was destined to die before he gets born again. This would also explain why couldn’t travel back to save Ace. Because Luffy was already present at Ace’s execution and he’s not allowed to exist twice.
It also explains of course why young Roger looks very similar to Luffy and why many older people see Roger in Luffy. I believe long time ago Roger was drunk and told this bartender that he came from the future, and now the old bartender recognized him:

Now we also know why Red Hair Shanks risked his life to save Luffy: it’s because he knew the time travel story and he recognized that this boy could be his former captain. He even told Rayleigh about it:

It also explains why Gol D. Roger said that he already knows that Garp will take care of Ace: because he alredy saw it himself when he was kid Luffy.

The reason Garp actually takes care of Ace is because Ace is the son of Roger who is Luffy who is the son of Dragon who is the son of Garp. So Ace is Garps great-grand-son. When Sakazuki killed Ace Garps line of descendants got exterminated, which is why he lost control in that moment:

*Theory by Abstractness

One Piece and Dragon Ball Super will join soon in a new crossover animated by the duration of an hour?

According to the first advances of the 38 number of “Weekly Shonen Jump”, which is available from Monday 21 August 2017 in Japan, the animated series Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Super, and One Piece – both produced by Toei Animation, they will have each a special episode by the duration of an hour, and then divided into two episodes. The whole is planned for next autumn.

This Fall, One Piece and Dragon Ball will have 1 hour specials over 2 weeks. Key Visual to be revealed next week. (Might be a crossover) pic.twitter.com/ChEPjlxBFd— YonkouProductions (@YonkouProd) August 17, 2017

At the moment it is not yet clear if this is a special episode crossover, where the two universes merge into a single common history, or if the two series separately, will have an episode of an hour (divided into two weeks). From the moment that One Piece and Dragon Ball Super are transmitted both on a Sunday in Japan, other theories want the two episodes to go in one wave behind the other so as to occupy an hour, and in this case, the hypothesis of a crossover would be closer to reality.

However, in the next issue of the weekly magazine, the 39°, will be provided the key visual and we expect more information about.

Of course, if we’re going to learn more details first of next week, we will inform you promptly.

Via Bitfeed

The Gray Terminal

D: Good work everyday, sensei! Well a while ago, I was watching TV and thought, “maybe?!”, but is the “Gray Terminal”‘s model Smokey Mountain from the delinquent areas of Manila in the Philippines? by NN Brothers

O: Ah, so it was on TV. Yes, you are correct. Reality is something that has scenes that go beyond our imaginations, and “trash mountains burning with smoke rising up from them” is a scenery that actually exists. There, many people really actually live there. How it is displayed in the manga is only the outer looks, and in reality, there are things like diseases that spread, and it’s an everyday thing to find corpses lying around in real trash mountains. Even if you wanted to escape from that life, it doesn’t go as smoothly as manga. Even if I try to explain, it’s sort of not very detailed, so interested people, please look it up.

Things we can expect from Raftel

Raftel is the island at the end of the Grand Line which supposedly holds the treasure One Piece. This theory is about things we can expect in Raftel arc

Design of Raftel 
Raftel is formed by using two words: Raft meaning something used as a boator floating platform and El which is a nickname for elevated railway system.

In Water 7 we see a panel were iceburg mentions to franky that he intends to make whole Water 7 float like a ship

Similar kinda thing was done in Thriller Bark where the whole island was turned into a ship , I believe same thing was done in case of Raftel which is why it’s a floating island

We may also find railway tracks similar to Skypiea and Water 7 to keep the island afloat or something like that

The Mysterious Egg 
Many of you aware that Gol D Roger had a mysterious egg on his ship for those who don’t know here it is

Monkey D Luffy’s character was inspired from Son Goku from Dragonball series as mentioned Oda himself, Son Goku who in turn was inspired from Sun Wukong

Sun Wukong, also known as the Monkey King, is a mythological figure who features in a body of legends, which can be traced back to the period of the Song dynasty. He appears as a main character in the 16th century Chinese classical novel Journey to the West.

According to the legend, Sun Wukong is born from a magic stone that sits atop the Mountain of Flowers and Fruit. The stone develops a magic womb, which bursts open one day to produce a stone egg about the size of a ball.When wind blows on the egg, it turns into a stone monkey that can already crawl and walk.
I believe this mysterious egg maybe inspired from legends of Sun Wukong of course it’s a chance that Roger may have left the egg for his successor which leads us to next point

Song of the Island 

Tuatha Dé Danann many of u might have heard of it in any theories let’s have a quick summary

The Tuath(a) Dé Danann usually translated as “people(s)/tribe(s) of the goddess Danu”, also known by the earlier name Tuath Dé (“tribe of the gods”),are a supernatural race in Irish mythology. They represented as a potential suspects for clan of D by many theorists while that may or may not be the case in this theory let’s take a look at 1 of 4 magical treasures of the mythology which is

The Lia Fáil ( meaning Stone of Destiny) is a stone at the Inauguration Mound (Irish: an Forrad) on the Hill of Tara in County Meath, Ireland, which served as the coronation stone for the High Kings of Ireland. It is also known as the Coronation Stone of TaraIn legend, all of the kings of Ireland were crowned on the stone up to Muirchertach mac Ercae c. AD 500.

The Lia Fáil was thought to be magical: when the rightful High King of Ireland put his feet on it, the stone was said to roar in joy.The stone is also credited with the power to rejuvenate the king and also to endow him with a long reign.

I always wondered how will whole world know if Luffy becomes pirate king or how they knew when Roger became the pirate king it’s not that they called a press conference to announce it, according to Irish legend when true king touch’s the lia fail it roars in joy as song of island

This was actually foreshadowed in Skypiea arc when Luffy rang the bell and. The Island and below in jaya also it was heard the ring of bell .plus this stone will prove that Luffy is one true pirate king after Roger

The Treasure of Gol D Roger 

At execution platform Roger said ” if you want my treasure then take it I left it there ”

Most people assume that treasure which Roger obtained was originally from Raftel, while this partially right it’s wrong also as even before Roger reached Raftel he was a big time pirate alongside Whitebeard and Shikki etc.. he should have his own treasure comparable to them and I believe he left it in Raftel along with the One Piece for his successor in his ship the Oro Jackson which might a reference to Lost Treasure OF THE SAN MIGUEL

The San Miguel, a Nao class vessel, has yet to be found and is believed to have separated from the fleet the day before the storm struck. Carracks are lighter than Galleons and were often used to carry treasure as they stood a greater chance of outrunning storms and privateers. The objective, after all, was to get the treasure home. This could mean that the San Miguel is actually one of the richest treasure ships yet to be found.

Hall Of Fame 
Cemetery and grave are not a rare sight in One Piece, we had seen them in:

-East blue – Bellmere’s grave [arlong park]

-Grandline(1st half ) – Rumbar Pirates grave [thriller bark]

-And New World – Whitebeard and Ace

Hence I believe that Raftel final stop of grandline has also the grave of Joy Boy and his allies/nakamas and there story written on Poneglyph henceforth giving Robin the Rio Poneglyph and data of what happened in Void Century and so called secret of world which Roger pirates found

*Theory by Dave

Zunisha Trivia

  • Zunisha is the oldest living creature introduced in the series, with its lifetime predating even the Void Century.
  • Zunisha’s design was based on the painting The Elephants by the surrealist painter Salvador Dalí;its species name read backward is “ダリノエミタイナ象”, which means “Zunisha is something like Dalí’s painting”. The Elephants are notorious for being quite gigantic elephants with buildings on their back and extremely long legs similar to those of the animals on Long Ring Long Land.
  • Zunisha’s species is named “Naitamie-Norida”. “Mie” and “Norida” together can mean “gone too far” in Japanese.
  • Zunisha may be based on the “World Elephant” Hindu concept, which is that a turtle supports elephants which carry the whole world on their backs – this could explain why Zunisha can roam around the sea.
  • “Zunisha” as a word may stem from “Ganesha”, the elephant-headed Hindu deity.
  • According to Miyagi , the Minks will one day have to leave Zunisha’s back and move elsewhere. He also suggested that Zunisha may not just be randomly walking the ocean, but is heading somewhere.

Fujitora and his Sword

What if it’s not Fujitora who ate the devil fruit but instead it’s the sword of Fujitora who has the DF’s power.
Now we have seen many occasions where the objects are shown as DF users like Spandam’s sword which somehow absorbed a Devil Fruit, Zou Zou no Mi.

Now whenever this ‘objects with DF’s power’ is shown , it is mostly not that powerful and doesn’t have much of an impact …so it is possible that Oda might show us the true terror of mingling Objects and Devil Fruits.
And one of the name of Fujitora’s techniques is Gravity Blade, blade being the sword. Hell, Fujitora’s sword doesn’t even look like it can do much damage but still he uses and keeps it.When Luffy asked Fujitora the question about his DF, he didn’t answer….and more like, it looked like as if Fujitora was grinning and saying ,”Dude , I have no DF’s power . It’s my sword who got it .”
Zoro will fight Fujitora in the future , and a sword with a DF’s power would be a new and a nice opponent to him.

*Theory by Heavenly666Demon


The Yonko are limited to sharing the New World. That is pretty much a fact since no territory outside of the New World belongs to any one of them. Know that they could easily get past the calm belt like Rayleigh (even Krieg did it with a bit of luck). Also, I bet they have the money and influence to buy seastone coated ships like the Marines have and get across that way. So why are they stuck sharing the New World, a tiny strip of the ocean that is unsafe and chaotic?

In addition, the WG seems to ignore their crimes. Marineford was about Ace, and not Whitebeard. If the WG wanted Whitebeard gone, they could have targeted any one of his crew members; Whitebeard would have come charging in regardless. But only Ace was worth the fight. It’s already been explained that it’s because of the Pirate King’s blood. Still… isn’t it interesting that the WG cared more about stopping Ace than a Yonko?

Look at Big Mom, Whole Cake Island is no secret. If the WG wanted, they could combine their forces and take her out at any time. Contrast that to the Revolutionaries that had to have their base hidden on a legendary island for fear of being attacked. I don’t believe that the Revolutionaries are any weaker than a Yonko, rather they are attempting something none of the Yonko have done. Take territory outside of the New World. The Yonko can get away with a lot, but not this one thing. They must be contained to the New World or risk starting a war with the government and having to find a legendary island to hide on.

So I got to thinking, why? Why are the Yonko given a, relative, free pass? Sure, if they combined forces they would be a gigantic threat, but individually they aren’t. My guess is that the WG wants them for something; they serve a purpose. When Whitebeard fell, the Gorosei had no interest in preventing the rise of another Yonko, but rather wondered who it would be that takes the title.

So let’s think logically for a second, what benefit does the Yonko system provide the WG? Deadlock. They are all deadlocked against each other, incapable of growing or moving anymore in such a small space. If one gets too strong, then the Marines can intervene and weaken them back to normal. If one of them attempts to take on the government directly or oversteps its bounds within the New World then its asking for war and we already saw the likely outcome at Marineford. Without Shanks stepping in, nearly everyone of those pirates, without a Sub like Law, would have been captured or found dead.

This deadlock serves a purpose, to prevent any one of them from reaching Raftel. Raftel, the Pirate King, Ace… The World Government formed 800 years ago with one purpose, to destroy the ancient kingdom. It then spent 800 years destroying its name and history. Its purpose was never to rule the world or to establish justice. Rather, those are simply fronts like the Marines are a front to the public as mentioned in the meeting between Akainu and the Gorosei. The Ancient Kingdom is the true enemy of the WG, not the Yonko or Pirates. The balance of powers is therefore not some mathematical equation to determine who is stronger but rather a careful balance implemented by the WG to prevent anybody from reaching Raftel.

As an example, think back to Shiki vs Roger. If Shiki were to have been apprehended then he never would have been able to attack Roger. Also, the Marines would have been weakened as a result. The WG cares more about stopping individuals from reaching Raftel than it does about preventing the crimes of a pirate like Shiki. This same concept can be applied to the Shichibukai. Their crimes are pardoned so as to prevent rookie pirates from advancing into the New World. Yonko are given a free pass so long as they stay within the New World facing off against each other.

Hope you liked my theory and thanks for reading.

*Theory by Watermelon


Kinemon’s Foxfire Style

Kinemon’s Foxfire style has 2 main points. First, it allows him to cut anything with searing fire. Second, it allows him to slice apart fire itself

So if it really is a sword technique, the question is where did he learn it? Well i think the creator of this sword technique are the Kozuki family. Yup, I think the one who taught the Foxfire Style to Kinemon is Kozuki Oden. However, i don’t think that Foxfire is the original name of this technique, i think Kinemon just decided to call it “Foxfire” because that is what people calls him.

Kozuki, the Fire Clan

So why do i think that the Kozuki family are the creator of this fire sword technique? Remember, the Kozuki clan are the ones who made the poneglyph. But how did they made the poneglyph’s which is said to be indestructible? How did they shape it into a perfect geometrical shape? Just writing in this indestructible stone is already astonishing. Well i think for them to make it, the Kozuki clan must’ve an excellent cutting skills. However an ordinary cutting skills won’t work in this stone, this is where they used their Fire Sword technique or to be more accurate, let’s call it the Fire Cutting Technique. In addition with this technique, i also think that they are using some advanced tools to create the poneglyph (Remember the AK is mentioned to have an advanced technology).

Now i wanna talk about how exactly does this sword technique can generate fire. I actually read 2 popular ideas that will fit with this theory. First is by friction, the same concept as Luffy’s Red Hawk. Second is because of the composition of his sword. But i want to add another idea, I’m thinking that maybe the ability to generate fire is a special ability of the Kozuki family similar to the Mink’s electro and Kinemon actually has a Kozuki blood running in his body. Maybe that is what made the Kozuki family special. Maybe that is why the Kozuki family is very close to the Minks even before the void century. Either way, it will still connect to my theory that the Fire Sword Technique originate from the Kozuki Family.

Clues and Forshadowing

Here are some clues and foreshadowing that may prove that the Kozuki Family is associated with fire.

1. Remember this flashback of Momonosuke, when Kaido attacked Wano.

Look at the panel that says “Light the Fires”. In the anime it says “Ready the flame arrows”, you can also see that the area is already surrounded with fire. This means that they are using fire enhanced attacks to attack the enemy.

2. Look at this colorspread which i think is a foreshadowing about Wano.

You can see Momonosuke and his retainers, the Strawhats wearing a Japanese clothing and in the middle is Luffy that looks like a Japanese god, A fire god. And did you know that in some mythology fire gods are associated with different kinds of crafts like metalworking, sculpture, blacksmithing and… stonemasonry.

3. Kozuki clan’s crest

Up until know, the meaning of the Kozuki clan’s symbol is still a mystery but i think Oda already gave us a hint about what it is.

– First are the orbs. It has been hinted with the shirt that Franky is wearing in the Zou arc.

Which clearly looks like a sun and sun is of course associated with fire. Also remember, Wano is based on Japan and Japan is also called The Land of the Rising Sun.

– Second is the bird. Since the orbs symbolizes the sun, the only bird that associated with sun and fire is the Phoenix which been hinted through Marco.

Another thing, I’ve been thinking the possibility that Marco’s phoenix df actually came from Wano. Have you ever wonder why Nekomamushi has confidence that Marco may help them. I know that they boarded WB’s ship but the thing is, Nekomamushi specifically mentioned Marco and not the the whole WB pirates. This made me think that maybe Marco has a deeper connection to the Kozuki clan. So what if… Kozuki Oden saved Marco in the past? Remember that the Phoenix df has the ability to regenerate and heal wounds. Maybe Oden found Marco in a near death situation and decided to give him the phoenix df.

Sun and Moon Connection 

As i mentioned above, i believe that the Kozuki family is associated with sun. But now i wanna talk about the Minks. There’s a popular theory that Full Moon has effects to the Minks (I don’t know who is the originator of this theory though but big credits to him).
With the Kozuki family having a connection with the sun and the Minks with the moon, this brought me to a Japanese mythology about the Sun and Moon gods.

Amaterasu, Tsukuyomi and Susanoo

Amaterasu is the Japanese god of sun, Tsukuyomi is the god of moon and Susanoo is the god of storms. They were born when Izanagi was purifying himself after entering Yomi. Amaterasu was born when Izanagi washed out his left, Tsukuyomi was born when Izanagi washed out his right eye and Susanoo from the washing of the nose.

So where i am going with this?

Amaterasu represents the Kozuki family, Tsukuyomi represents the Minks and Susanoo represents one of Kaido’s Calamity since storm is a calamity or maybe.. it represents Kaido himself. Another interesting is that in Japanese mythology, it says that Amaterasu and Susanoo had a conflict and Amaterasu decided to hide in a cave. This is possible reference to Momonosuke hiding from Kaido.
Now to end this theory, i want to show you a what think is a foreshadowing about Wano. That is through Big Mom and her 3 main homies.

-Napoleon the sword forshadows the samurai of Wano
-Zeus the thunder forshadows the Minks and their electro
-Prometheus the sun forshadows the Kozuki family and the fire technique.

That’s all with this theory, hope you enjoyed it

*Theory by jinz

8 Things You Should Know About Killer


  • Killer and Zoro share a number of similarities, including their inclination towards killing/violence, status as the only non-captain Supernovas, lack of an apparent position in their crew, a fighting style that includes blades, and the only two who hold no apparent Devil Fruit abilities.
  • After the timeskip, Killer’s bounty has been raised from Beli162,000,000 to Beli200,000,000
  • In the 5th fan poll, Killer ranked 60th.
  • As stated in SBS, Killer eats with his mask on, and prefers food he can consume through the holes of his mask (stick-shaped or foods such as ramen). His meals have pasta as main every day and his favorite is Aglio e Olio. He also drinks alcohol through a straw. His stated preference for remaining masked while eating ascended from trivia to a known fact when he did just that in Chapter 793. In the picture below you can see Killer eating carrot and cucumber sticks.


  • Killers shares the same birthday with Vivi (February 2).
  • Oda said he picked the name “Killer” out of sheer laziness; thus the name holds little to no meaning. It means that he is the only Supernova introduced in the Sabaody Archipelago Arc whose name is not linked to a real life pirate or privateer and the only one of the group with no other meaning at all.
  • His favorite food is peperoncino, and his least favorite is curry udon.

Thatch Trivia

  • Seeing a resemblance between Thatch’s name and that of the real life pirate known as Blackbeard, Edward Thatch, a fan asked Oda in a SBS question if Thatch was based on the real life Blackbeard along with Edward Newgate and Marshall D. Teach.Oda replied to the fan that he indeed based Thatch’s name on the real life Blackbeard’s. However, the similarity is in name only.
  • Thatch was the only division commander known to be killed before the start of the story line.
  • During the war at Marineford, Whitebeard is seen with only fourteen division commanders, not including Ace, indicating that Thatch had not been replaced.
  • In Episode 476, a statue resembling Thatch can be seen after Hancock’s first attack.
  • Initially in the anime, he was given blonde hair spiking out rather than being arranged in a pompadour, had a white foulard, wore a blue shirt and gray pants with a sword on his right hip.Later in the anime, he was given a different color scheme; his hair was changed to orange brown, his foulard became yellow, and his entire uniform changed to a much lighter blue, with his shirt and pants the same color.