There are many new One Piece spin-offs coming this year! :o

Eiichiro Oda has a list of spin offs and special manga planned to be coming this year:

  • ‘Novel Ace’ Volume 1 – which will focus on how Ace Established Spade Priates, set to release July 7th. Written by Shou Hinata.
  • ‘Novel Ace’ Volume 2 and 3 – which will focus the story up untill Ace dies, which has not been revealed in manga before. The novels are set to release August 4th and September 1st. Written by Shou Hinata.
  • ‘Novel Straw Hat Crew’ – a new short novel that focuses on each member of Straw Hats. Written by Tomohito Osaki
  • ‘Picture Book Light and Darkness ‘ – which is a new story on the childhood of Luffy, Ace, and Sabo. Written by Shinsaku Nagata.
  • Special Manga Drawn by Oda
  • Oda’s extended interview
  • A new special poster that is drawn by Oda

Via ComicBook

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