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Pudding seems to be helping in the BMP biggest time of need… or is she setting them up?

So after Manga Chapter 873, there were a few things about Pudding ‘saving the day’ that make me think…

Is Pudding actually setting herself up for an escape from Big Mom?

When Pudding’s plan is introduced, the Big Mom Pirates are more or less at their wit’s end. With no way to create the wedding cake, they know that Big Mom’s rampage will not end anytime soon, and that most likely means the end of their home.

Then Pudding comes rushing in with a grand solution, but her conditions don’t sit well with me.

First, she asks to go to her home town, where she may have more than few tricks up her sleeve in the case of a betrayal or escape. Also, if I remember correctly, her town was one of the first places that the Straw Hats encountered upon entering Big Mom’s territory, so i’d imagine it is one of the border islands. This means it is an advantageous escape point, as it is close to open waters rather than deep in Big Mom’s territory.

Then she asks for Chiffon to help her. Hmmmm why Chiffon? With the entire Big Mom family around, you would think they would have some other options beside Chiffon cake (although maybe thats a wedding staple – i don’t know). Additionally, Chiffon is not exactly one of the most accessible family members to them at the time as she is most likely with Bege trying to escape at the moment and has effectively betrayed the family.

On that note, keep in mind that Chiffon is not sympathetic to her family or mother at all at this point. A few chapters back, she even felt bad that she felt no regret for plotting her mother’s assassination, and Pudding is no dummy. It is very possible that Pudding is already assuming that Chiffon had turned on the family and is factoring that into her plan. Chiffon was already hated by Big Mom, so having her husband try to assassinate her is not going to go well for her. She has no reason to go back or help.

Another thing to keep in mind is that Chiffon is Lola’s twin sister and had to bear the brunt of Big Mom’s hatred for Lola, which is a big reason she is more loyal to Bege than her family & Mother. Pudding and Lola were close, so I can only assume she was also close with Chiffon or at least felt a kinship. When pudding was going through her wedding psychology stuff, Oda focused a lot on Lola and Pudding’s relationship, and how Lola was driven off by her passion to make her own decisions.

So with Lola in mind, what did we just see unfold in front of our eyes with the wedding? Pudding and Sanji were to get married, and instead the Whole Cake Island was destroyed, the wedding was ruined, they lost Germa, they lost Big Mom’s mind, and the wedding cake was ruined. If Lola ruining the Giant marriage earned a death sentence and eternal hatred from Big Mom, what does this mean for Pudding? Is she so dumb to think that her inability to pull the trigger and kill Sanji will come without recourse? Once Big Mom realizes what happened, Pudding can only assume to get the same treatment that Lola did, but probably even worse. We’ve seen Big Mom kill other siblings of hers for even less.

There is also a connection with Pudding and Chiffon with Nitro, who is the homie who wears a Capone Bege hat. Coincidence? I am not sure how it fits exactly, but it is suspicious to a degree…

So my theory is that Pudding is now in self-preservation mode. All of her moves are made to give her options to escape…. if Big Mom destroys the Straw Hat Pirates, she will bank on the Fire Tank Pirates possibly still being around, so she asked for Chiffon to be brought to her immediately upon capture. If the Fire Tank Pirates get away, she can try to repair her reputation as much as possible with her Mother by making the cake, or she may just be asking for the rare ingredients so she can take them and use them for funding when/if she bails.

Part of this is a hunch on the ‘?!’ on the final panel after Pudding says she wants to ‘reward’ Big Mom for getting rid of Sanji and the Straw Hats. Her wanting to reward Big Mom for doing something shows that Pudding sees herself ‘above’ Big Mom in some way, and that is why I think she’s on the edge of turning her back on the family. She doesn’t seem to be on the same page as Big Mom, and I think this may be her opportunity to make a proper split.

A small side theory here is that she may also have used her ability on Big Mom at some point and saw what happened when she was young with Mother Caramel. Could she be trying to set up the family to get eaten along with the wedding cake in some way? Could Linlin wake up at the end of this arc on an empty Chocolat Town Island just like when Mother Caramel disappeared? I’m not sold on this side theory, but it’s fun to speculate :p

In conclusion, I feel like Pudding’s plan to help the family is more of a set-up for her and Chiffon (and possibly the FireTank Pirates as well) to get out of Big Mom’s influence as quickly as possible. If any two people will be blamed for this, it will be Pudding for botching the wedding and Chiffon for not reporting Bege’s assassination attempt. Chocolat Town is on the border of Big Mom’s territory, and Pudding could also be tricky with the Wedding cake and high-tail it out of there. Pudding is re-living Lola’s nightmare, and she knows the only way that Lola was able to survive was escape, so that is what I am speculating is her true goal.

*Theory by Marq Hogans

Shanks’ Endgame

Shanks is probably the Yonko that has the least endgame goals of all the Yonko. Shanks seems to be that person that is just having fun and partying with the people he likes and loves, while still desiring to be free and lawless. The fact that Shanks is such a laidback guy that isn’t actively pursuing more power, influence, allies or territory and still hold the rank of one of the four strongest pirates in the world, is pretty scary. It’s very unlikely that Shanks has any desire to become Pirate King, because as a former member of the Roger Pirates, he should have the clear advantage when it comes to finding Raftel and knowing the entity of the ‘One Piece’.

One possible endgame goal for Shanks might be that he is ‘guarding’ Raftel and the ‘One Piece’ until a suitable successor of Roger comes into play. It is possible that Shanks is blocking anyone from nearing Raftel, and he might even be guarding the ‘lost’ Road Poneglyph. If this is his endgame goal, it would explain why he isn’t actively pursuing anything except for having a good time, while still making sure that he and his crew are strong enough to compete with any other pirate crew in the world.

*by L.

Could Shiki be the Shogun from Wano?

A Wiki entry described the design of Shiki as a typical shogun design.
It also stated that Shiki is commanding a bestial crew similar to Kaido and in addition to that Shiki´s name is Shiki the Lion, which is also a reference to Kaido´s Crew full of beasts.

Then I remembered a cover page (631). The man on that page looked similar to Shiki, the man also wore a hat typical for Wano.Then I added 1 and 1 together and came up with the idea that Shiki is the Shogun from Wano, who killed Oden together with Kaido.

*Theory by PoorMansRose

Admiral Ryokugyu and His Devil Fruit Power Theory

As we all know after the timeskip there was a major change in the marine structures. After the great battle on Punk Hazard between the two admirals, Aokiji and Akainu, the former one was elected Fleet Admiral while Aokiji defected, thus leaving two vacant positions. The first one was taken by Admiral Fujitora that replaced Aokiji and the second one by Admiral Ryokugyu. The last admiral is the only one we got no info and thus I’d like to speculate a bit on his powers but first we lay down quickly the knwon facts:

The first three admirals were inspired by the legend of Momotaro as follows:
•Aokiji – Blue Pheasant- with blue representing the power of ice and pheasant his lad back personality
•Kizaru- Yellow Monkey- yellow the colour of light and monkey for his irresponsible personality
•Akainu- Red Dog- red for the power of magma and dog for him being loyal but persistent

•The new admiral Fujitora- Purple Tiger- purple the colour of his gravity attacks and tiger for his fierce character

Also we see a major change in the power theme with Fujitora changing from a Logia to a Paramecia and this implies a great consequence for Ryokugyu’s new power. There are two famous speculations. It either goes to the science theme or to the three fruits theme.By the above logic:
•Ryokugyu- Green Bull- green for his power(also aestheticaly even the colouring of his attacks like in Fujitora’s case) and Bull for his personality as a hotheaded guy.
As we all know the colour green in japanese culture but even abroad is asociated with nature, fertility, youth, vitality. Also the colour green in japanese is midori which means vegetation.
Now, we must get something clear: if the power goes by the science theme it would be a paramecia or logia, I believe, but the zoan theory seems more plausible for me because it completes the new trio and it also gives a sort of equilibrum because we haven’t seen such a strong guy in the marines that has a zoan type so I’m going with this hypothesis. Now, if he bears a zoan type fruit there is a slight change in the meaning different of the other admirals. If he is a zoan he should fall in the class of bovines as his monkier suggests because you can’t nickname him Green Bull and give him another animal type; it just wouldn’t make any sense. Thereby I got two versions of his zoan type fruit:

1- Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: AurochsThe aurochs is a famous extint type of wild cattle and is the ancestor of domestic cattle which was extincted around 1627. He had an average height at the shoulders of 155-180cm in bulls and 135-155cm in cows, with horns at 80cm length and 20 cm girth. He was much heavier and bulker than the modern cattle with long athletic legs and strong leg and neck muscles.
Now this goes for the standart bovine zoan he might have and the fact it’s ancient zoan makes its raw strength and physical power quite formidable.

2- Ushi Ushi no Mi, Model: HakutakuThe Bai Ze, or as it is known in Japan, hakutaku is a mythical creature with a bovine body with nine eyes and six horns arranged in set of three and which is quite knowledgable and intelligent. Also in one account it once appeared in Mount Tateyama and predicted that a deadly plague would sweep through in the next few years and prescribed that its own image be used as a talisman to ward off the disease, and since then the hakutaku has been worshiped as a guardian spirit of herbal medicine.

Now this brings us to the analysis we made at the beginning that his powert will be themed after the colour green and how this colour correlates to vegetation and growth, virility. Since he got the power of the hakutaku he might be able to grow trees with healing powers, use nature based attacks except for his strength granted by his bovine nature. He might also “eat diseases” (as in the myth of the Bai Ze) or cure himself and on top of that he might even be a doctor in the marines by profession.
Hope you enjoyed!

Theory by Black Wing


I think I’ve figured out Monkey D. Dragon’s devil fruit and can’t keep it to myself.
I was looking up mythical creatures and came across “Thunderbirds”. The Mythology comes from Native American culture.
So I basically learned they controlled the weather by flapping their wings and can shoot lightning bolts out of their eyes. This would explain all the abilities done so far.
Then I thought about his tattoo and if their could be any correlation between them.
First I looked up “Algonquin tattoo” because they believed in Thunderbirds and then typed in “Thunderbird symbol” and came up with these images:
These images explain the tattoos on his face.
So I kept searching for more info.
One video explained the Thunderbird could take the form of a man buy pulling back its mask/hood. The feathers would then form into a blanket that they wore. Which I think explains his cloak.
Then I came across this:

In this video (and others) I learned that in the later stages of the Thunderbird mythos it was said that they were featherless, which gave the appearance of a dinosaur or…
Name explained.
*Theory by Patrick M.


Elbaf will be a plot heavy arc just like Zou

Some people see Elbaf as a less important “filler” arc that has been hyped up through the story, but I’m here to tell you that it will be one of the most important plot driven arcs in the series just like Zou. Why? Poneglyphs!

Let’s remember that on Zou we found out about the creators of the poneglyphs, the Kozuki of Wano Kuni.

“800 years ago, in the Wano Country, a clan of stonemasons known as the Kozuki Family invented indestructible stone blocks for the purpose of recording important history on them while preventing it from being destroyed. Those stone blocks would become the Poneglyphs.” – One Piece Wiki

History was very important to the Kozuki and there were worried about losing it so they decided to carve it into indestructable stones. These stones were scattered all around the world to hide them from the world government.

The only question is….How did the Kozuki move the stones around the world??? These are giant, heavy, indestructible stones. They are not easy to move around! The answer is it was the giants of Elbaf that moved these stones! Why are the giants scattered around the world? Why don’t they just stay in Elbaf like the Samurai stay in Wano or the Minks in Zou or the Merfolk in Fishman Island (mostly). These are all persecuted races after all! Of course they would want to stay secluded away from the humans. The answer is that the giants were good friends with the Kozuki and they did what the Kozuki couldn’t do to save history! They hid them from the world government and spread them around the world.

This is foreshadowed by Oda in Jinbe’s cover story

Wadatsumi carries the poneglyph for Jinbe because it is much too heavy for any other race to move!

My theory is that the Elbaf arc will happen, not only because it has been foreshadowed by Oda, but because it will play a major role in the plot of One Piece and the story of the void century just like Zou and Wano.

Theory by Cpt.

Perfect time for Ryokugyu to be introduced?

The only Admiral not introduced, Ryokugyu. It would make perfect since for the Admiral to show up within the next chapters.
Stussy is in CP0, why is she on the island anyway. Is it to investigate the potential power jump of the Big Mom Pirates because they would have obtained Germa technology? This would seem like an important task because its a potential game changer on the balance of power and the WG would need to know how much stronger Big Mom would become. Stussy could be there for a multitude of reasons but this seems more likely because she was assigned an undercover role as an underworld emperor, something that would allow her to be in direct contact with the plans of a Yonko and her official title is ‘Intelligence Operative’.

The WG has been after Big Mom since she was a child and they obviously couldn’t get to her…Until now. Big Mom has entered one of her frenzies where she attacks whoever in pursuit of her craving of the moment. Currently it is something that cannot be produced so quickly, the wedding cake. Stussy is there to see everything unfold and bringing the World Government forces to Whole Cake Island at this particular time could result in an easy win. The islands are in panick, all of her strongest children are right in front of her and as said by Mont-d’Or, even her children are are not safe when she is raging.

What’s most important is that Streusen turned the castle into sponge cake and some if not most of the people in the area are covered in icing. Big Mom goes for sweets when she is raging so it’s likely that she will eat the people close to her like she has done before. The Big Mom Pirates will have to save the citizens, and make a decadent cake all while hoping Big Mom doesn’t come for them in the process because everybody that would do these things are right in front of her. This spells disaster for the Charlotte Family and they will have to try and stop her or run away until they can get a cake.

Big Mom will be out of commission and there might not ever be a time where WCI forces are spread thinner. It would be in the WG best interests if Stussy were to inform them of the current sitaution. If the WG were to act then no doubt they would send one of if not two or three of their top fighters, the Admirals. If the Marines bring a fleet to WCI it will bring some much needed action to the under satisfying Arc, especially if the new unseen Admiral were to show up and bring a fight to the Yonko. If the WG were to show up then it should be Ryokugyu because we have already seen Kizaru and Fujitora. Fujitora just showed up in Dressrosa and it was interesting to meet a new character of that caliber. Ryokugyu would bring the same hype and I can’t think of a better time to unveil an Admiral than to send them into a Yonkos den.

The Sunny is also a day away and the Straw Hats could be right in the conflict. There are also theories about Sanji helping to make the cake, Pudding changing Big Moms memories, Big Mom becoming an ally, and etc. this fits right along with those theories because if the Straw Hats are responsible for ending Big Moms frenzy just in time for her to defend against the Marines than they should be let off of the hook for everything they have done because essentially, they saved her family and if they were to become ally’s than their first fight together could be against approaching Marines, Ryokugya.

I don’t think this arc is over just yet and there is potential for some good action to come. There is too much left in the air for this to be over.

Best time for Ryokugyu to be introduced.

*Theory by AnonymousStrawHat


I see that many people claims Sanji’s durability isn’t even close to Zoro’s, which imo is just wrong.

Pre-TS Sanji defeats monstrous Absalom, -who had invisibility powers- after getting a knife wound.

This is impressive since Zoro couldn’t do the same against Buggy after receiving a knife wound.

Another example,

Sanji defeats Jyabura (who has the same level douriki with Kaku and more experienced as a DF user)

After getting serious wounds from Kalifa ;

This is just impressive, the guy gets the beating of his life and still defeats someone who can give high-diffs to Zoro.

He takes dual punches from Luffy and Jinbe, and he gets up like nothing happened.

And once again, he gets the beating of life, and almost died because of Caesar ;

And still goes toe-to-toe with Vergo (except for one move), who has a special CoA Haki level, and defeated Smoker with mid-diff.

Has his monstrous stamina come from his childhood beatings from his siblings and the beatings he took from Zeff?

by Erkan12

Kaido and desire to die

This is merely speculation as we don’t know much about Kaido, However, I am seeing a trend in the Yonko.
As Big mom seems to display signs of dissociative identity disorder, Kaido seems to be a deeply depressed character. In Kaido we are given a character that has reached almost the pinnacle of his territory. And yet, something more seems to be at work. When we see Kaido he is either extremely angry or very depressed.He has also tried to kill himself multiple times. However, this does not seem to be a hobby, more like a cry of pain.
From what we know of Kaido he is a beast wanting to die, as such, we must wonder what has transpired in his life for this to happen.
Yes, he has been captured and tortured, but he does not seem to recover from these losses well. He seems to carry the burden of this loss almost like a chain around his neck.
In fact, he has become so disdained by life that all he wants is death, to the point of looking for new ways to die.
Yet, what if Kaido is the representation of suicide in One Piece? What if Kaido like Big Mom has a bigger role to play in Oda’s Story. That role is to represent the mental health aspect of characters that we don’t pay attention to.
He may be a symbol of what so few people pay attention to and don’t understand, that being suicide. In this sense, Big Mom and Kaido seem to represent two coinciding pains of life mental illness and suicide.
They may represent the over exaggerating people see in their minds. They could, however, be Oda’s tools to make people pay attention to life struggles few see.
This is merely speculation but is quite possible.

*Theory by Rhodehawk