The Reasons Luffy’s Fate will be different from Roger

5 Things Luffy have that Roger didn’t that will Change the Fate of Luffy

So this is probably to see if Roger and Luffy have the different or same fate and it will led to different conclusion in the end of One Piece.

Number 1 – Luffy’s health.

Roger had a disease from the start of his journey. He knew from the beginning that he isn’t going to have a long life. That’s why they took Crocus with them in order to keep Roger healthy and alive till the end of his journey. He also surrendered himself to the marine just because he was going to die anyway because of that disease.Where as mentioned by Luffy that he never had a fever in his life before and from the starting of his journey up to now. He doesn’t seems to have life threatening disease which can a barrier for him.

Number 2 – Ancient Weapon Poseidon

As Roger was from the generation of Queen Otohime. Poseidon wasn’t born at the time of Roger. Poseidon was born as Shirahoshi 16 years ago which was long waited by sea kings. What Roger probably gained was only the location and the knowledge of truth of Noah and Joy Boy .

Where as, Luffy is prophesied to guide the Poseidon’s power in such a way that it will bring the change to the whole world.
Number 3 is also a another Ancient Weapon: PLUTON.

Shiki claimed that Roger knew the location of the Ancient Weapon, but hadn’t said which one.

Roger had no desire to rule the world, no matter how much pressure Shiki have put on Roger, he rejects Shiki’s offer to use it to conquer the world.
I believe it was Uranus not Pluton and Poseidon .

First, as i mentioned previously Poseidon wasn’t even born at that time.

As for Pluton i don’t believe that it was Pluton because If Roger knew about the Pluton in Alabasta, then why didn’t Cobra mention Roger in the Tomb of the Kings?

Why did Cobra never mentioned about Roger during his execution or in the series
Instead, he was more worried about the ‘terrible age’ that would begin with.
It is possible that Roger would have used VOICE OF ALL THINGS to know about Pluton.
But this is highly unlikely and very far-fetched because he wouldn’t have known the secret entrance to the underground of the Tomb to start with and even if he would have known I highly doubt that he would have entered the tomb without Cobra knowing about it.

Where as, Nico Robin read the Poneglyph and knows where in the Alabasta Pluton is located. She lied to Crocodile because she wasn’t interested in the weapon and just wanted to know the history. But if in the future Strawhats required all three Ancient Weapons, she knows where to find it .

Number 4 – Ohara’s knowledge as Nico Robin.

Rayleigh clearly mentioned that “They were not smart like Ohara’s people the only way they could have known about the ancient history and decipher the Poneglyph is because Roger could hear the THE VOICE OF ALL THINGS”.

And that’s why Roger has to revise his journey several times even after reaching the end of Grand Line. Roger had to revise his course greatly which took him great amount of time. As Rayleigh said we were too impatient maybe Luffy will reach to a different conclusion.

Where as Luffy with his ambition and “VOICE of all things” also have Robin with him who’s dream is to reveal and know all the history of the Void Century.

Number 5 – Revolutionary Army
Now the only reason why Luffy broke out of Impel Down is because is because Ivankov find out that he is the son of Monkey D. Dragon the leader of the Revolutionary Army and agreed to him.

Also Sabo the 2nd in commmand of the REVOLUTIONARIES is the brother of Luffy. It may not look like but when the great war will break out Luffy will get an enormus support Dragon and Sabo against the World Government.


And that’s the reason why i believe Luffy’s fate is different from Roger. What Roger achieved as a Pirate King was to understand the meaning of “WIll of D” and the true history and that’s why he choose to pass it down to the next era. But Luffy will be able to do the undone and will bring the great change in the World.

*Theory by animelover421

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How much longer will ”Whole Cake Island” arc take?

How long will Oda keep the Whole Cake Arc going? There was news earlier in the year that the Reverie is meant to happen in 2017, as is the start of the Wano Arc.
At the moment all of them are inside Bege and i think we are going to have a bunch of flashbacks, a flashback of Judge( what happened between Germa and the North blue), Big Mom(her encounter with Roger), Gastino and Vegapunk(getting more explanation about the Vinsmokes modification, when they were working on the linage thing that they discovered), some Bege flashback since he mentioned his earlier assassination, maybe how he started this, to be precise why he started this whole assassinations thing because he doesn’t look like a crazy man at all, Brooks connection to the Vinsmokes , and after these flashbacks they will start making some plans to fight their way out of there, so in other words, this arc is still gonna go on for a long time.

*Theory by Saiko_of_the_dark


Sounds crazy now but is an extremely likely scenario IMO

First off, I’ll be straight up and say that yes I do ship LuffyXNami which is why I had this thought in the first place but looking deeper into it I fully believe that Nami will become an extremely important character to the plot of OP in the future. So please, take away the shipping goggles and view this from a purely objective perspective.

The idea began with realizing that the first cover art of OP and the first art of the New World were incredibly similar.

First Chapter

Keep in mind that Luffy and Nami are the first SH’s drawn and Oda had initially planned for Nami to be the first mate.

New World

Notice how the positioning of Luffy and Nami are exactly the same while the rest of the characters are added on. Also notice how Luffy and Nami are closest to the reader in both images. And throughout reading the manga itself, notice how Nami is the strawhat–after Luffy–that has recieved by far the most screen-time. Zoro gets longer fight scenes for sure, but Nami is almost always “there” in crucial moments of the story.

  • Navigation scenes always focused on her and plays crucial role in dealing with day to day life on the ship(in some ways she’s more of a captain than Luffy)
  • Always there as motivation when Luffy has to rescue nakama(Robin and Sanji)
  • Is there a lot of the time as support(emotional and sometimes tactical) when Luffy is fighting villians (Buggy, Arlong, Enel, Cracker) Which is far more than any other SH.
  • Serves as usual damsel in distress and this seems to extend even to movies that Oda is directly involved with.
  • Even crew interactions feature her by far the most after Luffy

She is by far and away the secondary protagonist of the series and the female lead.

With all of this keep that in mind, and think about how little we actually know of Nami. Where was she born, what her real name is, what happened to her parents and why was she in a war torn area in the first place?

Now also think of how strange her weather deductions are. Not only can she accurately predict the weather, she can literally FEEL it. No other character has ever displayed such prowess for weather prediction.
In fact her weather skills are so profound that she could create thunder and wind from a device that Ussop had intended to be almost a gag item. Even Ussop had NO IDEA that the clima-tact could be used in such a way. Her talents with the weather are mentioned by almost every “wise” character that the Straw Hats have spent time with and that ability is the reason that even Shiki(non-canon but Oda created the story so character interactions must be accurate) a rival of Roger kidnapped her. Her skills are pretty much supernatural and extremely valuable even in the crazy world of One Piece. And this leads into the last connection.

How Luffy has been constantly protecting and defending Nami even though she is highly valuable

This is very similar to the relationship that Luffy has with Shirahoshi which may very well explain this panel.
Like in true Oda fashion, I believe that this panel holds incredible foreshadowing for the future. At face value we completely understand what she means as both had to grow up hiding a terrible secret and living with a huge lie. Also both are now under the protection of Luffy. However there is massive foreshadowing in this panel as well, because we actually dont know much about Nami’s background.

Remember that there is no explanation for her weather predicting abilities. She is extremely intelligent and her navigation knowledge is self taught, but her weather sensing abilities are an innate part of her(she loved Genma’s pinwheel since she was a baby). Given that we know so little about her background and this ability, I think its highly probable that we will get a second arc focusing on Nami–much like that of Sanji. And given how Wano may very well be the arc of Zoro’s past, this idea seems to fit the pattern of the story of One Piece being not just about finding the treasure, the story is about the SH’s finding themselves.

Tying all of that together, I believe that the revelation will be revealed in Elbaf because Oda said she is from Sweden and Elbaf has huge Swedish influence(semla, Vikings, etc). And that revelation will be that Nami is somehow connected to Uranus, which is either a weather manipulation orb which is the final upgrade to her clima-tact or that she is Uranus herself, I prefer the former. If this were true, and given that Pluton is Sunny(upgraded goan cannon and coup de burst could easily be island busters and a space launcher and Franky has already seen blueprint), this would end up meaning that Luffy would have all three ancient weapons under his protection. He would be the true successor of JoyBoy, and Oda’s heavy emphasis on Nami would begin to make complete sense.

Taking all of that into consideration, it seems like fate–an idea constantly brought up in One Piece–has linked Nami and Luffy together. Just as fate had linked Shirahoshi and Luffy together, perhaps fate had linked Luffy to Nami for a greater purpose. Just as Shirahoshi is an ancient weapon, perhaps Nami is linked to an ancient weapon as well.

I know its out there, but I actually think this idea will prove to be true. It would explain why Oda seems to have invested SO much time into involving Nami in crucial plot points as well as tie the story together in a very neat way.

*Theory by cardboardspectator


Zou is the name of an elephant on top of which is the Mokomo Dukedom, Land of the Minks.

It is considered a phantom island due to not being actual land, therefore not being able to be tracked by a Log Pose.

This fact makes Zou an appropriate place to take shelter, as it’s very hard to be found. Even the Straw Hat Crew managed to do so only by following Bepo’s Vivre Card. However, Jack managed to reach it, much to Inuarashi’s trouble, who’s convinced that he possessed someone’s Vivre Card.

This is where all the theories about Zou’s traitor (the one who guided Jack to the island, in order for him to seize Raizo) come from. Almost all the Minks we know have been suspected:

  • Bariete, for being easily bought off
  • Pedro, for not having been crucified by the Beasts Pirates
  • Wanda and Carrot, for being “fishy”

And so the list goes..
Here’s my point of view: what if there were no traitor amongst them?

(your reaction)

Indeed, each of them perfectly knew where was Raizo hidden, and could tell Jack anytime. Hence why I think we could exclude the Minks right from the start.

Although I think there’s no traitor, Jack obviously had a Vivre Card to track Zou. I think he picked up this Vivre Card at Wano Country..

Think about it..
From the very start, the samurai had planned to set sail to Zou after Kaido invaded Wano Country.

They, of course, had a Vivre Card too, otherwise they wouldn’t even dream of reaching Zou.
So they indeed had a Vivre Card in their possession, but we know they shipwrecked, and so only Raizo (who was in possession of their Vivre Card) arrived at Zou.

Kin’emon, Kanjuro and Momonosuke, not having any means to join with him, then arrived on Dressrosa, and we know what happened following this point…

But whose Vivre Card did they have upon leaving Wano Country? They most likely had a part of Inuarashi’s or Nekomamushi’s.

What I think is that Jack too picked a part of the same Vivre Card of them, and pursued them to Zou. It isn’t far fetched to think that a Vivre Card guiding to Zou was conserved by the Kozuki Clan, in case they needed to get in touch with the Minks, given what Inuarashi says:

To conclude, I don’t think there’s a Mink traitor, but rather that Jack used one of the leader’s Vivre Card in order to get to Zou. If I were to guess, I’d say it’s Inuarashi’s, given the trouble it causes him and also for plot relevance since he stayed on Zou for the moment.

*Theory by Aloe Veraù



Depite Asura having never been shown post-skip, many people believe that we will see some new super powered version of Asura.

This probably won’t happen

I hate to bust the bubble guys, but from what i have analyzed, this probably won’t happen

So what is the state of Asura post-skip? Well the thing is, Zoro most likely didn’t master Asura over the timeskip

So what do I mean by master? If a technique is mastered, it can be used casually

So let me show you guys a few examples of what i am talking about


  • before the timeskip G2 was a high-difficulty technique, with it coming with a dangerous side effect and only being used as a last resort
  • post skip, Luffy can use G2 with little difficulty


  • before the timeskip, Diable Jambe was a high difficulty technique, with it only being used as a last resort
  • now it is used casually

Zoro, on the other hand doesn’t use Asura casually. Rather, it seems as if instead of mastering Asura, Zoro mastered 3-swords style, as if Zoro trained his Asura, he would be using it in the same way Luffy uses Gear 2. Due to this, we can assume that post skip Asura is the same as pre-skip Asura in the sense that post skip Asura

  • looks exactly the same as pre-skip Asura
  • can only be used for a very short period of time and can only pull off 1 or 2 attacks

Now obviously it will be stronger than pre-skip Asura, as Zoro overall is stronger than his pre-skip self, but it does beg the question. Why didn’t Zoro master Asura over the timeskip?

So what causes Asura?
Well Kaku says it was an illusion caused by Zoro’s spirit. Many suggest this to be haki but being as haki was never shown in this fashion, we can assume that it is most likely not haki. Rather i suggest that it is the manipulation of Zoro’s soul by the Sandai Kitetsu. This makes sense as

  • the “cursed” element of the kitetsu has been highlighted several times in the manga
  • kitetsu means “demon cutter”, the true name of asura is “demon aura 9 sword style: asura”
  • Oda made the kitetsu the focus of an entire chapter back in Loguetown
  • Cavendish, someone who also has a sword(it is unknown if it is cursed or not) seemingly also has a demon form
  • we have seen that swords can have certain powers, for example Kinemon can cut fire
  • there really isnt a better explanation as of now

So if Zoro’s sword does cause Asura, why doesn’t he master it? What more, why hasn’t Law mastered his cursed abilities either?

I think this goes back to the downsides of Asura, we havent really seen the downsides of Asura pre-skip, so we don’t know what they are, but we can assume that they exist as if they didnt Zoro would use this technique all the time. I believe that the downsides to Asura are so bad, so terrifying that Zoro rather would master his base form than master Asura.

So now we have Wano, an arc while i believe will focus more on Zoro than any other SH, albeit I believe it will be a point of high development for all SHs. I believe this could be the arc where Zoro learns to master Asura.

How could this happen? Well something cool Oda could do is make the key to mastering asura and cursed sword abilities in general CoC. This would be a really good move by Oda as he could use it to give Zoro and Law CoC.
Rayleigh had CoC, Zoro will likely surpass him and therefore should have CoC as well. As for Law, he is going to be one of the leaders of the new generation and therefore should have CoC. It would make no sense if Luffy is the only one from the new generation with CoC

So what will happen if Zoro masters Asura? Well that would mean that he would be able to use it casually. Once that happens, then and only then will we see advanced Asura techniques.

So what will those techniques be?

Zoro gaining fire swordsman ship has been foreshadowed multiple times, one example can be seen above

in thriller bark, Zoro used a technique with the wado ichimonji, which caught ryuma on fire. This leads me to the belief that the true power of the Wado Ichimonji is to cut fire

So if Asura is from the Kitetsu and fire is from Wado, what about the last sword that Zoro has? Shusui?

Well Shusui used to belong to Ryuma, Shusui’s power is Ryuma’s power. So what feats do we have from Ryuma? Well none apart from the fact that he slayed the dragon

So here’s the thing right, we need to remember that even though Ryuma is canon, monsters is most likely not canon, this can be seen as the country in monsters looks nothing like Wano, which is supposed to be based off Japan

So the dragon… we know that Kinemon hates dragons and that the shogun and Kaido have basically took over Wano. This leads me to believe that the shogun has the ryu ryu no mi(dragon DF) as Zoro has been foreshadowed to fight a dragon(he has Shusui, he killed a dragon in Punk Hazard) and will most likely fight the shogun(cuz Kaido isn’t a swordsman, but the shogun is)

So being as dragons haven’t been shown to exist in One Piece(the ones in PH were artificial), we can assume that Ryuma fought the previous user of the Shogun’s DF

Being as Ryuma defeated the Dragon DF user, i believe that the Shusui counters the dragon DF. How? Well in Punk Hazard as well as in monsters, the dragon was shown to be a european dragon and being so could breathe fire. This leads me to believe that the shogun’s DF is of a european dragon

If Shusui counters the abilities of a fire breathing dragon, what could it be? Well the name Shusui means autumn water. This leads me to believe that the power of the Shusui is either water or weather.

So what will Zoro look like in Wano? Well as I said before, Asura techniques will be casual, but he will have enhancements on top of those.

Zoro’s technique is named “demon aura 9 sword style: asura”, similarly how “gear 4th:boundman” suggests other varients of G4, such as “gear 4th: tankman”, “demon aura 9 sword style: asura” suggests other varients of demon aura 9 sword style

By combining the powers of the Kitetsu with those of the Wado Ichimonji , Zoro will be able to use “demon aura 9 sword style: agni”, where he will “become” agni, the hindu god of fire

By combining the powers of the kKtetsu with those of the Shusui, Zoro will be able to use “demon aura 9 sword style: indra”, where he will “become” indra, the hindu god of storm

The names of these techniques i created might be a bit off since they use the names of gods, not demons, but you get the jist of it; combining Asura with the wado/shusui to create stronger 9-sword style forms. Zoro will use these new forms to counter the abilities of the shogun and ultimately defeat him.

*Theory by Monkey D Theories


The Inspiration and Dreams that they follow.

I like to tell you all about the Straw Hat Pirates dreams and backstory. As you can see, their backstories reveal their dreams and those who inspired them to become what they are now. What I’m talking about is that Luffy and his crew dreams can be revealed in their backstory not in the present.

Luffy’s Dream: King of the Pirates

In chapter 1- When Red Hair Pirates arrived in Foosha Village, Luffy asks Shanks if he can joins his crew by giving himself a scar and showing his bravery using a knife(giving him pain). A few days later as Red Hair Pirates are about to leave, Luffy is upset when Sahnks didn’t stoop up to Higuma and as for that he went after the bandits but then later been taken hostage. Just as Higuma is about to kill Luffy, Shanks and his crew came to the save and telling him that he will not allow one of his friends get killed. After bandits got beaten up by the Red Hair Pirates, Higuma made a getaway out to sea along with Luffy to get rid of him and just as he about to throw Luffy in the sea, a Sea King came and devoured Higuma. Just as Luffy is about to get eaten, Shanks reappear saving Luffy and use Haki on the Sea King, however it cast him his right arm and of that Luffy is sorry for what happen but Shanks was okay with it and happy that Luffy is okay. Just as the Red Hair Pirates are about to head out to sea, Luffy revealed his dream is to become the King of the Pirates no matter what. Then of that moment, Shanks gave his hat to Luffy so he can keep it safe and promise to give it back to him when they become great pirates.Zoro’s Dream: The Greatest Sowrdman

In chapter 5-In his childhood days in Shimotsuki Village, Zoro was being beaten by Kunia(Koshiro’s daughter) as she defeated him 2000th and how weak he was. Later that night, Zoro challenge Kunia to show her that he is not weak and of that she accepted it and of that with one strike, Zoro was defeated by Kunia 2001st. After the battle, Kunia breaks in tears and tells Zoro about being a girl as she getting older and she will fall behind him due to the fact girls do not acquire the strength guys. Zoro was upset for what she said, as he saying she doesn’t have the rights to complain after she beat him also the insult that helps him doing hard work. The two made an agreement to become the best sowrdsmen. But on the next day, Zoro heard of Kunia’s death and makes upset even more, but he asks his sensei to hand over her sword to him so he can keep it safe. On that moment, Zoro’s dream revealed to become Greatest Swordsman on her behalf.
Nami’s Dream: Make the World Map

In chapter 77-In her childhood days in Cocoyasi Village and live with Nojiko and Bellmere, Nami was caught by Genzo for her attempted to steal a book. She was only did it because her family is poor and can’t afford to buy the book of navigation and needed it to travel the world. In that moment, Nami’s Dream is to Make World Map by traveling the world and of that Bellemere was happy for her.
Ussop’s Dream: The Bravest Warrior of the Sea

In chapter 14-In his childhood in Syrup Village, Usopp ran to his to tell his mother(who is sick) that his father(Yasopp) is back to take them away. However, she knew that Ussop was lying, but still she’s happy that she married Yasopp and left to pursue his dream. As of that moment, Ussop revealed his dream to become the Bravest of the Seas just like his father.
Sanji’s Dream: Find the All Blue

In chapter 57- In his childhood and after escaping from the Germa Kingdom, Sanji is living the life cooking in kitchen on a cruise ship. Just then, the Cook Pirates invade the cruise and takes everything that was in it. As no one can stop them, Sanji stood up to them by using a knife and try to take on Zeff but easily getting beaten by him. Upon that moment, Sanji revealed his dream to find the All Blue just like Zeff.
Chopper’s Dream: Become the Greatest Doctor

In chapter 145-In his childhood in Drum Island, Chopper was outcast after being kicked out of his herd and after eat Hito Hito no Mi. Just then, he was brought in by Dr. Hiluluk from a blizzard to keep him warm and of that moment he made Chopper his assistant and teach everything about being a doctor. A year later, Hiluluk became ill from disease he has, as of the horror Chopper went off to find the special mushroom to heal his mentor and of that moment he found a mushroom(Amiudake) to help Hiluluk. But just then, Chopper discover that the mushroom is poisonous, Hiluluk took it because he was moved by Chopper’s corner for his well-being. Soon after Hiluluk’s death, Chopper revealed his dream to become the greatest doctor and find cure for every disease.
Robin’s Dream: Find the Rio Poneglyph

In chapter 392-In her childhood in Ohara, Robin wanders in the Tree of Knowledge and reads the books held in Clover’s invitation. Later, Clover and the scholars invited her to Tree of Knowledge and announced her as a scholar. As of that moment, Robin’s dream revealed and her dream is to find and read the Rio Poneglyph to when of the Void Centry just like her mother.
Franky’s Dream: Travel the world with his creative ship

In chapter 353-In his childhood in Water 7 and as Tom’s apprentice, Franky learned to make ship of his own and calling them the Battle Franky to hunt down Sea Kings, it was amazing for him it even amaze Tom. At that moment, Franky revealed his dream to travel the world with his creative ship.

Brook’s Dream: Visit Laboon

In chapter 487-In his days with the Rumbar Pirates, Brook made friends with a whale named Laboon who loved his music and it travel with the Rumbar Pirates anywhere they go. However, when they reach the Grand Line, Laboon can’t go with because of the danger they may encounter, but Brook, Yorki, and the rest of the crew promise to one day return and play Bink Sake to Laboon. It revealed that Brook’s dream is to return Laboon and play the song him and crew sang for him.

Jinbei’s Dream: Peace between Human and Fishermen

In chapter 594-In his days in Fishermen Island and with the Sun Pirates, Queen Otohime preaches to her people to let there be peace to of humans and fishermens. After Fisher Tiger’s death, Jinbei leads to crew to fight without harming any humans in the land.
As of that moment, Jinbei revealed his dream to bring peace to the land and sea like Queen Otoime wanted.
So, as you can see everyone, The Straw Hats must be inspired by those they love and follow their dreams to do so.

*Theory by Awaken Fruit


*Chapter 868 Spoilers


One Piece is known for it’s unique powers and many different abilities. Among these powers, Capone could have one of the craziest and most useful powers. As the series progresses and the opponents of the New World get stronger, the use of powerful haki and more creative uses for Devil Fruits are going to appear.

The Shiro Shiro No Mi is by far one of the most controversial Devil Fruits in the One Piece community. The main reason for this conflict is the little amount of exposure it has been given, unlike Law or Kid’s Devil Fruit.

From what we know, the Shiro Shiro no Mi is a Paramecia Devil Fruit which allows the user to become a living fortress,making the user a Human Castle. The main strength of this fruit is that it allows the user to become a living fortress, the inside of their body holding many openings, including cannon ports, portcullis and drawbridges; deeper inside contains various rooms, ranging from stone brick rooms for combat to well-refurbished meeting halls, complete with long-table, chairs and even decorations. The user can hold even living people inside their body, by shrinking their sizes as long as they are within the vicinity of the user.

When the objects and people within the user reach a certain distance away from the body, shown by a pinkish layer of an unknown aura centered on the user’s location, they revert to full size. In addition, the user’s castle defenses can be deployed in a circular formation to give them a full 360 degrees of protection and attack coverage, as well as the potential to conduct decisive surprise ambushes.

As long as the user does not manifest castle features on their external body, the castle features of their internal body will remain concealed and unnoticeable. This has the advantage of luring others into a false sense of security who think they are facing a single individual in combat who appears to be lacking armaments on the surface, only for the fruit’s user to reveal the militia and weaponry hidden within. If the user does not wish to engage in combat personally, they can shield themselves by releasing their subordinates and let them do the fighting for them.

The user can also use their body as a storage facility for recreational purposes, as they are shown to house food and drink for subordinates and any outsiders. The user has complete control over the fortress in their body, and can telekinetically move around and create objects from inside as they see fit.

Capone Bege the Captain of the Firetank Pirates, uses this Devil Fruit a couple of different ways. Capone Bege primarily uses his ability to launch powerful surprise attacks against unsuspecting adversaries. Holding his entire crew within his own body, they can fire guns or launch cannon blasts from his body, which would return to full size once leaving the boundary of Bege’s ability. The troops can also rush outside of their captain’s body via horses to overrun and surround their enemies. All of this results in bullets, large cannon volleys and cavalry seemingly popping out of nowhere from one man.

Bege also uses this ability to provide a place for him to have private conversations with other people. When he does this, he is able to appear from a liquid form. When his larger body isn’t moving, it remains dormant, and his eyes glaze over, however, his body is still capable of walking when he chooses to do so. Having his targets inside his castle grants him a field advantage, allowing him to overwhelm his opponents by forming weapons and traps anywhere he desires.

Capone has also used to techniques in the manga so far. The first is Castle Tank. He used this technique during the Zou Arc to get away from Pekommamushi. Bege manifests tank treads around his leg area, allowing him to move at high speed. The second is Big Father. By raising his pinky and middle fingers, Bege transforms his entire body into a massive, heavily armed and fortified fortress-like golem. This was first used to protect all his allied forces after the assassination attempt on Big Mom failed.

Onto the actual theory….

In the most recent chapter of One Piece, Bege has shown a devil fruit ability he has come up with during the timeskip most likely. When they were trapped after Big Mom yelled and broke the mirror, Bege raised his fingers transforming into the Big Father. Now when transforming he said rook, this leads me to believe his transformation is based off chess pieces.

The rook is a chess piece normally viewed as the walls which protect the King, Queen, Knight, and Bishop. This piece in the ancient form of chess was actually a chariot with extreme speed. This could lead us to a bit of speculation in the transformation’s powers. But I believe it is a purely defensive mode.

But after seeing this transformation, I theorize that there is more than just one transformation. I believe Bege either has or almost has a Knight and Bishop transformation, after seeing his bounty raise after the timeskip.

The knight form could be power and melee based while the bishop could be ranged based. But this isn’t the end of the powers. I also believe that if and when Bege awakens he will gain a King and Queen mode for his awakening. In this mode he will have OP powers either in controlling surrounding objects as chess pieces, or something similar to Doflamingo where he control a certain amount of people as his chess pieces.

*Theory by Evict Kitsune

Kaido’s Powers

The question I’m trying to answer in this post is simple. What is Kaido’s power? And I think the theme that may answer that question is Japanese mythology. So lets start off with the directional guardians in Japan.


Also known as the eastern dragon, its color is said to be blue-green or green and is the guardian diety of the east. It can control weather and wind. All of these traits seem to be heavily linked to another character: Monkey D. Dragon, as he enjoys facing the east. Had a green wind come when facing smoker, and may have caused the rainstorm in Loguetown. What I’m trying to get at with Dragon is that Oda has given the directional guardian deity fruits to certain characters in the story.

Also known as the Vermilion bird or the phoenix, fushicho is the guardian deity of south. And so far we already have a character called Fuschicho Marco, or Marco the Phoenix. Obviously there are stylistic differences between Marco and the real fushicho, mainly their color, but I think that Oda can make design differences without affecting the general idea. Keep in mind that we will see Marco in Wano county.

Also known as the black tortoise. It is associated with the elements of water and earth. And is shown as either two entities(a tortoise wrapped in a snake) or a chimera like tortoise-snake beast. So far I can think of no character that has this ability but I believe its user will be revealed in Wano

Also known as the white tiger. It is the guardian deity of the west. He is associated with the element of metal(Zoro vs Byakko?), the wind, and obviously the color white. I believe that he will be the Shogun of Wano because Byakko is often linked with and confused with a Chinese diety Qilin which is translated to Kirin in Japanese. And I believe Kirin to be Kaido

Kirin often appears tigerlike in artwork so it is often confused with Byakko. However it truly is a unique diety as it is said to look like a deer with scales like a dragon’s covering its body and often has a great horn. It has a tail like an ox’s and a flowing mane. Its body and mane are covered in brilliant holy fire. Quite fitting for Yonkou who is called Hundred Beast Kaido, the Strongest Creature in the World. However for me personally I think Kaido is even more than that. I also believe him to be an actual dragon explaining his horns and dragonlike moustache and the Samurai clearly hate them. The reason we see Kaido as a human is because Kirin-Kirin no mi’s chimera like ability allows him to assume human form. I believe that Kaido is one the last of his species and the samurai of Wano(including Ryuma’s generation) killed off almost everyone of his kind and ATE them. This is why Kaido wanted to take over Wano so bad and actually ate the Shogun himself. He somehow acquired the Mythical Zoan fruit Kirin-Kirin no mi and became Hundred Beast Kaido. This would also explain why he is suicidal and depressed, who wouldn’t be if they were literally the last of their species!

Plus this fits in with Oda’s way of writing because it makes Kaido EXTREMELY OVERPOWERED. Think about it. A japanese dragon-which is a water diety known to have the ability to control weather- with a zoan fruit which is essentially the ultimate chimera. Since Zoans can have hybrid and full forms, this could mean that this fruit allows him to turn fully into different types of beasts again, with the ability to control weather. And since dragons in Japan are known as water deities, then perhaps he has the ability to overcome the main weakness of devil fruits–weakness to the sea– hence why he is called the strongest creature in land, air, and sea. I’m actually fanboying just thinking about it right now.

And this brings me to another point. All of these directional guardian based fruit holders will meet in Wano. Marco- the southern Fuschicho, Shogun-The Western Byakko, ???-The Northern Genbu, and Dragon- The Eastern Seiryu.
But the gist of it is that Kaido may be producing an extremely valuable ore with the intent of plunging the world into destruction, which would obviously be of importance to Dragon. But besides that reason lets not forget that having the four guardian dieties go at it would be EXTREMELY COOL.

Had a lot of fun writing this, so please leave your thoughts! Thanks for reading guys!

*Theory by cardboardspectator


Kaido: God of War

KaidoKaido is a pitiless warrior who loves battle, he wants to end the world with a great battle. This Yonko never misses an opportunity to advance on his enemies. He also is seemingly immortal as all of his executions fail and he attempts suicide so he could see what happens. Kaido physicality is of the best we’ve seen in One Piece, his strength and durability is levels above almost anything in the series. He loves Zoans for some reason and wants to create an entire army of them, his epithet is also “King of Beast”.

Kaido is huge, does not compromise, has extreme mood swings, and it is almost certain that he will never lose a 1v1 fight.

Kaidos three right hand men are dubbed the disasters. The one revealed so far is named Jack and his epithet is “The Drought”(a lack of water in an area). He got that name because the annihilation that follows after he shows up looks as if the land has a drought. Kaidos other 2 disasters will have epithets that are similar or they wouldn’t be dubbed the disasters. It should also be 2 men and 1 women as his disasters if we go by the card theme of his crew. Kaido is also theorized to be based off of the real life Mongol leader Kaidu, who’s daughter could not be beaten in battle and was at his side during war.

Ares is the Greek God of War. Battle and Chaos feeds him and is said to make him stronger. He is seen as unstoppable on a battle field and is feared as a warrior and causes casualties wherever he goes. In varied adaptations he is immortal just as all the Olympian Gods and can’t be killed by normal means; His soul can heal himself from the tension created out of blood lust, his armor is nearly indestructible, he is super strong, can produce fire, and morph into other beings.

Ares is abnormally large, very decisive, master of combat, fearless in battle, goes after what he wants, and has a sky high temper. Ares usually does not lose unless he is fighting another beast or when he is fighting a team of other Gods

Ares has three children who go with him to war, Phobos(the embodiment of fear), Deimos(the God of Terror), and his daughter Adrestia. She is the Goddess of equilibrium, revolt, retribution and the balance between good and evil. She is seen as a war figure like her brothers.

Everything shown of Kaido so far is a description of Ares. All of these parallels lead me to believe that Kaido has the Mythical Zoan, Hito Hito no Mi, Model: Ares

If Kaido doesn’t have this fruit than he is based off of Ares.

This also feeds the idea that one of his Disasters is a woman and it’s his daughter. Kaidos Calamities seem as if they are inspired by Ares three children because they all have names that imply that encountering them is dangerous. Also gives more connection to Kaido and Ares.

Side Theory
I think the name ‘Beast Pirates’ came from the idea that Kaido would like all of his crew to be able to transform into any animal, just as he can. That’s the reason he wants all of the smiles. It also gives a mystic that his crew is savage just as he is and beast doesn’t have to mean a literal animal, it can mean someone who is menacing or really good at something(battle). The title ‘Beast Pirate’ is figuratively and literally applicable. True for Kaido and Ares.

*Theory by AnonymousStrawHat


Remember when Zoro was buying swords in Loguetown we have learned about cursed swords being (chapter 97) . The swords customer Ippon-Matsu told about cursed swords. Many famous swordsmen of the past have suffered tragic deaths after carrying around the cursed swords.However, Zoro defeated the curse of Sandai Kitetsu with his luck (or maybe his demonic nature or his own curse) and then customer said that the swords chooses it’s owner.

First I thought that Wado Ichimonji is cursed too and after Kuina had fought with Zoro with katanas instead of bamboo swords, Wado Ichimonji chose Zoro his owner for his demonic aura. And Kuina inevitably died a few hours after this fight.The point is that the circumstances of Kuina’s death resemble the description of the deaths by a cursed sword. But now I think It’s not that simple, firstly because Wado Ichimonji is considered to be a noble sword as it seems, even the name of the sword indicates that (it’s Straight Road of the Harmony). The sword chooses it’s owner, but a noble sword should have a special kind of motives to change it’s owner as opposed to a cursed sword. A noble sword should be like a noble swordsman, remember Ryuma with his rule: whenever someone touched their sword sheath with his, even by accident, Ryuma would immediately take this action as a form of challenge for a duel to the death (Monsters one-shot).Or remember the battle between Ryuma and Zoro: Zoro won, so Ryuma gave Shusui to him. Even then, I think Wado Ichimoji could chose Zoro as it’s owner. I can see two reasons: Zoro is a descendant of the true owner of Wado or he carries the same will as the true owner.

I tend to think that Kuina took Wado for a fight without father’s permission, and Wado never did belong to her. Remember that Koshiro said girls would never be the world’s number one and the fact that he doesn’t like girl to take over the dojo could mean that he would never allow her to have her own sword.
*Theory by Okita