So most people at least in the live reaction videos did not think much on Bartolomeo burning the flag of the red haired pirates.

But I believe it is otherwise. This I believe will be a big incident and so many things can happen as a result of this.

Firstly Shanks’ can’t simply not care here as most people believe. This is because what Bartolomeo did was not insult Shanks but he insulted the red haired pirates. Since Shanks is a pirate he has to act if not Shanks is not fit to be pirate, let alone be a Yonkou.

Why am I saying this? This is because a jolly-roger is the very existence of a pirate crew. If a crew does not respect it, it simply means they have no honour as pirates. That is why Luffy did not ally Choppers flag to drop during the Drum Island arc.

Now, coming to the very act of burning, what does it mean well, what did it mean when Luffy burnt the flag of the WG.


It means Bartolomeo has declared war against Shanks. This is pretty much the same level as Luffy eating Big Mom’s candies

or Law destroying Kaido’s smile factories.

So Shanks will have to act. And depending on how he sees this, he might have to either capture Bartolomeo as he burned the flag or declare war against Luffy as Bartolomeo is doing this under the Strawhat banner.

(Also on a side note, since Bartolomeo is on purpose causing problems to Luffy Shanks relationship, kind of makes me wonder if Bartolomeo is secretly conspiring against Luffy. But I don’t think that is the case. I think he is doing this because Bartolome believes that there is pirate greater than Luffy.)

Further, Oda can use this as a way to progress the story. I mean after the Luffy defeats Kaidou and gets the 3rd Road poneglyph, how will Oda progress the story. I think this can be done in 2 ways:

1> Reverie: Depending on how the events will unfold due to the Reverie, Luffy might have to go back to Maraineford or Mariejois to help Hancock, Shirahoshi, Vivi, Rebecca, Viola etc.

2> The other way is this. If Shanks has captured Bartolomeo, Luffy will have to go meet Shanks. And there are popular theories that Shanks main base is Elbaf. So if that is the case, Luffy going to Elbaf makes sense.

In fact, since Shanks knows where the 4th poneglyph is, Luffy can defeat Shanks or at-least Coax him to find out where the last poneglyph is.

Here’s the Youtube Version:

*Theory by Ashura the demon